Coughing more and more after a cold?Cough and phlegm can be used with flowers and cough tablets

Recently, the weather has been hot, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor changes greatly, and a cold has begun to enter a high incidence.After suffering from a cold, many people will have symptoms such as runny nose stuffy, cough and soreness, fever and cold. Among them, coughs are the most common and have a long course of disease, which troubles many people.

What happened to cough after a cold?How can we effectively relieve cough?Let’s listen to the analysis of experts today, understand the cause of cough after a cold, and help you recover quickly and return to normal life.

Why is cough slow after a cold?

From the perspective of specific analysis, there are three reasons.

First, after a cold, the immune system will quickly play a role, mobilize the immune cells in the body to destroy the virus, but the immune cells will naturally metabolize death after completing the task.Rubbish.At this time, the respiratory tract will secrete some mucus to form sputum, so in order to promote sputum, the body may have a cough.

Second, after a cold, airway inflammation can cause high airway reactivity. At this time, the trachea is in a high sensitivity state. It is slightly stimulated by the outside world, and the airway will shrink and cause cough.

Third, the cold virus may lead to the emergence of acute bronchial-bronchitis, and bacterial infections are often secondary to virus infection. If the patient’s own physique is relatively poor, or the lung function is not good, the bacterial infection may also cause the lower respiratory tract to sufferThe impact, coughing after a cold.

In general, cold cough is a normal body response, which can cough the abnormal secretions in the breathing tract and inhaled foreign objects, pathogenic microorganisms.However, too much cough will affect normal work and life, and even indirectly affect the health of the lungs, which makes the condition more complicated and increase the difficulty of treatment.Therefore, it is necessary to control respiratory symptoms such as cough in time after a cold.

How to cope with cough after a cold?

In response to the above, doctors suggest to deal with the following aspects:

The first is to keep the indoor air fresh and avoid dryness.The dirty air can cause adverse irritation to the respiratory mucosa, which can cause the respiratory mucosa to be congested, edema, abnormal secretion, or aggravate cough, which can cause respiratory symptoms.Therefore, to keep the indoor air fresh and avoid contact with oil fume, dust, etc., you can open the humidifier at night to keep the indoor humidity at 50%-60%. This method is very helpful for cough caused by cold, allergies and asthma.

The second is to take cough drugs.Sino -patent medicine has a good cough and expectorant effect, good safety, and obtained clinical verification.Take the clinically commonly used Lianhua Qing cough tablets, its group of Fang Fang Rong Donghan Zhang Zhongjing’s "Matricu Stone Gan Tang" and the Ming Dynasty Ye Wenling’s "Qing Jin Hua Shi Soup" increased and subtracted.The effect of educational phlegm and cough, the components such as ephedra contained in the prescription can make the bronchial smooth muscle more loose, thereby making sputum better excrete; ingredients such as mountain silver flowers, forsythia, and mulberry skin all have antiviral, bacteriostatic, anti -anti -anti -anti -virus, antibacterial, anti -anti -anti -anti -viruseThe effects of inflammation can alleviate inflammation in the airway, can also protect the airway mucosa, reduce sputum production, and the symptoms of cough and sputum caused by various respiratory diseases such as colds, influenza, and new coronal virus infections can all be the treatment effect.

Moreover, the results of modern research also affirmed the relieving cough and phlegm and phlegm effect of even cough tablets.On the one hand, Lianhua Cough tablets can inhibit bacteria and anti -viruses, effectively block the inflammation of the airway, eliminate the cause, and reduce inflammatory exudation.It can also protect the airway mucosa, relieve the air tract spasm, and play a significant role of reflected phlegm and cough; on the other hand, even the flowers and cough tablets can also play a role in dilution of sputum and promote sputum discharge.

The third is to maintain a light diet.Try to avoid drinking caffeine -containing beverages, such as cola, strong tea, coffee, etc., do not eat spicy food, you can eat some digestible foods such as noodles, rice porridge, and drink sugar water such as sugar sugar Sydney water appropriately.

It should be noted that if the above methods are conditioned, the cough continues to be unable to alleviate. We must be alert to whether the bronchial expansion, asthma and other diseases have been vigilant. Go to the hospital for further examination as soon as possible.So as not to delay the condition.

Source: Hubei

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