Children also have cervical spondylosis?Parents have been late after discovering, and many children have these habits

Speaking of cervical spondylosis, many people think that this is the "patent" of middle -aged and elderly people, but in recent years, cervical spondylosis has shown a trend of aging.With the development of high -tech, a variety of electronic products have entered millions of households, and the "low -headed people" have emerged. It is not only popular among adults, but also prevails in children.

According to a survey of cervical spondylosis of children aged 6-18, the probability of suffering from cervical spondylosis has exceeded half of the primary school students.How to prevent children with cervical spondylosis, today I will tell you clearly.

Cervical spondylosis, known as the "ninth health killer in China", is not only "favored", but also "favored" children.In recent years, the probability of children with cervical spondylosis has become higher and higher.

The poor sleep posture is one of them.Many children have not yet matured their brain nerves and their self -control consciousness is not strong enough. Therefore, children are easy to turn over and over and over, and it is difficult to maintain a correct posture to fall asleep.At this time, parents need to pay attention to their children’s sleeping posture. If the posture is incorrect, help him correct it in time.

Generally speaking, sleeping or lying on the right is the correct sleeping position in childhood.Children are in a critical period of bone development. Sleeping on your back can promote bone growth. Sleeping on the right side can prevent heart stress and protect the heart.

In fact, due to the rapid development of electronic products in life, many children are indulged in games and cannot be extracted.Children’s childhood is a critical period for children’s physical and mental development. If you watch electronic products or TV for too long, it will have a very bad impact on the cervical spine.

It can be seen that poor daily life and learning habits can also lead to cervical spondylosis.

Secondly, head and neck trauma also increases the risk of cervical spondylosis.In fact, the trauma of various parts of the body will affect cervical spondylosis, but the impact of head and neck trauma on cervical spondylosis is the most obvious.According to statistics, 90%of patients with cervical spondylosis are related to trauma.For children, self -protection awareness is not strong enough. When conducting some activities, it is more likely to cause head and neck injuries. Therefore, parents should pay attention to their children’s dynamics at any time to avoid injuries.

The last point, congenital deformity.Although cervical spondylosis is not inherited, it has a certain relationship with congenital developmental deformities. Clinically, it is found that the number of malformations of patients with cervical spondylosis is more than doubled than normal people.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must do a good job of perinatal health care, check the body regularly to ensure that their children are healthy.

The first bad habit is that the sitting posture is not correct.Children’s period is the critical period of body bone growth, and the bone quality is relatively soft. If the child develops a habit of sitting in a bad position at this time, it will be difficult to correct it in the future.Therefore, it is important to maintain a correct sitting position for children.When the child is incorrect in the writing posture, parents must correct them in time.

Walking humpback is actually one of the bad habits of children’s cervical spine.Many children do n’t like to straighten their backs when they are young, because the straight back needs to be controlled by their own conscious control, and bending and humpback will keep themselves a “comfortable” state, but as everyone knows, when you are a childAfter habit, it may be difficult to change it in the future.

The last bad habit is to look down on mobile phones and play games for a long time.Patient Xiaoyong, 5 years old this year. Not long ago, Grandma took to the hospital to see a doctor. The reason was that she had cervical spondylosis, and her neck could only fall to one side.After a doctor’s examination, he found that the muscles of the small neck were highly tight, and his cervical spine had a tendency to straighten.

It was also found that Xiao Yong was a game lover. His mother and mother worked abroad for many years. Grandpa and grandma did not control him enough. Therefore, he looked at his mobile phone and play games when he went home from school every day.

The above three habits are the main causes of cervical spondylosis. When children are young, their self -control is not strong enough. At this time, parents should take their own responsibilities, fulfill their supervision functions, help children to correct bad habits in timeEssence

Generally speaking, the cause of the onset of cervical spondylosis is that there are some problems in the body, and diet conditioning is needed to treat.So, what are the principles that you need to pay attention to in childhood?

Cervical spondylosis foods are divided into two categories, one is the staple food, mainly including rice, noodles, and proteins such as meat and eggs; the other is non -food, mainly including fruits and vegetables.The staple food and non -staple food should be rationally matched. Do not eat it alone, which is more conducive to meet the needs of children’s comprehensive nutrition.

