Change bed

The last time I said that I had to cover my pocket, I didn’t want to change the bed.

After quarreling with my house, I thought, hum, the bed does not need to change, one meter of eight widths, everyone sleeps each, does not interfere with each other.It is best to add something in the middle, and you can’t see it.

The reason for changing the bed is because the newly repaired house in my hometown has been occupied by the room and the bed that we have been sleeping.The current bed is one meter and eight, and I feel too big. The space in the bedroom is very crowded. If you change one meter five, you can increase the space of the bedroom.Take a 1.8 -meter bed to the rural hometown for us to use it for us to return to my hometown.

Two people went to the majority of the world. The first one who visited the sees of solid wood was selling solid wood. There were more than 1,000, more than 2,000, more than 3,000.Looking at a price of more than 2600, without brown pads, a single-selling price of 10 cm of brown pads 680-880, but by feeling, the edge of the bed is also thicker.I estimate that it will be 2480 with brown pads, sell it, and sell it.

After some bargain, I bought it in the last 2480. I am not good at bargaining, and I do n’t know if it ’s expensive or expensive.

The bed will be delivered tomorrow. On the way home, we will discuss whether to remove the current bed tomorrow morning or dismantle it today, so as to bring it back through the federal logistics.As a result, when he met a fellow, he ran specially in Changsha. He listened to us dialects and talked to us in dialects.

I immediately came back and asked if his car would often run away from his hometown. He said no, running in Changsha, if you have stocks, you will drive this small truck.Then add WeChat, hoping that he would help us take the goods back. In the case of the right price, it is also good to bring back the bed back.I really have no effort to break the iron shoes.Last time we also went to the logistics market to find a small truck. As a result, I asked not for a long time. Those cars that specialize in long -distance running are specialized in specialty goods and will not bring anything else.

So, I hope I will change my bed for good luck.

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