Cat Sister#Novel Recommendation

The ancestor of the village said that the younger sister was a cat -oriented girl and grabbed her brother’s fetal position.The cat -oriented woman would bring unfortunateness to her family. Three days later, her sister died, and her mother succeeded in conceiving her younger brother.Six months later, the sister became a cat to return.This child must be a son, and if you don’t have a son, you will be joked by the villagers.

This is the first sentence after my mother has again after pregnancy. I am the first child of my father and mother.Later, my mother was pregnant five times. Each time she was round, my mother would eat a pack of black powder to kill the children in the belly. Which one took the pork grass next to me to the ground and looked at me yin.Shen Shen said: In the future, fighting this dead girl will be a little harder to make those who lose money and dare not come to our belly.

I was beaten and starved every time my mother was pregnant. I endured the pain and said, "Mom will definitely have a younger brother this time.My mother praised me at a glance, but my dad said: Otherwise, I would go to Mr. Wang to talk about it. My milk eyes were right right, and I was looking for Mr. Wang.Mr. Wang Bao Sheng’s baby.So my dad took all the savings at home.

In the evening, he laughed and returned, and he took my mother to live in the village in the village.The Qinghong room is a house that Mr. Wang personally cultivated. I don’t know what to hide in it. As long as the pregnant woman lives in, there is no son.Before, the money at home could not live enough green houses.Every time my mother beats the child in her belly, she will read: if she can live in the green house.Now they can finally live in Qinghong House.

Dad said to me before leaving my mother: If your mother has given birth to a younger brother this time, you don’t have to be beaten. I kneading the elbow that was still bleeding and I really hoped that my mother could have a younger brother.As soon as my parents left my grandmother, I kicked me out of my house.

Old rules, your mother sleeps outside at night, and go home during the day to work. I dare not resist and leave the gurgling belly.There was a little regret in my eyes.I know he can’t resist me, so he can hit me.During this time, my mother did not give me food at home. I could only find it outside. As a result, I ate a lot and was hungry.Grassroot bark also ate a lot.Sometimes I am not lucky to get poisonous grass, and I spit white foam on the same mouth.

When I woke up, there was no one around me, and then I didn’t dare to eat wild.I secretly eat pig grass, pigs can live, and I can live naturally after eating.The Qinghong House is really useful. Four months later, the mother’s belly became bigger, and the belly was sharp. He still loved sour.When I meet someone, I will show off, and I am about to be afraid of the hard -won baby Sun Fei.He hit me even more and more frequently. I tried to eat a lot of pig grass every day, but the pig was fat, but I became thinner and thinner. The skin was wrapped in my bones.

I’m so scared that I die like this, I don’t want to die.I found in the haystack that a nest of cats and cats would go to the field to catch loach and small fish to make up for the kittens. I also needed to make up.Eat yourself.After nine months, her mother was finally born. She and her father moved out of the Qinghong house, and I finally could go home to live.But the family was gloomy because her mother gave birth to a sister.

Grandma cursed her mother in the most vicious words.Mom blame all this on her sister, so she refuses to feed her sister and leave me to raise her sister.I had to let my sister drink rice soup with me.My sister is very good, and she is not troubled by drinking rice soup.But in the next three months, there were a lot of things at home.

· In the first month, Dad fell off the cliff when he worked on the mountain. Fortunately, he was wrapped in the vine and picked up his life.

· In the second month, my mother had a serious illness and had a high fever for a week.

· In the third month, when Grandma got out of bed, she broke her arm inexplicably.This is too evil.Dad goes out to ask Mr. Wang. Your female baby is a cat.Mr. Wang turned around at home, and finally stopped in front of me, staring at the younger sister holding in my arms.At the age of 40, Mr. Wang was afraid of him at first glance.Now he stares at his sister. I want to avoid it, but I dare not move, and can only stand there stiffly and let him look at it.

My milk glared at the sister in my arms and asked: Is there any way to crack the ancestors?The golden man spoke leisurely, and the cat’s life was actually rich and expensive.This fate should appear on your boy’s boy. It is the female baby who snatched the boy’s degree, and he will take your family.When he grows up, he will be afraid that you will be destroyed by his family who will be defended at that time.I was just a stolen goods.When I heard that my sister grabbed her brother’s position, her eyes brought a knife and couldn’t wait to cut the sister’s knife to death immediately. It was not difficult to crack the calamity brought by the cat.

Mr. Wang said that I have a bottle of potion here. You apply it to the mother’s mother’s chest, and then apply some of the cat’s temple every day.Three days later, if the cat girl survives, she will be an ordinary baby girl.

After Mr. Wang left, Grandma couldn’t wait to apply the potion to Mr. Wang’s instructions.It is strange to say that since I wiped the potion, my sister refused to drink rice soup.The younger sister was hungry in the middle of the night, and I quickly found everything I could eat to feed it, but unfortunately it refused to eat it.

My sister’s cry woke up my dad, and Dad kicked my room irritably, scolded me and my sister to the ground. My head buzzed, and his sister was stunned by him. He stared at us fiercely,No matter what you use, you don’t allow him to cry anymore, and then noisy Lao Tzu to sleep.Lao Tzu killed you. After my dad left, I hugged my sister in a fright, and whispered: Sister, do you sleep, do n’t wake up or cry.But after a while, her sister opened her eyes, and she was crying with a pout, and I quickly covered her mouth with her hand.My sister didn’t cry, and I felt a soft and warm tongue licking my hand through the moonlight.

When I looked down, I saw that my sister was licking the blood on my hand. Just now my father kicked me and my head broke through the bleeding.I have been worried that my sister wakes up and crying will alarm my father, and I have never noticed that I bleed.I found a way to make my sister cry without crying. I squeezed my hands and pinched the bed, and touched a scimitar to cut my fingers to suck my sister’s blood.Cutting my fingers is very painful, but without the pain of my dad, there is no blood if the wound sucks it for a long time.With a bloodless sister, I was crying, and I had to cut one finger again. Soon my ten fingers were full of wounds.

I was weaker than day by day, but my sister’s face became more and more rosy, and her complexion was better than when I was drinking rice soup before.

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