Chinese pregnant women tell the inside of the cliff in Thailand: After the husband kisses, push me down

China News Service, June 20th. A Chinese couple went up the mountain in Thailand. After hugging and kissing, the wife who had been pregnant for 3 months was pushed down the cliff relentlessly by her husband.

——This is not a novel, nor is it a movie plot!

From "accidental loss" to "deliberate murder", what does the case reverse the case at 180 degrees?

Incident: Chinese pregnant women have fallen into the cliffs and injured multiple places

According to Thai media reports, on June 9, the person in charge of Pha TAEM National Park, Wuben, Thailand received a call saying that a Thai tourist found a woman who was injured on the mountain and asked the staff to rescue the staff.

It is reported that the woman fell from the cliff mountain of about 34 meters high, and there were many scattered leaves and branches around her. The woman was injured in many places, her left and left leg fractures.

The staff learned that the injured woman named Wang was from Jiangsu, China. She was 3 months pregnant. On the day of the incident, she drove to the park with her husband to play in the park, but an accident occurred.

Fortunately, after treatment, women and children in the abdomen are safe and sound.

After being rescued, Ms. Wang, who had fallen into the cliff, had been in the intensive care unit.(Photo source: Ms. Ms. Wang’s headline news from Thailand)

Suspicious point: husband’s behavior is abnormal?

According to the staff of Yamashita, at the time, the woman’s husband had forgotten the trunk of the car, so he hurried to leave the accident.About 30 minutes later, when the woman was lifted to the ambulance and took the mountain, the woman’s husband just drove back to the accident.

The staff also tried to investigate all the things that happened, but at that time, the woman insisted on closed her mouth and said that she would see her husband who came to tell the truth.The staff had to bring the woman’s husband, and the woman said to her husband, "Why do you treat me like this?"

The staff at the scene revealed that when the woman had an accident, her husband only looked at it from a distance and did not dare to approach at all.Moreover, there are few tourists who have fallen in women to play, and there have been only one fall accident for more than ten years.Although the staff constantly asked the women’s husband’s accident, they also closed their mouths.

Husband’s saying: "Unexpectedly"

On June 10, Thai media announced the latest progress of the incident. After investigation and interrogation by the Tourism and Sports Department of Wuwenfu, the husband of female tourists finally spoke.

According to it, he was a businessman. Before the incident, he drove up the mountain with his wife to play on the mountain. After going up the mountain, the two of the park tourist service center were separated from the toilet (about 80 meters from the incident point), but then returned to the attractionIn place, he quickly returned to the car to find a mobile phone to call his wife, but he couldn’t get through. He thought that his wife had come down the mountain, and he drove down the mountain to find his wife.

On the way down the mountain, when I saw the ambulance up the mountain, I thought that someone would have an accident, so I hurried to return to the attractions.After returning to the attraction, I heard that a tourist fell from the cliff, and he wanted to go to the accident point to check, but the staff said that the injured tourists were being sent to the mountain, so he did not go to the accident, but was waiting at the mountain under the mountain.Later, I learned that it was his wife who was injured.

He also said that the reason why his wife fell from the cliff was actually because of dizziness in the early pregnancy. Fortunately, there were trees as shelter on the cliff, and the wife could escape the difficulties.

When the police asked why the woman would say, "Why do you treat me like this?" The man replied that it was because his wife was blaming him "why not take care of her" and "why not with her."Then the police also asked the woman, which confirmed this and said that her husband did not do anything to her. She fell into the cliff because of pregnancy and dizziness.

the truth!Surprising murder?

However, do things really say what the female husband said?

After the incident, the lady named Ms. Wang, who had fallen into the cliff, was rescued, and she had been in the intensive care unit because of the left side of the body, toes, ankles, calves, knee bones, thigh bones, cheek bones, ribs, arms, scapula, etc.There are different degrees of fracture and misalignment. The right side is multiple fracture and soft tissue contusion on the right side. At present, the left side is reinforced by steel plates and steel nails in the form of surgery.Worry -free, but it is still difficult to move.

On June 17, with the help of friends, Ms. Wang contacted Thai headline journalists.She said that the facts were completely opposite to her husband Yu Mou, and told the ins and outs of the matter.

"We went to see the sunrise that day, and there were more than 10 Thai people around. After reading it, the people around him had returned to the parking lot one after another. My husband said that there was a mural of ancient humans 3000 years ago.Go and take a look. He guided me from the empty cliff to the designated viewing point. He followed him in front of him. Walking in front is a broken road, there is no way to go, and you have not seen any 3,000 years of totem.","

"When I returned, I was in front of him. He suddenly held my waist from behind, hugged me, and kissed my right face; after kissing, I pushed hard with my hands from my back.Pushing me down the cliff. I shouted "No," I tried to catch what I could save (things), but I didn’t catch anything, and it fell instantly. "

"Before the rescue team came to rescue me, I shouted for about 20 minutes, and then the rescue team came. I was awake. In this cliff, although I had multiple fractures on my body, my head did not fall.arrive."

When her husband met her again, Ms. Wang recalled: "I saw him as soon as possible at the time: ‘Why should I treat me like this? Why do you push me? But he came over and said’ What are you talking about wives?Where are you going, I can’t find you! ‘"

"Because we are in a shadow all the way, and I have no dizziness, he pushed me down, so this is his false words."

Ms. Wang added: "There are few people in the Nature National Park, and there is no witness to witnesses. When the scenic spot is not as complete as China, the manufacture of his wife accidentally lost his feet without taking legal responsibility. He just murdered."

The Thai media Sanook revealed that after Ms. Wang’s physical condition improved, her husband Yu Mou had closely visited and threatened and threatened Ms. Wang.Due to the anxiety of Ms. Wang, she stopped Yu Mou’s frequent visits in the hospital.

Thai Police: Apply for formal arrest warrant

Colonel Zen Police, the police chief of Kongjian County, Wuwenfu, publicly revealed that according to the results of preliminary investigation and the evidence provided by Ms. Wang, the man Yu Mou pushed Ms. Wang down the cliff.

At first, the Thai police believed that Yu’s testimony was suspicious, so he fully investigated the truth.The survey found that Yu was unemployed in China, had a criminal department in China, and had debts. She asked Ms. Wang, a wife with a good economic situation, but failed to do so.

According to Thai media reports, at present, Yu has admitted that PHA TAEM travels to PHA TAEM in the Cliff Park in Wuwenfu, Thailand has been conspirating for a long time. He wants to make an accidental falling cliff accident and occupy his wife’s assets (an estimated estimation of nearly 100 million baht) as his own.Essence

The Wuwen Police has also applied to the court for a formal arrest warrant.

Ms. Wang said that her husband, Yu, did not acknowledge the crime, tried to get off the crime, and applied for bail two times, but did not succeed.At present, he is still controlled by the local police and his investigation has not ended.

Netizen: It’s terrible like a TV drama festival!

Netizens have a big reversal of the 180 -degree reversal of the case.Some netizens said that this is the "TV Dialing Festival", "It’s terrible!" Some netizens said that the Thai police was really "wise eyes" and saved the woman.

Picture source: Weibo comment screenshot

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