Cat pregnant little knowledge

Many experienced shoveling officers are panic when they see their own cat owners’ pregnancy. I don’t know what to do, but we must first understand the pregnancy cycle of the master to make better measures.

This statement circulates such a statement, saying that the pregnancy cycle of cats and dogs follows the law of "three cats and dogs", which means that the cat’s pregnancy cycle is three months, and the dog is 4 months. This statement is right, but at that timeThe algorithm is slightly different now. The previous people counted for two days during the day and the night, so if they used the current time, the cat’s pregnancy cycle is about one and a half months, but it cannot be said. Generally speakingFrom 58 ~ 71 days, the female cat will gradually stop her estrus in a few days after mating, and soon after conception.Good guy, I always thought it was three cats, four dogs, hahaha.

It should be noted that the pregnancy of female cats is generally about 60 days, and pregnancy cannot be supplemented by a lot of nutrition.Especially to make up some calcium -containing foods, which will lead to too large cat fetus.Don’t look at the cat’s pregnancy, you can eat it when you are pregnant. This is harmful to it. Excessive fetus may cause cats to be difficult to give birth. This is very dangerous.

Precautions for female cats and kittens after delivery

A few days before the female cat was about to produce, the owner should arrange the production box in a warm and quiet place.In the process of producing kittens, the female cat will clean up the blood on the kitten on their own. At this time, the owner should not interfere with them too much, do not touch the female cat and kitten, and avoid the breath of people.However, if it occurs, it is difficult to give birth, so please take it to the hospital for treatment.

Two weeks after the kittens are born, the female cat will not leave the production box easily. The owner can put food and water near the production box to make it easier for the female cat to replenish their physical strength in time.After giving birth, the female cat should increase the number of feeding, a small amount of meals. At first, you can feed a little food that is easy to digest and nutritious. At the same time, you can give sufficient drinking water. You can also add a little nutrient cream and protein.

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