Daughter -in -law had to cook for her husband in June, and her mother -in -law attitude made netizens fried: Who is pregnant?

There is a saying that it is good to say that crops are good for others, and children are their own good.

In other words, people have such a psychology that will envy the crops of others, but no matter what they look like, they will prefer it.

Especially in the current intense mother -in -law, my mother -in -law always thinks that her son is the best, and the daughter -in -law is just ordinary.The reason is that the daughter -in -law is not his own, and there is no blood relationship.For a while, I couldn’t establish a close love relationship, could not get close to her, and could not take her as her own child.

On February 21, Liaoning.A video of "the woman still takes care of her husband for 6 months, and her mother -in -law boasted that her son eats the fragrance of noodles" and became popular on the Internet.After watching the video, netizens couldn’t help asking: Who is pregnant?

In the video, a man’s mouth rolled with his daughter -in -law’s handy for 6 months. Judging from the man’s noodles, the noodles did a very good appetite.

My mother -in -law saw her daughter -in -law so diligent and very happy.When my son eats noodles, my mother -in -law sat aside and looked at her son with loving eyes. "The eaten is really fragrant, there is a kind of fried noodle noodles, hey, but she should also wipe you some cucumber shreds.Perfect. "

While evaluating the noodles made by the daughter -in -law, the mother -in -law pointed out the imperfections of this bowl of noodles made by the daughter -in -law.I did not care about the daughter -in -law who was pregnant with pregnancy.Even on the surface, there was no polite words, "Daughter -in -law, you have worked hard, 6 months pregnant, and take care of my son."

My son, bowing his head to eat, what the mother said the shortcomings of the noodles.Nor did she praise her daughter -in -law in front of her mother.

Afterwards, my mother -in -law left a message on the platform that this matter was misunderstood. Since it was a misunderstanding, there was no need to explain. Silence was the best language.

Mother -in -law said that her relationship with her daughter -in -law is also very good.The daughter -in -law has been pregnant for 6 months. Except for her belly, it is not convenient to walk, and there are no uncomfortable places.

Nowadays, the laundry cooking and cooking at home are all daughter -in -law.Before he reached the age of retirement, he was still at work and his son was at work. He had no time to take care of his daughter -in -law.

After her daughter -in -law was pregnant, she didn’t go to work.Except for cooking, washing clothes, and cleaning, there is nothing else to do.In fact, I am pregnant. Do something. It ’s good to exercise appropriately.Lying on the bed every day, it is easy to get fat.

In this regard, netizens’ comments exploded.Some netizens said, who was pregnant?Is this mother -in -law’s subtext that is said, you see that my son has more skills. The daughter -in -law is 6 months pregnant and also cooks my son.

Some netizens said that if there is nothing uncomfortable for 6 months of pregnancy, there is nothing to cook for her husband.But this mother -in -law’s attitude seems to be a bit uncomfortable, especially the phrase "she should wipe you cucumber shreds."Do you want your son to eat more fragrant, can you wipe some cucumber shreds for your son?The mother -in -law’s words were obviously stirring at the side.

Even netizens said that if the mother -in -law saw her married daughter, when she was pregnant for 6 months, what would she feel like to take care of his husband?I also boast that my daughter made a good noodle for her son -in -law. Can you give it better?

However, some netizens said that people are a bit selfish and it is normal for children to prefer themselves.The daughter -in -law did not go to work. It was not a big deal to make a noodle for her husband.My mother -in -law is pointers, making her daughter -in -law do better, it is also a good thing. Didn’t the daughter -in -law want to improve?

As the saying goes, whose child, who is distressed.Mother looks more and more likes to see her children. In fact, it is a normal phenomenon.

But since his son married his daughter -in -law, as a mother -in -law, he couldn’t favor his son in front of his son.After all, the daughter -in -law is also the baby of the parents. If you leave your parents and marry your house, you must not treat others as a maid, and you must also love it like a child who loves himself.

There is a popular term on the Internet. Being a mother -in -law should understand such a truth: If you treat your daughter -in -law as garbage, your son is a person who picks up garbage.If you treat your daughter -in -law as a baby, your son is a person with a baby.

The real mother -in -law’s mother -in -law is to be good for her daughter -in -law.Because, only the daughter -in -law is happy and happy can the son happy!

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