Cefbal wine, just leave?In addition to drinking, do not mix with cephalosporin

With the progress of people’s thoughts, more and more people now have a certain understanding of the effectiveness of some special drugs, and they will choose reasonable drugs to eat according to their own situations and then combine their previous experience.

Some of the ingredients in the drugs are more complicated, and after these components enter the human body, they may cause some indicators and physical conditions of the human body to change. Therefore, remind everyone that you must understand and pay attention in advance when taking medicine. Do not blindly take the medicine.

I believe that everyone should not be unfamiliar with cephalosporin drugs. If the body is infected with certain viruses and bacteria, doctors often recommend that patients take dotted drugs.

But in real life, there are certain opinions about such drugs, such as cephalosporin with wine, just leave.

What I want to express this sentence is that after eating cephalosporin, you can’t drink, it is likely to cause great damage and impact on the body.

Because the special substances in the cephalosporin react with alcohol, it is likely to cause a sulfurite -like reaction, causing the poisoning phenomenon. If the amount of intake is too much, the poisoning response is more dangerous.

Therefore, many people in real life can avoid drinking while taking cephalosporins. In fact, in addition to drinking, these drugs are not recommended to mix with cephalosporin, so hurry up and find out.

1. Huoxiang Zhengqi Water

Presumably, everyone should not be unfamiliar with Huoxiang Zhengqi. This drug is mainly used to relieve and prevent heat stroke phenomena and improve physical discomfort.

Huoxiang Zhengqi water contains ethanol components. This substance is volatile, and it contains pigment, organic acid, resin and other substances.

If you do n’t need to drink Huoxiang Zhengqi during the cephalosporin, it may also cause a severe sulfurite response, which may be life -threatening. Please take it correctly.

2. Huafalin

Maybe most people are not particularly understood by such drugs. The main function of Huafarin belongs to the second -generation cephalosporin drugs is to inhibit the intestinal and liver’s vitamin K synthesis and improve the effect of Huafalin anticoagulation.

If you take this drug with the cephalosporin, it is likely to cause bleeding, and it will also affect the effect of the drug. In severe cases, it will even cause a great burden on the body, please don’t take it seriously.

3. Live bacterial preparation

In most cases, live bacteria preparations often act on the intestinal micro -ecological regulating effect. It is helpful for stabilizing the intestinal flora, maintaining intestinal vitality, enhancing intestinal resistance, and so on.

If a live bacteria preparation is used during the cephalosporin period, it is likely to cause the lack of efficacy of the lively bacterial preparation and it is difficult to achieve the expected therapeutic effect.

4. Anticated drugs

Most anti -acid -resistant drugs contain magnesium ions and aluminum ions. If they are used with compatriots, it is likely to cause chemical reactions or illusion of the components of the two drugs.It will cause adverse reactions in the body.

5. Symmy

The various drugs we usually eat are also the first -generation and second -generation cephalosporins that are constantly being replaced in the body will cause a certain burden on the kidneys. If the intake is too largeIf you are also taken, you may have doubled the kidneys.

6. Drugs to reduce uric acid

High uric acid is a chronic metabolic disease that occurs with high uric acid. It needs to be regulated and treated in time. Often, doctors recommend patients taking some uric acid drugs.

Drugs that reduce uric acid can control the level of uric acid, but after intake, it may also suppress the content of the cephalosporin component in the blood to increase the side effects of the drug.

Cefbal itself is a kind of special drugs. If you take errors, you will inevitably bring a certain burden and impact on the body. In addition to being taken with alcohol and these drugs above, you should pay special attention before taking cephalosporin.Allergic detection

Remind everyone that it is best to perform allergies before taking cephalosporins, and a more common monitoring method is the skin test.

When it comes to leather tests, most people may think of allergic monitoring of penicillin. People who are allergic to penicillin are easily allergic to cephalosporins. ThereforePhenomenon.

Try to choose oral method

There are many ways to use cephalosporins. Maybe the most contact with everyone should be orally. In fact, there are venous injection in addition to orally.

Cef is a drug with antibiotics. The abuse of antibiotics is likely to have drug -resistant phenomena. If there is a more serious situation in the later period, then using antibiotics may not achieve the expected effect.

Therefore, if the physical condition is not particularly serious, remind everyone that when choosing cephalosporin, it is best to consider the oral method.

Don’t use it with other antibiotics

Cef drugs themselves may cause a certain burden on the kidneys. If they are used with other antibiotics, it will also affect the function of the kidneys. In severe cases, it may also increase the burden on the kidneys and damage the health of the kidney.

Of course, when using these drugs in the hospital, the doctor will remind you in advance and be prepared for comprehensive preparation.

Do not use it blindly for pregnant women

Female friends, especially in the first three months after pregnancy, should not use any drugs, because after the drug enters the human body, it is likely to follow the blood circulation to be transported to the fetus.If you can also cause fetal malformations.

After three months, if the body has obvious abnormal conditions, you need to use the drug under the guidance of a doctor. Do not use it blindly.

Do you have any other needs to be supplemented on the precautions for taking cephalosporins?Welcome to leave a message below.

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