Changzhi Maternal Maternal and Child Health Hospital: Is it normal for no pregnancy during pregnancy?

There is no pregnancy during pregnancy,

Is it normal?

From the sweet two -person world, to a small life in the stomach, everything is so amazing!Generally, in the early pregnancy, the most obvious pregnancy characteristics are vomiting.As a normal pregnancy reaction, some pregnant mothers will worry about it. Is it normal for no pregnancy vomiting during pregnancy?Some pregnant mothers have not had a pregnancy reaction. Does this mean that the baby is unhealthy?Of course not!Let’s take a look together!

Popular Science of Maternal and Child Health: Understanding pregnancy vomiting

Pregnancy does not be the direction of whether the baby is developing in healthy development.Pregnancy reactions are more related to personal constitution.Most people have a pregnancy reaction, mild, or strong, but there are also many people who have no pregnancy reaction throughout pregnancy, but there are only a few pregnant mothers who have a pregnant reaction.

Most pregnant mothers will have early pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks of pregnancy, such as chills, dizziness, loss of appetite, fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, etc. These are normal pregnancy reactions.It is caused by the velvet membrane secrete secreted by fluffy after pregnancy to promote glandular hormones. In the early stages of pregnancy, the amount of gonadotonin secretion has a large amount and a pregnancy reaction.

Pregnancy vomiting generally slowly decreases or disappears over time.By 5-7 weeks, the pregnancy reaction was the most powerful. After entering the 8th week, the symptoms gradually reduced.After 12 weeks, the symptoms almost completely disappeared.However, everyone has a different response. Some people do not have a pregnancy reaction. Some people have a pregnancy vomiting until the third trimester, but the symptoms are lighter than before.Therefore, the end of pregnancy vary from person to person.

Therefore, pregnant mothers who do not have a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy do not have to worry too much. If you are not assured, you can also see a doctor. After all, the pregnant mother maintains a cheerful and positive emotion, which is more beneficial to the baby.

Introduction to the Department of Pregnancy

The Department of Preparation of Preparation: The Ministry of Preparation and Health Care of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Changzhi City has a second -level specialty. It has gradually developed from the past single -yield medical clinics to the current pre -marital health care, pre -pregnancy health care, pregnancy health care and group health, clinical and health care.Multi -functional section.In recent years, with the adjustment of national fertility policies, the number of elderly and high -risk pregnant women has increased significantly, and various pregnancy complications and complications have increased. To this end, we have opened a series of characteristic sub -majors and special disease clinics, which aims to provide professional women with professionalism.High -quality health care services of the standardization, standardization, refinement, and individualization are escorted for the safety of maternal fetuses.

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