Congratulations!The Internet celebrity monkey brother and his wife had a wedding, He Yuxin was prominent, and the wedding banquet cost 3 million

On September 24th, according to some netizens in Laizhou, tens of millions of fan -level net red monkeys officially held a wedding with his wife He Yuxin!Later, netizens also took photos on the wedding scene, which attracted many netizens to watch!

However, maybe Monkey Brother and He Yuxin do not want to do business. The wedding is not very grand, and there are fewer people at the scene. Only relatives from both sides attended.

In the photo, Brother Monkey is very simple, without wearing formal groom costumes, just a black half -sleeved, with black pants.But he smiled very brightly, obviously very happy.

And his wife He Yuxin was different. She was dressed very beautifully. She wore a big red tights cheongsam as a toasting suit. The clothes could outline her bumpy figure, which seemed intellectual and elegant.

Her aura and style of doing things are also very stable. When the monkey brother and the guests bewashed, his wife stood aside very dignified, staring quietly at her husband, and his eyes were full of love.

Although He Yuxin was not dressed on the day and did not make shapes, he just brought a few gold jewelry, but the generous temperament was obviously more attractive than dress.

It is worth mentioning that Monkey Brother is also a "double joy" this time. Holding a wedding is a happy and his wife is pregnant.According to netizens participating in the wedding, He Yuxin was pregnant at the time, about 3 months.

It is not difficult to see from the photos on the scene that her pregnant belly is prominent, her limbs are slender and slim, and only her belly is prominent. It is indeed a pregnant body shape.

In this way, it can be explained, why the monkey brother’s wedding is not too solemn, because pregnant people need to pay attention to too much, not makeup, or excessive exercise, but also need to be taboo. Be careful throughout the process.

However, although Brother Monkey on the Ming Dynasty did not do big operations, the wedding still spent a lot of money. Netizens said that the wedding banquet spent about 3 million. Congratulations to I only posted only 100 yuan of money.made money.

The scene is equipped with two famous wines, which are lobster, abalone, hairy crabs, etc. The food on the dining table is more expensive, so it will cost so much.

Moreover, the wedding place was hometown, which means that the monkey brother and He Yuxin will return to Nanjing afterwards to host a second wedding. At that time, it would definitely cost more and more grand.

After all, He Yuxin is pregnant, and the more he will drag her belly, the larger the life. It must be wearing a gorgeous wedding dress before the belly is big to host a serious wedding to commemorate and celebrate their love.Inviting a lot of netizens, really look forward to it!

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