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Colds are coming, headache, fever, nasal congestion, cough, and uncomfortable body. The common people also call colds as "wounds". It is a common acute upper respiratory virus infectious disease.Many people get a cold and go to the pharmacy to buy some cold medicines, but they also need to vary from person to person and choose the right medicine. Especially the use of Chinese medicines, it will be counterproductive when choosing the wrong choice.Cold medicine, have you taken right?

Don’t use these medicines anymore

When a cold

1 antibiotics

Antibiotics can fight bacterial infection, but antibiotics such as normal colds such as normal colds are not only invalid, but also affect immune function and even cause drug resistance.Only when it is clear that a cold with bacterial infection can we choose antibiotics.

2 vitamin supplement

Poor vitamins reasonably can improve immunity.If you have a cold, it is difficult to improve the symptoms only through vitamin C pour pills, composite vitamins and other supplements.


Drugs such as beef and yellow detoxification tablets and Banlangen granules are not cold. They can neither fight viruses and bacteria, nor can it directly alleviate symptoms such as soreness and nasal congestion.If the spleen and stomach are weak, it is easy to diarrhea after taking it, and it may be poisoned in a large number of continuous use.

How to choose the right medicine

When a cold


Fever, headache, muscle soreness


Choose acetaminophenol, ibuprofen degeneration

Nasal congestion

Choose a pseudo -ephedrine ingredient and other drugs containing the word "hemp"

Sneeze, runny nose, tears

Choose Malaysian phenyamin (pokermin) and phenyrara to alleviate

dry cough

Choose hydroceroide, right Mishafen cough


Choose compound cold medicine such as phenolin, ammonia anerazhenmine and other compound medicine

How to choose a patent medicine

When a cold

Cold and cold

Symptoms: afraid of cold, light heat, sweating without sweat, nasal congestion, flowing nose, itching, coughing phlegm and thin white, sore limb, not thirsty or hot drink, thin white tongue coating, etc.

Medication: Choose Chinese medicines that use nepeta, windproof, perilla leaves and other solutions as the main ingredients, such as colds and heat particles and cold cold granules.

Wind and cold

Symptoms: heavy fever, poor sweat, accompanied by head pain, sore throat, cough, thick sputum, nasal congestion, and yellow nose, thirst for drinking, red tongue and thin yellow tongue.

Medication: Select Chinese medicines that are used to evacuation wind and heat such as chrysanthemums, mint, honeysuckle, and forsythia, such as mulberry chrysanthemums, double Huanglian oral liquid, silver -threw detoxification tablets, etc.

Summer wet cold

Symptoms: heat, headache, stuffy chest, stuffy chest, full abdomen, or nausea to vomit, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Medication: Choose a Chinese patent medicine for the main components such as Huoxiang, Chenpi, Poria, etc., such as Huoxiang Zhengqi.


Avoid the medicine that is not suitable for you

When taking cold medicine


01 "Ma": It is not suitable for patients with hypertension and diabetes

The "hemp" in the name of the medicine refers to the pseudo -allyck ingredient, which can cause blood vessel contraction, cause blood pressure, blood sugar, and intraocular pressure to increase, and it can also affect the nervous system.Hypertension, diabetic patients, pregnant women, athletes, etc. are used with caution.


02 "Pu" and "Min": Drivers should not use it

The names of "fluttering" and "sensitivity" in the name contain poker sensitivity.After taking poker sensitivity, it may cause drowsiness and drowsiness. During the medication, you must not drive the aircraft, cars, ships, or engage in high -altitude operations, mechanical operations and operational precision instruments.


03 "Beauty": Patients with cough and sputum patients with caution

The general name of the cold medicine containing Mashafin contains the word "beauty".Patients with chronic bronchitis and pneumonia should use such cold medicine carefully. The aquattal effect of Zhongshu may affect the discharge of sputum, blocking the respiratory tract, and can cause suffocation in severe cases.

Drink more water when you have a cold.

Avoid a cold medicine that causes drowsiness during the day.

Submitting: Fengxian Health Commission, Nanqiao Town Guangming Community Health Service Center

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