Chapter 1 Zhao Lin is pregnant

On a sunny day, what are the little animals doing?"Mao Mao, a little bears, slow, Ji Ji, what are you doing?" I’m a king bald to force you to be qualified for me?"" Jiji You! Zhao Lin is coming tomorrow, we will set up a shed at night. "Say; "Okay, don’t you make noisy. Are you funny, isn’t it? Hahahahaha. I ignore you, hum."Xiong Er said; don’t talk about it, oh."One, two, two, exhausted. Everyone has worked hard, my family will help tomorrow." "Ah!" "Hi." "How can you jump here here." "We hear you say that you are for tomorrow Zhao LinReady to prepare so, so we come to help. "" Oh, come too late. "" Ah. "But I can help.ah.Xiong Da came over and said; we are preparing for Zhao Lin’s arrival tomorrow, and tomorrow we have to go to the bald strong family to help cook.What time are we here.At the eight or nine o’clock, we welcomed her for a table for Zhao Lin.OK, the same is the same."Hee hee, oh, hahaha little butterfly don’t run." "Hey, Linlin, you are not a child, you have to be a mother."I’m so tired, let me sit for a while. "I touched my big belly as if I was thinking about something."What are you thinking about, Linlin?" Lao Zhao head asked."Nothing" she stood up because she knew that she would not follow the uncle when she was pregnant.At this time, they were walking around at the bald family.Xiong Da came here to pull it over there to coat you to help.Oh well.Huh."There are people who want to see you outside the bald head." Come in again and come in again."Really," the bald head asked.Hmm, Mao Mao answered.The bald head was strong and asked if it was a woman.Yes, Mao Mao answered again.I told her to come tomorrow. He will come today.The bald head said, "What should I do if I do?" The bald head was anxious. At this time, Zhao Lin and Lao Zhao headed to everyone in front of everyone, "Brother Qiang, see what I brought to you?"Bald head looked at it, and hurriedly said," Sit and sit. ""Bald heads sit down and think of things. Everyone takes a look at it slowly. The bald head has been ignited and asked? What’s wrong. We are afraid of touching Zhao Lin. We will blame us again. Oh. Xiong Xiaobai hoe running, Get closer to your mother. Mom, you are too slow, hurry up. Hurry up. Xiong Da said. The bald head is lying on Zhao Lin’s big belly. Hush, Xiong Da said to everyone;I’m going to be scolded again. Received, everyone said in unison. Really, the bald head strongly said. At this time, Xiong Xiaobai and Cuihua came in front of everyone. Cuihua, Xiong Da Xiongji came again. Bald Head Qiang told everyone.Everyone sings and jumps, the doll wow wow la la la la la not.. Xiong Xiaobai pulled the mother to ask? Which was dad. Cuihua thought about it; this and the one. Xiong Daro Er Dao was me as me. Cui Hua laughed and said;It’s not that that, hate it. Zhao Lin said a word to make everyone amused. Zhao Lin said; Oh I know that it is Xiong twenty -fourth, forty, forty, fourteenth, forty, forty. ", Xiong XiaobaiSpeaking of the simplest winding passage to regulate the atmosphere."Hahahaha." Everyone laughed.

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