Contraceptive pills are harmful to the body?Don’t eat it if you don’t eat it?The doctor reminds: You should know these knowledge

Contraceptives are mostly compound preparations for estrogen and progesterone.These two hormones originally existed in women’s body and completed the female physiological cycle through concentration changes.

Artificially taking "estrogen+progesterone" can affect women’s physiological cycles and thereby play a contraceptive effect.

However, improper taking contraceptives, especially the emergency contraceptives with huge hormone content frequently, can cause damage to women’s reproductive health, but short -acting contraceptives can regulate the physiological cycle.

Below, "Ask Doctor" will distinguish you in detail.

(1) Short -acting oral contraceptive pill

Short -acting oral contraceptives need to be taken every day.And eat continuously for about a month.Due to the small hormone dosage, the human body can be metabolized quickly, and its contraceptive effect is reversed. After discontinuation, it can quickly recover ovulation and fertility.

Especially in the fourth generation, not only does it affect health, but it is also good for women’s health.

Clinically, doctors often give women with abortion surgery, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome to prescribe short -acting oral contraceptives and conditioning their bodies.

(2) Emergency contraceptive pill

Emergency contraceptives often contain a large amount of progesterone.

Due to the large dose, it will interfere with normal endocrine, and if repeated use in the short term, it may cause serious consequences.For example: menstrual disorders, damage to liver and kidney function, or even amenorrhea.

Affected by advertising and usefulness, women in my country are more inclined to choose emergency contraceptives, rather than like Western women, insist on taking short -acting contraceptives.

This has led to many adverse reactions in Chinese women taking contraceptives.In turn, it deepened people’s misunderstandings about contraceptives, and short -acting contraceptives were also misunderstood.

In general, taking emergency contraceptives frequently in the short term may occur: the following problems may occur:

(1) Malignation, vomiting

The symptoms of this reaction are similar reactions such as loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.This is caused by estrogen stimulating gastric mucosa in contraceptives.

(2) Irregular vaginal bleeding, menstrual disorders

Take emergency contraceptives and consume a large amount of hormones, which will seriously interfere with existing physiological cycles.

Remember: If the menstrual cycle is delayed for more than 1 week, it is necessary to suspect that the contraception fails to get pregnant!Be sure to make a choice early.

(3) Weight gain

Estrogen in contraceptives can cause water sodium retention and cause edema.However, with the improvement of contraceptives, the incidence of this adverse reaction is extremely low.

(4) Long spots on the face

Some women with long medication may appear butterfly spots on their cheeks. This is because estrogen can promote too much melanin in the pituitary lobe and stimulate melanocyte activities.

Coping method: Apply sunscreen when going out to avoid sun exposure; women with sensitive skin can choose contraceptives with low estrogen content.

(5) Venic thrombosis

Estrogen can cause increased coagulation factors, and progesterone can inhibit the anticoagulant system, which will increase the risk of venous thrombosis.

High -risk women are smokers, overweight, people who are over 35 years old or have just given birth recently.

(6) Hypertension

Hypertension is a disease caused by the common effect of genetic and environmental factors. At present, it is known that the renin-vascular tension system (RAS) plays a main role in the body’s blood pressure regulation.

Estrogen can increase the level of vascular tension in the RAS system, activating the system to increase the risk of hypertension.

The most convenient and effective way for contraception is that men wear condoms.If this cannot be done, women will try to take short -acting oral contraceptives as much as possible to contraception.

It is not recommended to take emergency contraceptives, there are two obvious disadvantages:

(1) It is effective for only a protective sexual life, and the effective efficiency of contraception is significantly lower than that of short -acting oral contraceptives.

(2) Emergency contraceptives have a large dose and more side effects.

Of course, compared with artificial abortion, if you do not take emergency contraceptives and then get pregnant, taking emergency contraceptives is much less harmful to the body.

"Ask the doctor" -The doctor team from Xi’an in the ancient city to share scientific and practical health knowledge for you.

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