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Since the opening of the "Drug Specialist Consultation Clinic during pregnancy", Zhejiang University Second Hospital has encountered many consultations on how to deal with colds during pregnancy.Today, Huang Yuwen, the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University, shared with you: How can expectant mothers use the medicine safely?

Case number one

Case description: The first day of this expectant mother was on the first day of December 1, December 23-24, took 1 piece of "signs"/daily, and took 2 "Senkang Film" on December 25.Consultation does not affect the fetus.

The pharmacist said:

The signs/sensor ingredients are: 100mg of diamonds, 15mg of caffeine, 250mg of acetaminol, 10 mg of artificial beef yellow, and 2 mg of chlorophenamin.

Vajrayanamine: Animal experiments have teratogenic reports, sporadic reports of terators in clinical trials, but have not been confirmed that teratogenic correlation is related to drugs.More than 50 clinical registered data show that the deformed rate of early pregnancy was about 9.8%.

Caffeine: Non -mammalian experiments have carcinogenic mutations, but they are not found in humans.Clinical trials show that there is a risk of abortion at ≥150mg daily.

Acetamine: Clinical studies have not been confirmed that the use is related to teratogenic.

Chlorophenamin: 1070 clinical registration data was not found to be related to teratogenic.

Suggestion: The risk of teratogenic is available in the use of diamond allemine in the drug.According to the description of the patient, the patient’s medication time is "full or no" time, that is, the relatively unsight period of the drug.However, due to the differences in individual menstrual cycle, objectives need to wait for the patient with B -ultrasound to be clear.Therefore, it is recommended to check the gynecological B-ultrasound for 50-60 days of pregnancy.

Case 2

Case description: On December 25th, the expectant mother’s last menstruation and Japanese antipyretic medicine on January 17.

The pharmacist said:

Japanese antipyretic medicine (Dazheng Pharmaceutical, for children, information is from Baidu): 300mg of acetaminol, 20 mg of pseudoharaine, dual -hydrogen is 8 mg of dwilies, 41.67mg of pyrool gly gly ether, 20 mg of soluble enzyme, 2.5mg of scacobica, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg, 2.5mg,Caffeine 25mg.See the previous case for the safety of acetylphenol/caffeine.

Pseudo ephedrine: Animal experiments have confirmed that bloodline and other blood decomposes have a certain relationship with cardiovascular/limb deformities; ventricular septal defects are related to the use of pseudo -ephedrine and other blood decomposition.Case -comparison studies have shown the risk of increasing fetal abdominal fissure in early pregnancy.

Double hydrogen to be treated: It can be treated with the risk of limb deformity and interval deformity due to the whole body, and there are reports related to neuroblastoma, which is related to respiratory suppression in the second trimester.

Carbipisamin: The mechanism of action is similar to chlorophenicamin.

Creating Permane Glyfrontin: Clinical research data does not support the correlation between the teratogenic.

Suggestion: Patients with pseudo ephedrine and dual hydrogen can be treated in a sensitive period due to the risk of teratings.However, at present, the patient’s medication time cannot be clarified. It is recommended to check the B-ultrasound for 50-60 days of pregnancy to clarify the fertilization time.

Case II

Case description: On the first day of menstruation on November 29th, the pregnant woman took Tyno on December 5th, and took cephalosporin (Silixin) tablets on December 31.Patients have always taken left norexorine sodium sodium tablets (You Jiale) to consult whether the drug needs to be discontinued.

The pharmacist said:

The main component of Tono is 325 mg of acetaminol, 30 mg of pseudocerine, 10 mg of right miminin, and 2 mg of chlorophenamamin.See the safety of acetaminol/pseudohydrine/chlorophenamamin, to see the two cases of medication.

Right Michafin: Animal experiments (except chicken embryo experiments) and clinical research have not yet confirmed its correlation with teratogenic.

Cefchine (Silixin) Film: The safety level of pregnant women is B. No large clinical study was found to be related to congenital defects.

Ondidazole: There are no large -scale clinical research data at home and abroad. Similar metronidazole -teeth experiments show carcinogenicity, but clinical studies have no carcinogenic or teratogenic reports.

Suggestion: It is recommended to continue pregnancy. For 50-60 days of pregnancy, check the B-ultrasound of the gynecological department to clarify the time of fertilization.The safety level of the pregnant woman in the left norexorine sodium tablets is A and can be used during pregnancy.

After sharing three cases, the intimate Huang Yuwen pharmacist also listed a few suggestions ↓


1 At present, the ingredients of cold drugs at home and abroad are ever -changing, especially in some Haitao drugs. It is difficult to find it. It is the hardest hit area for drug management.

2 Essential skills of expectant mothers: See the general name and ingredients of the entire medicine, such as Tyno and Tynolin, the names are similar, and the composition is very different.

3 Common misunderstandings of expectant mothers: Children’s pharmaceutical mothers eat.

At present, many children’s cold medicines on the market will also contain diamonds or pseudoharamine, which should be avoided.

4 The cold medicine composition that should be avoided during pregnancy:

Huang Yuwen

Deputy Chief Pharmacist at the Pharmacy Department of Zhejiang University, Master of Medicine at Zhejiang University, MTM Pharmacist at the American Pharmacist Association.

He is good at patients with maternal medical specialty consulting and drug treatment management (MTM) clinics (for patients with more than 5 types of medication and two or more chronic diseases).

Outpatient time: Every Wednesday afternoon (Binjiang Institute District Maternal Maternal Medical Consultation Specialist Clinic)

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