Creepy!Four years after being pushed down by her husband, she hasn’t divorced?

Recently, the hottest film and television works in the Entertainment,

Is the movie "Disappearing her", right? ▽

Although word of mouth and evaluation is a bit polarized

But it still does not prevent it from exploring discussions.

(The number of viewers has continued to soar, and the cumulative box office has exceeded 1.2 billion ↓)

Not only because of the beauty of Ni Ni and Wen Yongshan ↓

(Sister together, I can)

Not just because Zhu Yilong’s interpretation ↓

(He is a thorough entering the film industry, right?)

It is more because the film reveals the extremely cruel side of the gender relations -to kill his wife and kill his wife.

So even if the plot is reversed, it is not very clever,

It is enough to dismantle some couples at the scene (no)

("Disappearing her" Saturday after the scene be like ↓)

I don’t know if it is a spoiler,

Many audiences who have watched "Disappearing her" think the plot seems a bit acquainted with each other?

This is not an illusion, because it really takes materials from real events ▽

After being broadcast, I also got a positive answer from the heroine of the parties,

"The crew came to Nanjing three years ago to find me to authorize."

(Art really comes from life)

If the biggest shortcomings of "Disappearing her",

Probably it is not the most creepy detail of the cliff case,

And these true details are far more exaggerated than art.


This article is not just a random case that happened casually in 4 years ago.

Because Orange was also surprised after this movie was launched-

It turned out that the aftershock of this case was so long until this summer still made progress.

And the image of the female party king is warm,

It is also fuller in these 4 years of resistance.

① The idol drama is more terrible than horror movies

Let’s briefly summarize what happened in this "pregnant woman’s Thailand Falling Case", which was a sensation in the country–

A pair of Chinese couples living in Thailand traveled in Thailand after marriage,

Later, the pregnant wife was discovered under the cliff,

At the bottom of the case, the husband pushed the pregnant wife down the cliff, trying to kill her inheriting the property (cracking)

According to the report,

This is a typical story of "eating a unique household",

The female lead with money and career was fired after being stared at by a cruel man,

It seems to be "love knocking on the door", but it is actually "death."

And the most eye -catching and most discussion at that time,

Probably this man who has no formal job, and a man who is gambling before the prison.

When the initial exposure,

Some passers -by question the heroine ↓

But with more details of PO,

A full style of painting ↓

It was a trap from the beginning.

In May 2017, they met at a friend meeting,

The seat was transferred to the heroine by the man "special intention" ↓

Add WeChat at the party,

Just a few days later, the heroine put the Thai document at the friend’s house.

The male lead actively helps,

But after helping, showing a very good sense of a good sense,

As everyone knows, his calmness is the hunter’s calm bait ↓

And every step of the next step, dismantle it alone,

All can receive 10W like "Who is talking about this kind of man" (beard)

The next week,

He picks up the female lead to school every day ↓

(The heroine learns the language in Thailand night school)

Send a long composition on WeChat to confess ↓

(Repeatedly emphasized that he fell in love with her at first sight, because love wants to combine with her to make a commitment to the extreme to the extreme ↓)

Some of the plots that only happened in the TV series were also produced by him.

Wait hard outside the female main room door all night,

Black with two eyes, because it is difficult to get ↓

I will remember her inadvertently revealing,

Take her to ride a horse to see the sea,

In case of movie lines, proposal to her ↓

I also tried to integrate into her life.

Knock on time every morning,

Send her a variety of breakfast ↓

It is also willing to take a sip of soy milk fritters,

Buy across the district for her ↓

Who can see that he has no money?

After all, every time he goes out to eat and consume, he is rushing to pay for it.

It looks like an economic independent man ↓

Even all friends around the heroine impressed him very well,

I think he is a peerless man,

Because he really has no difference to anyone …

(Who sprinkled things, he noticed for the first time)

Although the heroine also feels wrong, it feels wrong,

But most people are still difficult to resist this violent and perfect offensive.

The fish has been hooked, the hunter is ready to collect the net,

He starts to send her a proposal news every day ↓

As long as you are together,

Meet the proposal to the stitches ↓

Even encouraged the female lead to steal the household registration book ↓

In the end, it fell.

I really admire the female lead and can laugh at these details (crying)

Thank you very much for restoration so specific,

Let more girls understand what "fake sweetness is more scary than indifference".

So when a man has no sign of signs, it seems to love you as if he has been descended.

I really have to be careful at this time …

Think about it, a person who is busy with a job,

How can I study how to please others every day?

② BUFF full of anti -social personality

As mentioned earlier,

Male criminals who pushed the heroine down the cliff had experienced gambling and robbery (12 years).

This can basically determine the extreme violent of this man.

What is even more terrible is that he also played the demon king bombing card,

Gambling Dog+Performance Personality+Low Education High IQ (Cracking)

After experiencing idol drama -like crazy chase,

The prey got in hand, and the Sichuan opera changed in minutes.

