Come to auntie with chest pain. Is this not normal?Doctor: Don’t touch it yourself!

Many girls feel chest pain when they are coming to auntie. In fact, this phenomenon does not know if it is normal. Generally, breast swelling during menstruation is normal, but some are very abnormal.Be sure to touch your own breasts and see if there are hard blocks inside. We must attract high attention. Then I will introduce it for everyone now. When we come to the aunt, the chest pain is not normal.

Most menstrual chest pain is mostly a normal phenomenon caused by hormone fluctuations

Such as menstrual tide and menstrual tide, most of the breasts, hardness, tenderness, etc. are mostly normal, which is related to the fluctuation of hormones in the menstrual period. "Breast pain is caused by many cases.It is the phenomenon of breast pain after abortion.

But most women have breast tenderness before and after menstruation, which may be caused by hormone level fluctuations in the body.Due to the fluctuations of hormones, the hyperplasia of the breast tissue and the edema of the mammary tissue eventually caused women to feel breast pain."

Menstrual breast tenderness is not necessarily normal. Women need to be alert to pathological breast tenderness. "If breast pain cannot be relieved after menstruation, or the pain is very severe, it even hurts as soon as it is touched.Attention, this is a pathological breast tenderness, which is likely to be caused by breast disease. It is related to breast hyperplasia, mastitis and even breast tumors. Professional doctors need to diagnose breasts. "

How to judge that breast bloating is not normal? Expert: May wish to touch it

Whenever, self -cutting is an effective means for women to judge whether their breasts are normal. "You can feel whether the breasts are nodules with your hands. If so, feel the hardness, texture, smoothness and skin adhesion."

So, what kind of breast lump is normal during menstruation? "Most of the breast lumps are multiple, more than one, different sizes, the texture is hard or tough, the lumps are not sticky to the skin, the surface is often not smooth, and there is a sense of granular.The characteristics of changes with the menstrual cycle. Generally speaking, a few days before menstruation, breast masses will increase and harden. After menstruation, the lumps are reduced and softened. But if you can obviously feel the nodules, you should seek medical treatment in time to allow the doctor to accurately perform accurate accurateJudgment. "

Through the introduction above, believe us, everyone knows, so when we touch some hard blocks in our chest, or feel that there are some changes in our chest, this may be caused by some diseases. WeYou should go to the hospital for examination and treatment to avoid the occurrence of some breast diseases, which will endanger our health.

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