Coincidentally or destiny?Wang Mang was actually a snake cut by Liu Bang.

According to Sima Qian’s "Historical Records of Gao Zu Benji": When Liu Bang was long in Surabaya County, hundreds of people were escorted to Laoshan to build the emperor’s tomb for Qin Shihuang, and he escaped a lot of people along the way.When I rushed to Mangyu Mountain, for a day, I was in a wrong time.Liu Bang knew that Qin Fa was harsh, and the people had escaped a lot, and they missed the date. When they arrived in Xianyang, they would have no doubt.

Liu Bang was drunk and drunk. While at night, he put all the rest of the people, and said to them, "You can escape, I have to go far away." These people are unwilling to escape, saying they are willingFollow Liu Bang into the world.Under the bang of a group of brothers, Liu Bang decided to "reverse the flag."The tree of rebellion was raised, and dozens of people who did not escape were willing to follow Liu Bang.There was a white snake to stop the road in front of the people. Liu Bang said, "What is the fear of the strong men?" Without thinking, he pulled out the sword and waved the white snake into two paragraphs.

Because Sima Qian inadvertently wrote an extra sentence in the paragraph of "Gao Zu Benji": "Snakes are divided into two, and they are blooming." From this, a mythical story was born: "Gao Zu cuts the snake, Ping Emperor returned to life."

It is said that before Liu Bang cut the snake, the white snake suddenly said, "The account you owed today will be repaid one day. If you cut my head, I tampered with your head: cut my tail, I just, I will just cut my tail, I will just cut my tail, and I will just cut my tail, I will just cut my tail, I will just cut my tail, I will just cut my tail, I will I just cut my tail, I will just cut my tail, and I will just cut my tail, I will just cut my tail, I will just cut my tail, I will just cut my tail, and I will just cut my tail.Tampered with your tail. "Liu Bang sword cut the white snake from the middle of the middle.Therefore, when the Western Han Dynasty arrived in Ping Emperor, the white snake (python) reached the renunciation of Wang Mang, poisoned Emperor Han Ping, and usurped the Han as a new.Later, Guangwu ZTE, and Wang Mang was destroyed, and then resumed Liu’s surnamed Han Dynasty and established the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Liu Bang is not a common man.According to legend, Liu Bang’s mother was working on the ground. Suddenly, the electric flashed thunder, and the rain dropped. Liu Bang’s mother suddenly fell to the ground. Liu Bang’s father saw a dragon from his wife, and he was frightened to sit on the ground.EssenceYou can rubbing your eyes again, nothing except his wife.Liu Bang’s father stepped forward to help his wife and asked what happened just now. Liu Bang’s mother knew nothing, but suddenly felt a coma suddenly, and fell to the ground.Soon Liu Bang’s mother was pregnant and gave birth to Liu Bang ten months later.This legendary story is nothing more than that Liu Bang is a natural dragon species, and the real dragon reincarnates.The Great Han base he later created was the monarchy.

However, after Liu Bang cut the snake, he had been drunk and he was drunk, and he fell asleep.Liu Bang’s followers saw that an old woman was turning money to burn paper by the side of the road, twitched and cried, and then stepped forward to ask what she sorrowful.The old woman said that her son was Bai Emperor, which transformed into a white snake on the road. Now she was killed by the son of the Emperor Yan. She was extremely sad, so she mourned.When you say it, it turns into a gust of gusts.

That night, Liu Bang had a dream again, dreaming of the white snake coming to claim his life, and his mouth was called "Return to my life". Liu Bang fell in the dream to cope with the white snake and said, "Wait until the flat ground will be repaid."The white snake does not seem to be a leisurely generation. I am afraid that it is not its opponent in the deep mountains.When you reach the flat ground, you ca n’t run without winning.It was strange to say that when Liu Bang’s descendant Pingdi boarded the throne, the white snake came to claim his life. The white snake was Wang Mang (dead python).At the beginning, Wang Mang was modest and loyal to the emperor, and married his daughter to the emperor. Later, he turned his face and poisoned the emperor Ping, and fulfilled the saying "Ping Emperor (Earth) to life".

The universe is flooded, and the mysterious machine is dark.The Han Dynasty had a total of 400 years of history. It is divided into the Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasty. Coincidentally, Wang Mang’s usurping throne was divided into two sections from the middle of the Han Dynasty from the middle, which also confirmed the words of the white snake.Wang Mang, a homophonic python, is said to be the reincarnation of this white snake. He was cut into two paragraphs by Liu Bang. Now the white snake came revenge.

"Zhou Gong was afraid of rumors, and Wang Mang was humble."In his early years, Wang Mang was frugal, filial piety, and his life was frugal.He often divides himself to the guests and the poor, and even sells the carriage to help the poor, and is loved by the people.Before the emperor, Wang Mang was a model of outstanding young people in the country. He became an emperor and could also be said to be "the trend."It is often said that Wang Mang is a "modern crossing". The reform he engaged in was very advanced and advanced at the time. Hu Shi also evaluated Wang Mang as "China’s first socialist."

Wang Mang collected the land to state -owned, re -assigned, and the farmers who did not have the land were distributed by the government to the land; frozen slavery, prohibiting all slave girls from buying and selling, saving the people to fire and fire;The special monopoly system of wine, salt, and iron is implemented, and the central government will uniformly issue currency.The people’s marriage and funeral can loans from the government without receiving interest.In the agricultural business loan, the government only receives the principal and interest of net profit by one -tenth. This system can be said to be more humane than the current banks; the government controls prices to prevent merchants from manipulating the market to eliminate the uneven of the rich and the poor;Daily necessities, when the supply is too required, the government will buy it at the cost of the government.After careful research, Wang Mang finally invented a measuring tool, which is the "bronze card ruler" that is now the label card ruler.Wang Mang has presided over the study of the aircraft, and even the design map was designed by himself, but due to the limitation of objective factors, he ended up with failure.

Wang Mang’s reform not only failed to alleviate social contradictions, but caused the world to be turbulent, and the treasury was exhausted and could not allocate disaster relief.In the four years of Tianfeng (17 AD), locusts and droughts occurred across the country. The famine rose, and the red eyebrows and the green forest uprising rebelled.In the fourth year of the Emperor Emperor (23 AD), the Green Forest Army entered Chang’an. Wang Mang was killed by the businessman Du Wu in the chaos. The first level was hung in the city.

Later generations blamed the western and Eastern Han Dynasty to Liu Bang’s snake.Taishi was in the "Historical Records" in the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. I certainly did not know that Han was divided into the west and east.In the past, I always felt that the snake chopping and the Han Han were purely coincidental. Most of the fate was that future generations were chatting.The author has recently triggered curiosity again, searched the Internet, and the smart and capable "Du Niang" told me clearly that Wang Mang usurped the new year of the Han Dynasty, which was 9 years.I do n’t know if I do n’t know, I was frightened, 9 AD, my year, the year of the snake!Oh my god, it is really a cycle of reincarnation and retribution of causality!(Original/Sima Qianwen)

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