Children who have been allowed to eat ice cream from an early age, and children who are not allowed to eat, have obvious gaps

Every time in the hot summer, the supermarkets have begun to change. It is particularly selling, that is, various flavors of freezing drinks in the freezer, ice cream and ice cream.

After work or go home to eat one after work, sweet and cool, instantly bring a hint of cool and comfortable to the sultry air and hot body, which can be described as the summer unresolved artifact.

There are also children who prefer this pleasure, and even in order to eat ice cream that can be eaten day and night, they have been looking forward to the coming of summer early.

No, the weather has just been warm up recently. When I pick up my daughter school, I was asked: Mom, can I eat ice cream soon?

Thinking of in the past summer, every time I buy ice cream for my daughter, if they are seen by the elderly at home, they will be educated to prevent the children from eating cold and cool.

However, I will secretly buy it for my children, but I will pay attention to the number and quantity, and let the child eat in an appropriate amount.

In the summer, will you have such confusion? Should you give your children to eat, and will it have a bad impact on the child if you eat it?Let’s talk about this topic together.

Some parents have strict requirements for their children’s diet and are particularly fine in feeding. They only allow children to eat natural and healthy foods.

Friend Swallow is such a mother who pursues exquisite scientific parenting daily. The child’s personal clothes must be Class A. You must not watch TV and watch your mobile phone.

Cool and additive ice cream is naturally prohibited from being listed by children.

In the words of swallows, frozen drinks are too cold on the one hand. The children’s spleen and stomach function is relatively weak, and the development is not perfect. It is easy to stimulate the spleen and stomach and cause diarrhea.If this is the same for a long time, it will have a long -term impact, and the child’s spleen and stomach will not be good.

On the other hand, there will be a lot of calories and additives in ice cream, which is also not conducive to children’s health.

Swallow also makes sense, but two aspects must be considered for this:

① The amount of consumption

In life, no one can guarantee that everything that eats into the mouth is absolutely healthy, additives are commonly used, and many foods exist, but how many problems, who can be allowed from childhoodWoolen cloth?

Ice cream and ice cream are indeed cold and cooler. They must not eat more. Not only children, adults can still not be stimulated when they eat too much, they will also have a stomach.

Pay attention to the frequency and quantity of children’s consumption, and will not have a great impact on the child.

② Childhood memories

For children, ice cream is not only ice cream, but also a beautiful memory of childhood.

I remember when I was a kid, on my way home, I met with my friends. Each person bought a few cents of the popsicles one by one. When I walked, I didn’t want to bite with a big mouth.

As if it was the most delicious thing in the world.Now the popsicles in the supermarket are full of diverse flavors, and the price is more than doubled, but it can no longer find the taste of childhood.

Therefore, if the child is completely prohibited, it is equivalent to wiking a precious memories of the child’s childhood. When the child wants to eat, as long as it is not eaten in a large number, there is no harm to meet the children’s requirements appropriately.

In addition to letting children grow up and think of multiple memories and thoughts on childhood, in addition, there will be three obvious gaps that allow them to eat ice cream and children who are not allowed to eat.

When children ask ice cream, children who are properly satisfied and children who are absolutely prohibited will have three obvious gaps:

● Compensation psychology

The so -called compensation psychology is a particular desire, but for some reason, it cannot meet its own requirements, and because it has been suppressed, it has gradually caused uncomfortable or dissatisfied psychological imbalance.

At a certain time, if the conditions permit, the future will be filled with the lack through various channels, thereby eliminating the discomfort and dissatisfaction at that time, and then achieve a psychological balance.

Due to this imbalanced psychological root, compensation usually exceeds the part that was not satisfied at the time, causing continuous compensation and continuous compensation.

For example, there is a female friend. When I was in school, because the conditions at home were not good, I watched other girls wearing all kinds of clothes.After buying clothes, after being discovered by her mother, she faced her in front of others, saying that she would not use her mind in learning, and pursuing those meaningless things that appeared.

Later, she didn’t dare to buy a piece of clothes with her parents.

When she graduates to earn money to support herself, most of the monthly salary is used to buy clothes. Several wardrobes at home are full. She also knows that the clothes can’t be worn at all, and even buy a lot.I didn’t pass through, but I couldn’t control myself.

This is because her compensation is blame.

In the same way, when children have a great desire for ice cream but when they are banned by parents, when children are separated from their parents and have their own ability, they may eat ice cream in large quantities, which will affect health.

● Poor selection ability

There is a effect called "Forbidden Fruit Effect", that is, the more not allowed, the greater the attractiveness.

Parents have too many restrictions on their children, and they are not allowed to do this. This cannot be eaten and that, or decisions for the child. Draw a lot of bars and frames to control the child’s behavior. In the end, it cannot be controlled.Choose ability.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, parents let go properly and give their children the opportunity to try, think and choose, can be more conducive to the development of their children’s self -consciousness. When they grow up, they will have more opinions and more correct choices.

For example, the more the parents control, the less the children are, the more they want to eat, the more they want to eat.

Under the premise of control, letting children eat appropriately, but it can dispel the child’s enthusiasm for too much cold drink.

In this way, in some cases, such as illness and physical discomfort, when children know that they are not suitable, they will choose not to eat.

● Large psychological changes

Unlike adults, children have strong perception ability, but their ability to interpret is weak.

When the child is very hot and wants to eat cold drinks, you have no room for discussing and directly prohibit him from eating. The child can only strongly perceive your harshness and ruthlessness.

But it is difficult for him to interpret your true intention. Even if you explain it to him, he will not understand it as "Mom is for me to be good to let me eat." He only knows "I am so hot, my mother will not let me let me be me.Eat, my mother does not love me and does not hurt me, my mother is not good. "

Children think this way, it will definitely affect your parent -child relationship, such as unwillingness to be close to you, unwilling to listen to you.

At this time, if other members of the family cannot maintain a united front and allow children to eat, the child will feel that they are really good to themselves and will be closer to them.

You will feel unbalanced and obviously your heart, but the child does not understand.

Therefore, properly meet the needs of children, will not hurt the child, but also maintain a harmonious parent -child relationship.

Written at the end:

Although you can eat cold drinks in an appropriate amount, it depends on the age of the child. Too small babies, such as under the age of 2, try not to eat, the resistance is relatively poor, and it is not too late to eat.

In addition, aside the age, it depends on the child’s personal constitution. Although some children are older, they are special and sensitive to cold drinks.Essence

In short, there is no need to treat things like ice cream as a flood beast. When the conditions are allowed, it is appropriate to meet the children’s requirements. If the child does not leave regrets, your parent -child relationship can be better.

Will you let your child eat ice cream?

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