Before the marriage, I licked myself in response to it,

Just play the game immediately after marriage, do not say a word ↓

When my wife fell down from the stairs,

He just looked up at ↓

(I am afraid that I do n’t want the heroine to have an accident at that time?)

The only time after marriage,

Probably he pulled the heroine to the room and frankly owed the gambling debt,

Speaking of tears, the true love confession ↓

The heroine really helped him return,

And think that this is the opportunity to grow up,

Also give him a company and connections for him to take care of.

(It’s a female bodhisattva)

I thought he would live with his heart this time,

And he does perform well,

Even trying to learn the management company and gradually go to the right track.

(It can be seen that he still has wisdom on his body)

But one day suddenly took 5 million on the company’s account to fly without flying

After being found by the police a week, he was faced with the heroine.

The expression is calm and tone- ———

I failed to enjoy my life for 12 years because of robbery and imprisonment.

(You will never understand the brain circuit of the dog)

So why was it recovered by the police again?

Of course, because money is gambling.EssenceEssence

(No accident)

(If you divorce at this time, you can still stop loss in time)

Then go to the female lead to get pregnant,

The male lead began to ask for warmth and actively developed a tourism plan.

However, in this journey,

He kissed the heroine on the side of the deserted cliff,

Comes with a phrase "Go to death", and push her down the cliff …

Think of "Disappearing her",

After the male lead saw the female lead B -ultrasound crying, she cried ↓

But the male lead in real events,

But I have been paying attention to kill my wife and the baby together,

Because of this, he is the first heir (crack)

(The evil of human nature, I’m afraid the movie dare not show it)

Most people may have been brushed in the other very cold details,

That is, the heroine was rescued from the cliff and sent to the ICU,

And when the male lead, the male lead will not sleep while the female active bounces, "serving" on the side,

Indicates "Speak the truth and die" ↓

She was pushed down in the general ward and was finally rescued after entering the public space.

There are two more scary.

First, 20 years, the first instance of the pregnant woman’s cliff ▽ ▽

The scum man was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Thai government.

"Yu Moudong said in court appeal" ↓

He first looked pale,

But it took only one or two minutes to calm down,

Then bowed calmly and came to the judge,

To the judge with fluent Thai, I am wronged from beginning to end. ↓

Before that,

The heroine does not know that he would say Thai.EssenceEssence

The second is when the female lead and the scum man first encountered ▽

It was moved by his fluent hometown of Nanjing dialect,

Put all the defense instantly,

As everyone knows, Yu Moudong is not from Nanjing, but in Wuxi.

During his time, he learned a bite of authentic Nanjing dialect with prison friends ↓

very scary!IntersectionIntersection

Has high IQ and endurance,

But all of them are used on illegal crimes as adultery,

Proper devil (crack)

③ The heroine’s courage and struggle

The whole event was restored,

In addition to abandoning Yu Mouong’s vicious and evil,

It was also amazed by the heroine’s bravery, tenacity and kindness.

The first trial was sentenced to life imprisonment,

Later, the wicked appealed by himself,

The second trial was judged for 10 years,

She is like a thunderstorm like a sunny day,

But still insist on pulling the wicked when there is no job, without a career.

The final third trial was changed for 33 years,

The dust settled in June this year ↓

It is a miracle to be found under the cliff, and it is already a miracle to survive and escape in the face of the wicked.

Although she survived, although she was injured and disabled, she

But still actively recover ↓

Thailand’s career has stagnated,

Just make an account entrepreneurial attempt ↓

Although it is not good to walk,

But I accepted the invitation of Fashion Week ↓

Naturally, there is a large wave of people who talk about her account just to bring the goods.

so what?

She unveiled her scar again and again, and took a clear video to alert the girl with a clear video.

It also keeps the outside world pay attention to yourself, and the lawsuit is not too passive.

It’s really the ability and spirit of every girl to change their learning.

Besides, she was very powerful before she met.

I encountered a bottleneck in work in the country,

Surrele alone in Thailand,

Learn the language by yourself ↓

Sell dried fruit, do trade, open a homestay, open a restaurant ↓

Eventually became a little rich woman,

I bought my own car and apartment ↓

Without this scum,

If you do not choose to believe and support this person again and again, ↓

No "not willing to sink the cost" ↓

She would have a very comfortable and enviable life (sigh)

Fortunately, she slowly survived,

Although there must be countless nightmares behind this.

Don’t want to provoke the opposition between men and women,

It’s just that girls, when facing major events, must be cautious:

Gambling dogs are more terrible than scum men, never expect a gambling dog to turn back;

Women should not have too strong emotional burdens. No matter what the relationship is, as long as there is toxic, it is broken;

Do not give up the will of survival at any time,

Although it is a bit like metaphysics, God will really bless those who have obsessions.

The last sentence

6. 9 pregnant women’s Thailand falling cliff case,

It is really a memorable case …

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