Child rhinitis nose congestion, this method is more used than taking medicine for injections.

Fang Minmin’s son was more than 1 year old. When he was vaccine last week, he was infected with a cold virus, and he is now in a uncomfortable state of the nasal congestion.Looking at the sleeping son lying on the bed, he could only breathe in his mouth, and his brows wrinkled from time to time. Fang Minmin didn’t mention it.Sometimes, the son may be uncomfortable and crying, making Fang Minmin very anxious and at a loss.

Friends have recommended a few well -known doctors in the room, especially good at treating children with rhinitis.But Fang Minmin was afraid of prescribing medicines with side effects, and did not dare to take his son to see it.You can only suffer.

Is there any way?In fact, there are really, and this method is neither an injection nor taking medicine. Although it is a small method, it is very useful.

Careful parents will find that compared with adults, children seem to be more likely to rhinitis and nasal congestion. This is actually a reason.Because the child’s nasal cavity is relatively small, colds, allergen stimulation, rhinitis, sinusitis, foreign body stimulation and other reasons may cause nasal mucosal edema and secretions, make the original narrow channel more crowded, and then cause nasal congestion.

A way to relieve nasal congestion is to increase the humidity of the nose. For example, when the editor was a child, the nose was blocked. When the nose or a wet towel was applied to the nose, you could sleep without opening your mouth.In addition to applying wet paper towels or wet towels, put a humidifier in the child’s bedroom, or let the child’s hot steam in the bathroom can alleviate the nasal congestion to a certain extent.

However, if the baby’s nasal congestion is severe, the effect of increasing the humidity of the nose is very limited, but the following method is very useful!That is -clean the child’s nasal cavity with physiological saline.According to different ages and the severity of the nasal congestion, there are 3 levels of cleaning methods, namely physiological saline drip nose, physiological saline nose spray, and physiological saline -washing nose.

Physiological saline dripped nose -especially suitable for children with small menstrual age.

Parents first need to buy physiological saline, medical cotton swabs and mules.Physiological saline -general pharmacies are sold for 10ml, which is more convenient to use; medical cotton swabs are better and sterile.The puppet is just buying a dedicated nose. The front end must be soft to prevent the child from scratching the child.

After the props are ready, first drop a few drops of saline into the two nostrils of the child to soften the nose, then drip 1 ~ 2 drops of salt water on the cotton swab, and then put the cotton swab into the child’s nasal cavity to stick out the nose, or you can use one or one can also use oneLittle sister -in -law, pinch the hard nose dirt.

As for how many times the operation, there is no rigid rule. Parents can determine according to the situation, and 3 to 4 times are possible.

Physiological saline nasal spray -suitable for children with relatively large menstrual age.

Simply put, the physiological saline nose spray is to make salt water fog and spray into the nasal cavity.Compared with dripping nose, in addition to dilution and softening nose, this fog -like water flow can also clean the nasal mucosa. It can not only alleviate nasal congestion, but also can alleviate rhinitis and sinusitis.Many children with allergic rhinitis will carry a rhinitis spray with them, which can help relieve symptoms in time.

If you use it for your children, parents should choose as good as possible, mild and non -irritating medicines. The more delicate and gentle the sprayed water mist, the lower the child’s discomfort.

When nasal spraying, you can let your child lie on the side. Which side of the nostrils can be spray, the nostrils are sprayed, and the child is sprayed for 1 ~ 3 times according to the child’s tolerance.At this time, the secretion may flow out of the nostrils, the other side nostrils, or the mouth. After rubbing, let the child lie down on the side of the direction, and then repeat the process above.

It is best not to spray your head, so as not to enter the pharynx easily, you have eaten it in the stomach.

As for the number of nasal spray, there is no hard limit, 3 to 4 times a day.Xiaobian’s suggestion is generally 3 times a day, frequent nose spraying, and it will also cause irritation to the child’s nose and have a negative effect.

Physiological saline washing nose -suitable for children with relatively large menstrual age, and children with rhinitis and sinusitis.

If the child’s rhinitis is severe, and there are even serious rhinitis or sinusitis, the most direct and most useful method is to wash the nose in the physiological saline.The nasal washing is to wash the nasal cavity and sinuses with a large volume of salt water, and flush the nose, various pathogens and other stimuli, inflammatory medium, and allergens to prevent these substances from gathered in the nasal sinuses to effectively relieve symptoms.At the same time, one of the advantages of washing nose is that it can promote cilia activity, reduce mucosal edema, and relieve children’s discomfort.

According to the amount of saline and pressure provided, there are many types of nasal washing device. Generally speaking, it can be divided into squeezing, syringe type, and electric nasal absorbers.Xiaobian’s suggestion is to wait for the child to be bigger, it can be cooperated with the initiative, it is more convenient to choose an electric nasal washing device.The number of nasal washing is different according to the situation, and it can be 1 to 3 times a day.

The effect of washing the nose in salt water, Xiaobian’s good friend, green, has always experienced a friend with rhinitis, Amway.Green green is a cold during pregnancy, and you can only boil if you dare not take medicine. Everything else can bear it, that is, the nasal congestion can’t bear it.As soon as she lay down her nose, she flowed directly into her throat. That uncomfortable, she was now vivid.Then, that is, the method of washing the nose with salt water, her nose congestion slowly relieved, and finally it was amazing.

The above is the sharing of Xiaobian. I hope it will be helpful to you!I also hope that children with rhinitis nose congestion can easily think of breathing after washing their noses

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