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Ms. Chen, 31, has been married for many years. She has always been a husband and wife.A year ago, the local diagnosis of adenomiasis might with a fibroids.In recent days, Ms. Chen’s dysmenorrhea has increased.Choose thousands of miles to go to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University for help.

+ What is uterine adenomy muscles

"Uterine adenoisotomy" is an unexpected endometrium is not easy to isolate at home (uterine endometrial layer)."Liangmin" caused martial law in the city, and the people around the people mobilized the inflammatory response to strengthen protection (the surrounding muscle layer of hypertrophy hyperplasia).Three major manifestations of uterine adenomy: dysmenorrhea, many menstrual flow, and infertility.

+ These weapons can relieve pain caused by adenomy muscle disease

◆ Oral painkillers: such as ibuprofen, 吲哚 吲哚, etc.

◆ Oral contraceptive pills: such as alcohol ketone, estradium tablets, etc., in addition, Liangblylin can stop your ovaries from generating estrogen and progesterone

+ These weapons can reduce the blood loss of adenomy muscle disease

◆ In -the -palace birthpool: It is a small device installed inside the uterus. Under normal circumstances, it is used for contraception. There is a kind of intrauterine hetero -saving device that can release progesterone hormones and may help improve the symptoms of uterine adenomy disease, such as left, such as left, such as left, such as left.节 Nobo Periods Internal Breast System.

◆ Uterine endometrial removal: A scars are formed by the inner wall of the uterus by surgery and reduced menstrual flow.

◆ Uterine arterial embolism: It can block the blood supply of the uterine.

+ Surgical resection The uterus is the most effective treatment method

The most effective treatment of uterine adenomia is surgical removal of the uterus, but this means that patients have lost their fertility, so they are not suitable for patients with fertility requirements.

Is there still a chance to give birth to adenomy muscle disease?

Patients like Ms. Chen who want to get pregnant should cooperate with doctors to find other treatment options such as multiple drugs, conservative surgery, and auxiliary fertility technology until they have completed fertility.

Program 1. "God Medicine" Amenorrhea

Before treatment, doctors will evaluate infertility or fertility for patients with adenomy disease in the first consultation, understand the state of their uterus, and apply GNRHA to pre -treatment if necessary to improve the inner environment of their uterus and pelvic cavity.At the same time, find the right time to guide conception or choose to auxiliary reproductive pregnancy.

At present, some patients with conservative surgical treatment of uterine adenomy disease lesions are different from the "one pot" of the uterus. This surgery is more humane.Reduced the lesion load, but there is a risk of uterine rupture in the uterine body surgery in the future of the uterine body.This type of postoperative auxiliary GNRHA treatment can achieve the role of alleviating symptoms, improving the environment, consolidating the results of the war, resting the uterus, and promoting pregnancy.

The gonadotropin releases hormone analogs (GNRHA) preparations, which reduces estrogen hormone levels at the central level, artificially simulates the state of "ovarian trend", and can reduce the lesion while improving dysmenorrhea and bleeding.Some cytokines in the liquid improve the environment in the abdominal cavity, improve the tolerance of the embryo, and actively promote the development and maturity of oocytes, and increase the probability of pregnancy after the drug.

However, no matter how good weapons will have shortcomings, such as long -term inhibitory endocrine system work, it will lead to low estrogen state, bringing symptoms of menopamental symptoms, and increased osteoporosis and cardiovascular risk.Clinically, the reverse addition of estrogen -like drugs in small doses is improved.

Option 2: "Knowing and knowing the other, some are targeted"

If the doctor evaluates the surgical indicators, a joint examination of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy should be performed in time to evaluate the state of uterine, fallopian tube, ovarian and pelvic abdominal environment.Doctors will be treated according to the type and quantity of infertility factor recognized during the evaluation.

Therefore, patients with adenomyotomia who have fertility requirements cannot blindly look forward to treatment blindly, ovulation or blind injections or egg transplant embryos. In the end, the reproductive environment has not been comprehensively evaluated and improved, resulting in all the efforts to pay.The best time to give birth is a great regret.

What do the doctors evaluate?For example, whether or not endometriosis, uterine fibroids, abnormal abdominal structure structures, or abnormal tubal structures in the uterine cavity, and then treat reversible etiology.After that, according to the type of uterine adenomia and different staging of endometriosis, the choice of pregnancy aid therapy can be guided. If the fertility is poor, consider the auxiliary reproductive pregnancy.

Plan II

After the above rest, the reproductive doctors will evaluate the function of the ovaries for such infertility patients, and give advice on the tubal state, uterine state, and male factors.Patients should continue to cooperate with doctors to detect ovulation in order to decide to promote ovulation or go directly to artificial insemination or transplant.Generally, patients under the age of 35, good ovarian function, fallopian tubes and uterine conditions can choose natural conception, ovulation -promoting conception, or artificial insemination in the uterine cavity.Those with poor ovarian, medium -weight uterine endometriosis, poor fallopian tube and uterine state should actively recommend to assist reproductive technology.

Through the pre -treatment of GNRHA drugs in the early stage, Ms. Chen improved the state of the uterus and the internal environment of the pelvic cavity, and further evaluated fertility through a joint laparoscopic examination.It is currently a expectant mother who has been pregnant for nearly 4 months.

The treatment of uterine adenomia is a long -term management, and the choice of treatment timing and method is particularly important.It is recommended that Jimei seek the guidance of a professional physician and conduct standardized treatment. Do not just believe that "the disease of uterine adenomia, just give birth to a child" is good!

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