Cat slave guidelines: Pay attention to these to take care of pregnant cats

With the increasing number of cats, many female cats have appeared. Many people hope that their cats can have kittens, but when they really wait for their cat to get pregnant, they start to be busy.

After all, it is the arrival of a small life. As the master of a cat, of course, it is unsatisfactory!When the cat is pregnant, with the recommendation of time, the cat’s eating habits, living habits are very different from its pre -pregnancy, so when taking care of them, you must pay special attention.

The most basic job to take care of pregnant cats is to strengthen their nutrition.The protein content of cats itself has a lot of protein, and their needs during pregnancy are naturally great.If you have been feeding cats before you are nutritious and better cats, then when the cat is pregnant for two to three weeks, you do n’t need to change the food at all.

The supplement of daily nutrition, you can add some dairy products, milk cakes like milk cakes, or wet grains, which are rich in nutrition and easy to digest.And you have to prepare the cat’s sheep milk powder for cats, you can brew and eat it for the female cat. After the kitten is born, you can also eat it.

When the pregnant cat is approaching the late pregnancy, its amount of rice gradually increases, which can be said to be twice as good as it is normal.At this time, cat slaves do not need to prepare two copies when feeding, but increase the number of daily feeding, which can reduce the situation of the pregnant cat eating.

The owner needs to prepare a production box for the cat. When the maternal cat is a week or a few hours a few hours before the giving birth, he will continue to linger in the room and find the right place to be a nest. At this timeNo way.It is best to prepare a production nest, seal slightly, and then prevent it from quiet people. When the cat is about to give birth, it will go in.

Of course, the shoveling officer should also pay attention to understanding that the average pregnancy period of the cat is 65 days, and the latest is about 70 days. If the cat has not been born for more than 70 days, it should be checked in the hospital in time to see itWhether there are other health problems.

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