Changzhi teeth are a little painful, should you pull up?Is it painful to extraction?

Speaking of tooth extraction, many friends may feel horrible, scared, and dare not seek medical treatment.Wisdom teeth are repeatedly inflamed, and they are still unwilling to obey the doctor’s advice.Does the tooth extraction really hurt so much?

In fact, the minimally invasive teeth extraction technology is already very popular. It can remove the wisdom teeth to obstruct the teeth and various teeth. Basically, you can easily remove your teeth without hammers, which can greatly reduce the emergence of trauma and complications after tooth extraction.And generally healing medicine, it is still easy to pull out.

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth?Which ones do not need to be pulled out?

1.If there are no symptoms and hidden dangers, the wisdom teeth of the jaw tooth can be retained normally.

2.If the wisdom teeth are completely buried in the mandibular bone, there are no symptoms, and the observation can be treated with the clinic for a while.

Which wisdom teeth must be pulled up?

1.Wisdom tooth Crown Zhou Yan

Generally occur in the wisdom teeth of the mandibular.Wisdom teeth are covered by a layer of gums, and gap bags forming gaps and crowns can easily hide food residues and bacteria. When the body’s resistance decreases and local gums are traumatized, they can lead to peripheral inflammation.Symptoms such as facial swelling, difficulty in mouth, fever and other symptoms.

2.The neighboring teeth are crowded, the root of the teeth atrophic absorption

Because the mandibular bone does not have enough space, the wisdom teeth are forcibly sprouting and squeezing neighboring teeth, sometimes it causes inexplicable pain. Over time, the adjacent dental displacement is crowded, the alveolar bone absorbs, and the roots of the teeth shrink.

3.Tooth decay

4.Stimulate the cheeks and affect normal occlusion

Wisdom teeth grow towards the cheeks, which can stimulate the neighboring cheek mucosa for a long time, causing mucous membrane damage.The position of the teeth is improper, and sometimes the normal exercise of the mandibular bone during chewing will cause related muscle spasm and pain, which can cause abnormal function of the temporal vibrato joint function.

5.Caused lesion cyst

The obstructive wisdom tooth buried in the jaw is sometimes surrounded by liquid cysts around the crown, destroying the neighboring teeth and alveolar bone.

6.Periodontal disease

Some wisdom teeth do not have any chewing function of the wisdom teeth, and the wisdom teeth will grow to the pair of jaws. The teeth are long and higher than neighboring teeth.Cause periodontitis.

Tip: If you feel very complicated, the simple understanding is that the wisdom tooth pain is pulled out, it does not hurt and the effect of other molars is less, so there is no need to pull out.

Reminder of teeth:

1. Do not extract wisdom teeth during menstruation to avoid excessive bleeding

2. It is best to pull out the obstructing wisdom teeth before pregnancy. In order to avoid drugs from affecting the development of the fetus after pregnancy, women cannot use the medicine casually, and there is no way to get rid of tooth extraction during pregnancy.

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