Cosmetics for pregnancy are not a big deal, don’t create pregnancy panic!Please treat it rationally

What cosmetics are good during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, it is okay to draw a small light makeup occasionally, but it is best not to use cosmetics.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, it is also an important period of fetal brain development.Most cosmetics contain harmful substances such as fragrance compounds, preservatives, and heavy metals, which are not conducive to the development of the fetus, and it may also cause fetal malformations.If you need to do maintenance for the skin, you can choose some natural, skin care products added with no harmful substances.

When it comes to the use of products of pregnant women, many of them are half -knowledge. I don’t know what pregnant women can use.What is not available.To put it simply, it is to see the ingredients and see if the product contains the harmful ingredients of the baby and pregnant women.

Pregnant women disable ingredients:

Comprehensive ingredients: hormones, flavors, preservatives, pigments, industrial alcohol, fragrance compounds, mineral oil, etc.

Although it is not recommended to use cosmetics for pregnant women, for some beautiful mothers, it is normal to draw a small light makeup occasionally, so I still need to mention it.

▼ Cosmetics category:

Heavy metal (aluminum, lead, mercury, arsenic)


Petroleum (Vaselin, mineral oil, Vaselin)




Impiidine -based urine


▼ Skin care category:

Vitamin A and derivatives (vitamin A, A alcohol)

Salicylic acid

AHA is also called fruit acid



Phenyl -collarbenate

Wait ~ how much these ingredients will have a bad impact on pregnant women’s fetus, which may cause allergies for pregnant women and fetal malformations in severe cases.Therefore, if a pregnant woman finds that she is using it or contains these ingredients, please do not hesitate. It is correct to use it immediately!

In addition, it is best to use whitening, light spots, and acne functional products. After the baby is safe, it will be beautiful.

In fact, the concept of skin care for pregnant women is really not so complicated, as long as you remember two points: hydration+moisturizing.I have always been a better type of skin care, but during pregnancy, due to hormones in the body, the skin becomes easy to get oily and acne.The whole person looks particularly embarrassing, so during pregnancy, I pay more attention to skin care products to clean+hydration and moisturizing. Let ’s share a few skin care in the industry with good reputation in the industry, including a few of them I have used.Moms can find out ~

Kangaroo mother

Kangaroo mother, I also ran to his family’s popularity.A well -known brand for pregnant women take the lead in introducing Australian skin care technology. It is developed from the essence extracted by the food series wheat and soybean in the Australian farm. It is milder and is not easy to stimulate skin during pregnancy.I bought a skin care mask during pregnancy. It was cold on my face and was very comfortable. The hydration effect was still good. I did n’t dare to use it frequently during pregnancy. I usually once a week.The specific number of times is based on your personal habits, just be happy and comfortable.

Pro -moisturizing

In pro -Run, his product is known for its homology, safe and gentle.Priority to the introduction of Japanese advanced skin care technology, specially developed according to the characteristics of the skin characteristics of Asian women’s pregnancy.The core product of pregnant feminina series has a detailed nourishment and deep hydration effect to help comprehensively improve skin problems during pregnancy.In addition, there are classic products such as the rice Run white series and apple seeds.

HABA sharkane beauty oil SQ oil

Many people use HABA to start with sharkane beauty oil SQ oil. It can be used for facial care during pregnancy, stabilized stretch marks, and can also make massage essential oils for the baby. Applying the diaper rash plays a good isolation effect.His products do not add any stimulus or damage to the skin. The main component is that sharkhne and vitamin C inducement and Jinzhu essence are definitely a "non -added formula" that is harmless to the human body.It can be used during breastfeeding during pregnancy ~

Germany tendervonic folic acid -free skin care set

Nenfu, a professional brand of pregnant women in Germany. All the ingredients of the product have been certified by the US EWG international security certification. There are no harmful substances such as preservatives, flavors, and foaming agents, and sensitive muscle mothers can also use it.

The set contains facial washing milk and water milk. The main ingredients of the product are folic acid. It is a folic acid imported from the Netherlands.In addition, the facial cleanser is added with 45.6%amino acid formula. The surface active agent is amino acids. It uses dry and mild and non -irritating. It can meet the cleaning needs during pregnancy. After washing, it is not tightened.Water milk, contains a variety of amino acid surface activated ingredients and sodium hyaluronate, absorbed quickly after coating, with good moisturizing, can also be used in winter!


Basq, New York word of mouth skin care brand, a few weeks during pregnancy, I feel itchy skin. I heard that his body has a good oil effect. Try it to buy it.After using it for a few days, it seems that it is a lot better.If the mothers also have itching during pregnancy, they can try his nutritional body oil in his family. Various essence oil extracted by hand can be easily absorbed by the skin.While driving the skin itching, it can also completely prevent the generation of stretch marks.

Olerace Ao lace

Olerace Australia, Swiss pregnant woman brand.The high safety developed by women’s physiological skin characteristics during the pregnancy period, low -stimulating skin care products for organic pregnancy.Specializing in the production of organic skin care products and ampoule essences, Australian lace chooses global high -quality, high -efficiency plant resources and organic plant components to help pregnant women get a safer and more effective skin care experience.

In addition to skin care, mothers need to pay attention to these things ~

1. Lipstick

Lipstick, it contains a lot of oil, wax, pigments and spices.It has certain permeability, and most of the oils in it use wool fat and wool fat, which will not only adsorb the air, harmful heavy metals, but not very good for the fetal development and pregnant mothers themselves.It is recommended not to use it.

2. Nail polish

There are too many harmful substances contained in nail polish. If you think about it, pregnant women apply nail polish, and then eat things with your hands. If nail polish encounters food, it will be a consequence of eating together.EssenceThis is very dangerous to both pregnant women and fetuses. For safety, pregnant women are best not to apply nail polish.

3. Hair dye

Similarly in the hair dye, there are many chemical synthetic substances contained in the chemical components, which is very bad for human health, not to mention the special group of pregnant women. In severe casespossible.

Well, my answer is about to end here. In the end, everyone is pregnant every year ~ The monthly month is good ~ good pregnancy every day ~

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