Congratulations!Goddess Yu Xiangning is married today, wearing a Chinese dress hand, wearing a dragon and phoenix bracelet, the abdomen of the abdomen is raised and suspected of pregnancy

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Congratulations!Congratulations!The 27 -year -old Hong Kong famous actress and popular goddess Yu Xiangning ushered in a big marriage today!She and Lu Zhengdu, a 40 -year -old rich businessman, held a wedding ceremony at a star hotel in Hong Kong. The scene was quite happy and sweet.

From the photos taken by the reporter at the scene, it can be seen that Yu Xiangning chose a Chinese wedding dress today.Wearing a few pairs of dragon and phoenix bracelets on her hand, she looked quite wealthy.The husband Lu Zhengdu chose a relatively classic black and white suit, and the whole person looked quite handsome.

It may be affected by the external situation. From going out to the car to the signing ceremony, both sides wear masks throughout the journey.

In addition, there are not many people present. In addition to the relatives and friends of both parties, they only saw Yu Jieye, the sister of Yu Xiangning, and friends Chen Shixin, Liao Ziyi, Deng Yingyao and others.

In addition, Yu Xiangning’s raised belly today has also become the focus of everyone’s attention.In fact, in last month, Yu Xiangning was exposed to unmarried first pregnancy, so he was rumored to get married.It was just that Yu Xiangning did not deny the media reports at the time, nor did he respond clearly.

Today, she was wearing a Chinese dress, and her belly had a relatively obvious protrusion.At the same time, for safety, she chose a pair of flat -bottomed shoes with better walking.In the process of welcoming relatives, Yu Xiangning took the bouquet in his hand from time to time to block his abdomen. This repeated movement was also imaginative.

In an interview with the media, Yu Xiangning was also quite satisfied and moved today’s wedding.She revealed that she was excited and nervous last night.

She has been practicing the oaths she wants to talk about today, so she just slept for two hours, but the state of the whole person today is very excited, and she seems to have no tiredness.

Asked by reporters?Yu Xiangning also said that she would work hard and work hard to complete the major event. With good news, she would also announce it to everyone as soon as possible.

Despite this, many netizens have speculated that she is actually pregnant, but it may not be enough for three months and have not been announced to the outside world.

It is reported that since the announcement of the marriage, Yu Xiangbin considers that her husband is an outsider, so he is quite protected by his privacy.

As far as the current situation is concerned, her husband Lu Zhengdu is a financial talent who has achieved his academic performance and was born in a wealthy home since he was a child.

In fact, the two actually traveled together last year, but they did not attract everyone’s attention at the time.Until the husband’s exposure, careful netizens saw the social media of the two people at the time, and found a lot of clues.Therefore, the two can also be regarded as a common hobby, which is quite good.

In fact, Yu Xiangning actually had a relationship with Sun Jiale Chen Jiale more than three years ago a few years ago.During the relationship between the two, they were also quite sweet and high -profile.Although Yu Xiangning was almost disfigured because of a car accident, Chen Jiale had been unable to give up at her, and even publicly stated that she would marry her.

But in the end, the two parted ways.As for the reason for the breakup, the rumor was that Yu Xiangning took a rich man, so he threw off Chen Jiale.

But now, the handsome Chen Jiale Zheng and Lian Shiya played fiery, and they both found their own happiness.

In the end, I would like to congratulate Yu Xiangning for successfully upgrading to his wife!Bless her a happy wedding and give birth to a noble child early.

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