Dangerous!At five o’clock in the morning, when a pregnant woman was in a wash room for more than nine months of pregnancy, Changsha found that a fetus appeared on the lower body.

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"Is it obstetrics? An emergency women’s bathroom found a maternal who was going to give birth immediately. One of the calves of the fetus had fallen out! Now it will be sent to the Department of Production in the Green Channel now!" At 5:10 am last Monday, YangAfter receiving a call from the Department of Emergency Medicine, I immediately ran to the obstetric elevator.

Soon, the elevator door opened, and the medical staff pushed up the car.A young woman was lying on the flat car, with painful faces.

The patient’s name is Xiaoping (a pseudonym) at the age of 25, and she has not been regularly inspected before nine months of pregnancy.Abdominal pain suddenly occurred at 4 am, so a person took a taxi to the hospital to see the emergency department.When I was in the bathroom, I suddenly broke the water when I was in the bathroom, and I took off the feet of a fetus from the lower body …

The mother was shocked, and she couldn’t say the information of her family members. She didn’t bring money on her body, and there was no inspection information … Yang Yan comforted Xiaoping while preparing for her preparation.The palace mouth is 7 cm in large, and you can touch another child at the mouth of the palace.

Xiaoping is a primary woman. In this case, if you take vaginal delivery, umbilical cord lust may occur at any time, dyspnea after fetal head, and fetal bushus nerve injury;Pushing back to the uterus is not only difficult, but it is also likely to cause fetal fractures and maternal uterine torture, which endangers maternal and baby life.

Yang Yan asked the maternal situation to the obstetrics and gynecology director Yi Wangjun. After Yiwang’s weighing, he instructed to enter the delivery room to prepare vaginal delivery.

At 5:15, Xiaoping was sent to the delivery room.Nurses are prepared for blood drawing, fetal heart monitoring, oxygen absorbing, urine conduction, etc.; midwives have come to the stage to block the fetal hips, waiting for the maternal palace to open the mouth;… Everyone is waiting.

As the contraction is getting stronger and stronger, the hips are getting more and more difficult.Yi Wangjun came to power in person. After a series of actions such as pulling the hips, rotating the carcass, the fetal shoulders, and the fetal head, a loud cry came from the delivery room.

"Girls, 3600 grams, mother and daughter are safe!" At 6:10, Yi Wangjun announced a joy and excitement, and every medical staff on the spot was relieved.

In the morning, Xiaoping’s mother rushed to the hospital.After learning that her daughter’s thrilling childbirth experience a few hours ago, her mother was shocked and scared, and she expressed her gratitude to the obstetrics and gynecology team.

Why did Xiaoping suddenly show such a dangerous situation?

Yi Wangjun explained that this was because the fetus’s fetal position in pregnant women was exposed first.The hip position means that the fetus first entered the pelvic entrance as the fetal buttocks, which is the most common abnormal fetal position. It can occur due to too much or limited fetal activity space.Before 30 weeks of pregnancy, most hip positions can be converted into the head position without treatment; if you still have hip positions after 30 weeks of pregnancy, you should be corrected in time.

Yi Wangjun said: "For mothers who determine the hip position of the fetus before delivery, we generally decide the method of childbirth based on the various situations of the mother."The risk coefficient of the hips is high, and the risk is high, especially for the first mother, if the perineal does not fully expand, it is easy to cause dystocia.The first delivery of the fetal hip may cause difficulty in getting in the early birth of the fetus and cause the fetus to suffocate; if the childbirth is not ended within 8 minutes after the umbilicus is delivered, the pressure time of the umbilical cord is too long, which can cause the fetus to die.

Yiwangjun emphasized that pregnant mothers must regularly check in production!When the fetal position is found abnormal, the fetal position should be corrected in time, and the appropriate childbirth method should be selected.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei Correspondent Yang Yan

[Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News]

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