Cervical spondylosis is caused by cervical spine fatigue, hyperplasia, degeneration, etc. For children with cervical spondylosis, consume more foods with high calcium, protein and vitamin content to promote bone growth.Calcium can promote bone growth, protein is also an indispensable factor for bone and muscle formation. Vitamin can alleviate children’s bone pain and fatigue.

Finally, eat more nutritional and easy -to -digest foods.For example, beans, fish, eggs, meat, bananas, milk, animal liver, etc.Although the food is delicious, don’t be greedy. The specific amount should be carried out in conjunction with the doctor’s opinion.

Physiotherapy is a more common method for treating cervical spondylosis, and it can play a variety of role.However, for children, in the critical period of bone development, we must pay more attention to the correctness of the physiotherapy method. To go to a professional hospital for treatment, do not believe that the prescription is blindly treated, it will only be counterproductive.

Another more effective treatment measures are massage treatment.Massage therapy can relieve shoulder and neck tension and relax the nerves, but according to the different categories of children’s cervical spondylosis, the massage methods and requirements are also different.If spinal cervical spondylosis is generally prohibited from gravity massage and reset, otherwise not only will not reduce the condition, it will also aggravate cervical spondylosis and even paralyzed.

Therefore, when using this method, pay more attention to understand the cause of cervical spondylosis and apply the right medicine.

In recent years, the "Tide of Movement of the People" has begun to prevail, and motion therapy as a method of treating cervical spondylosis has also begun to become popular.Exercise treatment is a convenient and safe treatment. It can not only alleviate cervical spondylosis, but also help strengthen the body.Children can choose to move swimming, skipping rope, jogging, etc. During exercise, pay attention to keeping the cervical spine relaxation, and it is not advisable to exercise violently.

In addition, exercise therapy also needs to follow the principle of gradual progress. The strength of the exercise must be from small to large, from slow to fast, so as to help cervical rehabilitation.

In addition to the above three methods, there is also a method to save cervical spondylosis -warm compress.As the name suggests, warm compresses are applied to the affected area with hot towels. This treatment method can improve blood circulation in the neck, relieve muscle tension, and help reduce the disease.However, for children with very serious cervical spondylosis, it is not advisable to do warm compress treatment.

The above treatment methods can alleviate cervical spondylosis to a certain extent. Which method is used in detail, it can be treated in conjunction with the opinions of professional doctors.

Maintain a good life and study habits.

Most of the children’s cervical spondylosis is caused by bad life and learning habits.In children, you must keep your head and neck the correct posture of reading, watching TV, and playing games. Do not bend over the humpback and shruff, and try to keep your back upright.

Avoid head injuries, necks, and shoulders.

Cervical spondylosis is easy to directly or indirectly head, neck and shoulder trauma. Therefore, actively prevent it. Parents should pay more attention to protecting children’s heads, necks and shoulders. Do not twist your children’s ears or beat the child’s head.It may cause cervical spondylosis.Once you bump your head and neck, you must check and thoroughly treat it in time.

Keep the correct sleep posture and try not to sleep softly.

People sleep in bed at 1/3 a day. For children, it may be longer. If the sleeping posture is incorrect, it will exacerbate the pressure of the cervical spine, which will induce cervical spondylosis.Therefore, keeping the children’s correct sleep posture, sleeping or lying on the right side, should not lie down or sleep on the left side.

In addition, try not to sleep softly. Soft lying can easily form a situation in the middle and low surroundings.

Do more exercise.

The last point and the most important point is to exercise more, move the head, neck shoulder, and relax the muscles.However, pay attention to the combination of work and rest. If it takes a long period of exercise, it should be stretched and relaxed in time to avoid unnecessary damage.

Cervical spondylosis is a relatively common disease. Cervical spondylosis seems not serious, but it hurts terrible.For children, maintaining the right life and studying habits, maintaining the correct sitting position and sleeping position, coupled with regular exercise exercise, cervical spondylosis can be farther and farther away from us.In addition, if children suffer from cervical spondylosis, they must go to a professional hospital for treatment to avoid dragging and delaying, and aggravate their condition.

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