congratulations!TVB Foreign Huadan announced pregnancy and plans to have a baby in Hong Kong

Artist Chen Mingen recently announced on the social network that it was over with TVB. Just after everyone thought she would rest for a while, she turned out to be announced by another good news.

She carried a photo with her husband Eddy on social networks, holding a baby’s clothes on her hand, and said: "I am grateful to God this year that God has given a great gift to our husband and wife. We will work hard to learnHow to cultivate this child as a blessing person. "

Chen Mingen appeared in the radio to visit and revealed that she had 3kg. She said: "It’s so hard in the early stages of pregnancy.

She said that she had been married for 3 years, and she had a baby in the plan. Because she always loved illness before. Last year, I started to regulate physical health in traditional Chinese medicine. She made up for a year. Finally, she was in a hit.She said, "Unknown, we all like it. (Mixed -race is so pretty?) Hope pretty, my brother’s wife is a Japanese, and his two children are so good and proud, but he thinks the best first child is a son!(Do you want to have two?) Yes! I have a brother who thinks my brother can take care of his brother. "

She revealed that she had completed the contract with TVB this year and had left the work for 13 years. At that time, she revealed that she would try different performing arts work. Originally, she also included Shengzi?She said: "I am now rehearsing Gao Shizhang’s musicals. In September, I performed. I was pregnant for about 7 months during the performance. I started to work hard.A family -love show is singing, Timing is just right. (Do you arrange the sun?) The musical is relatively comfortable for me.What do you want to sing in your belly after pregnancy? Will your belly follow the music? "

The due date is in December, just like Christmas gifts, but because parents have returned to Australia to visit Australia earlier, the epidemic broke out to this day.She said: "Hong Kong’s medical care is good. I want to have a baby in Hong Kong. I feel at ease. I plan to give birth naturally. Mommy Dad hasn’t come here yet, so I am so nervous. I need Mommy helper."

She said that she saw the "Thunder of Flying Tiger" who was on the air, and woke up to make a happy memory of filming in London.

She said: "Flying Tiger is my last drama in TVB. There will be a lot of reluctance. After experiencing a lot, I have met a lot of good friends.I do n’t know if you do n’t know if you shoot a lot of things. "

In addition, she just wrote lyrics for an English educational book, called "YES, I Can", and implemented the direction of the lyricist.

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