Children’s nasal congestion rhinitis is not good. Is this small method most useful?

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There is a baby at home for 4 and a half years old, but has been suffering from allergic rhinitis for 3 years.

I am allergic, as long as I am weak, urticaria is prone to.

Such constitution was perfectly inherited by the child.

Whenever the haze day in Beijing, the child predicts through the nasal congestion in advance.

On the first day of mild pollution, he had a quasi -nasal congestion.

When he was a child, he was hypertrophy because he went to bed at night.

Because of the stuffy nose, he slept in his mouth for a long time, causing his lower jaw to harvest, the jaw becomes long, and the palate bone is high.

The last row of the incisions protruded out, and the mouth gradually became larger.

As follows, rhinitis not only affects the quality of sleep, but also greatly affects the value.

After watching many hospitals, I checked multiple allergies.

The battle between our family and rhinitis is just a twisted movie.

I believe that many parents of rhinitis children are no stranger to a medicine called "Meng Lu Ste sodium".

In the process of taking this medicine for a long time, it still has obvious effects.

But it seems that there is an inevitable negative effect.

For example, when we first started taking the medicine, we strictly followed the standards of chewing before bedtime.

Half a year later, a small hole appeared on the child’s big teeth.

At that time, I knew that the medicine was sweet and delicious.

So the child never resists, and always looks forward to the moment when taking medicine.

Unexpectedly, I worked so hard to let the baby brush my teeth twice a day, and Bai Yan’s teeth actually generated dental caries.

Quickly went to the dental clinic to make up for the hole. After 3 and a half years old, I quickly closed the ditch to make me not so annoyed.

This regret can be remedied at least, but another regret made me very annoyed.

At the beginning of last year, the baby suddenly woke up one night after taking the medicine for 3 months, and suddenly woke up and rushed at me.

The next day he asked him why, and he was inexplicable, and he showed guilty after apologizing to me.

In that half a year, he was even more irritable. He shouted everywhere, and crying became a commonplace.

Finally, in March and April, I saw a new foreign research report from a doctor’s public account.

Article says:

Menglu Ste sodium should not take it for a long time, otherwise it will cause children to form a irritable and irritable character.

I fell into a dilemma again.

After stopping the medicine, we started to spray the nose with sea salt water several times a day, but the child became more and more resistant.

When I was young, I might not be so sensitive, and I insisted on it for more than two years every day.

However, with the age of age, the tactile nerves are becoming more and more developed, and each time the nose sprays the nose, it is uncomfortable.

I used to think that the child grew up and became coquettish.

Later, I tried it once myself. The cold sea salt water hit the jaw, and the tears rushed down, and I knew this uncomfortable.

After that, every time I sprayed my nose, I had to coax hard.

This is not the most difficult.

The hardest thing is that the child starts the nasal congestion three or four hours a night.

We used the lamp to take the nostrils and obviously found that there was only one seam left.

The child was uncomfortable. He was panting and couldn’t get up.

So I had to hold him and let him sit on me or sit in my arms, so that he could sleep well.

This state lasted for more than a month, and I finally couldn’t carry it.

We hung up the expert number of the Children’s Hospital, measured the allergens. According to the disease, the doctor was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and prescribed the medicine to go home.

But this method does not work.

But I always have to find a way to relieve my children, so I think of the nasal laundering.

The nasal washing device is also considered my "old friend".

Since pregnancy, my rhinitis has begun to be serious.

At that time, Chinese medicine was recommended by ordinary manual nose washing.

The most common nasal washing device, the bottle has a temperature sticker, reminding the user whether the water temperature is appropriate.

There are generally switches at the bottom of the nasal washing bottle, and when you press it, you will get out of the water.

At that time, I insisted on washing three times a day, and I found that it started to work on the fourth day.

When I lay down, I didn’t feel like there was something in my throat, and I had less cough.

I quickly found the long -seated nasal washing device, and wanted to give the child to try it to let him liberate as soon as possible.

1. Do a good job of psychological construction in advance

Before that, I was worried that he would not dare to try, so he began to do psychological construction for him in advance.

When I washed my nose, let him look at me, and told him, "It’s too comfortable, it doesn’t hurt at all."

After washing, I vomited for a long time.

After a few days of continued "performance", he found that he was eager to try, so he was hot while he was hot, and encouraged him to try.

He hesitated not opposed.

2. Master the operation of the operation

I split the matters and moves that I should pay attention to when I was washing my noses and taught him one by one.

First pinch his nose and teach him to breathe with his mouth.

This is the most important and difficult place.

During the washing process, the mouth must be opened.

In this case, the water that enters the nasal cavity will not enter the throat and ears, so that the water can enter from one nostril and flow out of the other nostril.

Slowly play again and again, and only use the tool after the child’s understanding.

After stuffing the pores of the nasal washing device into his nostrils, let him lower his head, slightly biase the other side, and then press the switch of the nasal washing device.

The problem that made me most worried about water did not happen.

The child can learn as soon as possible, and it goes out a lot of strong nose.

After washing half a bottle of nostrils, he turned off the water switch and let him push it out, and even had a lot of nose.

After wiping the nose, use the remaining half bottle to then rush to another nostril.

Looking at so many nose rushing out, I was so happy.

This was really a historic leap!

Washed 4 times a day, and after persisting for 3 days, the baby would not cough.

In the beginning, a large number of yellow, thick nose was rushed out.

Slowly, the nose was not so yellow, turning into white and clear.

When the air is not good, a lot of black nose can be poured out.

Then, I stopped the medicine that had been prescribed in the Children’s Hospital before, and the impact was not great.

Sleeping at night, he no longer woke up, but the sound of breathing was slightly louder.

Because of this qualitative change, I can finally sleep until dawn.

It is important that this method can only be applied to the range of rhinitis allowed by doctors, rather than severe sinusitis or nasal congestion caused by nasal polyps.

Do not forget these precautions!

Water temperature:

The water temperature should be tuned well. If it is too hot, it will burn the immature nasal cavity, which is too cold to stimulate the pain.

Generally, the nasal washing device is equipped with a temperature post, and it is optimistic about the water temperature and then washed the baby.The concentration of nasal washing and salt water:

Be sure to buy nose salt and boil water with temperature.

Generally, 300 ml and 500 ml of water bottle, corresponding to 2.7 grams and 4.5 grams of sea salt, respectively.The salt water should not be too strong, otherwise the eyes will hurt.Water pressure:

The bottle should be filled. Try not to wash half a bottle of bottle. The weight is not enough to cause insufficient pressure. The speed of water coming out is not enough.

The protection of rhinitis:

It is best to wear a mask when going out, especially in the north, the mask can keep the nose warm and effectively shield the dust and pollution particles.

You must drink more temperature and boiling water in normal times, and you must not be replaced with fruit juice.

In short, we can only treat them gentle and patiently for physical discomfort, and use the most scientific way to return everything to the right track.

—— End –

Author: Orange CICI.Senior media person.Motto: Senior parenting mothers who don’t want to be a chef are not a good editor -in -chief of Finance.Some pictures come from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

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