Daughter -in -law is pregnant

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When she got up in the morning, her daughter -in -law broke a material and said she was pregnant and went to the hospital for examination in the afternoon.After I listened, my head was a little embarrassed.But when I think, she won’t make a joke with such a thing.Because we are still in the cold war, we don’t speak much and communicate, and I enter the house to calm myself.Probably she needs to calm down.

In fact, after listening to this news, my mood is joy.The family added a ding, and it was naturally very happy.My daughter -in -law was a little unhappy, but I guess she was happy inside.Although there are still some foreign debt now, it is basically not a big problem.If the child was born ten months later, he could save a little milk powder at that time.

The neighbor came in the morning, took her child and played in June, and chatted about pregnancy.Neighbors are also encouraging and happy.However, the daughter -in -law between her daughter -in -law said that she had taken emergency contraceptives, and I felt a bit bad after listening.The neighbors hurriedly comforted and said that there should be no big problem.No one is sure about this kind of thing, and I can only go to the hospital for examination.

In the afternoon, I went to the Second Hospital for examination, and there were not many people.During the special period of raging epidemic, entering the hospital to see the itinerary, depending on the negative report of nucleic acid detection.However, the order is well, as long as the network speed is good, it can enter normally.The daughter -in -law was holding June, and I followed, and unconsciously tightened the mask.

The daughter -in -law went to register first, and I waited in the seat in June.The lively hospital in the past would be a bit deserted.Sitting on the isolated seat, the person waiting to be checked, or family members.At the moment of June, I was not peaceful, and my eyes were curious.Kneel on the seat for a while, jumped up again, and the voice of speaking was slightly louder.

When the daughter -in -law waited until the call, June also followed with joy.I sat there without watching it. Some medical staff were standing and guided, some were sitting and writing, and some of them cleaned medical waste.I didn’t have much anxiety in my heart, thinking about it.After about five minutes, the daughter -in -law came out and said that it was not good, and the values of both indicators were low.

After listening, I had no expression, but in fact, my heart was a little low.I couldn’t help but think of the first time my daughter -in -law was pregnant. It seems that the situation is also: the value is low, and there is no fetal heart.At that time, I took progesterone and wanted to keep it, but I did not achieve it later.The situation is about the same, there is no result.

I was a little excited in June, knowing that there was a baby in her mother’s belly.The daughter -in -law also held hope, said that he had another blood, became a B -ultrasound, and said that when he came out.

I ate it late for breakfast, and I would be a little hungry, so I took the restaurants near the hospital for more than an hour to eat beef noodles.The appetite is not very good, but you have to eat as usual.I thought that the worst result was nothing.I murmured a daughter -in -law, her current working environment is not very good, as for the first time.

The daughter -in -law was a little angry, and said that she was not ready and did not regulate her body. It was her who was hurt in the end.Back to the initial conclusion, the pregnant woman was the hardest.I was speechless, eating noodles silently, but my heart couldn’t help anxious.

Later, the daughter -in -law went to the checklist and went to the doctor to see it.There is a value slightly lower, but the progesterone is almost less than half.Perhaps it is to comfort us. The doctor said that it would be hope if there was development.We didn’t say anything and left the hospital.

The peach blossoms outside are blooming, and the green has just emerged.Does a new life have no chance to come to this world?Don’t force it, let it go.

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