Cat Dreaming Dream for a few days and went home to 43 -year -old mother who was pregnant and saw a sleeping position and crying.

The sleeping position of the youngest son and the cat’s Baby is the same.(Photo / Ms. Ms. Liu provided, the same below)

Intern reporter Lu Xinzheng / Interview Report

How precious it is to be able to continue the forefront!Before the 43 -year -old Mummy Ms. Liu gave birth to her younger son in October last year, her husband dreamed that the dying cat Baby Baby dreamed, "I just go home for a few days and go home." The couple firmly believed that the child was the reincarnation of BABY.A few days ago, Ms. Liu photographed the sleeping position of her younger son, and unexpectedly found that she was exactly the same as baby, making her burst into tears in an instant.

From birth to his death, Baby has been closely dependent on Miss Liu throughout his life.

Love cat BABY died in August 2015. She accompanied Miss Liu for 18 and a half years of youth. From graduating from studying and university to marrying, having children, and children, she has its figure all the way.Ms. Liu said that because of the opening of the temple of the palace, the year when she died in baby, the Lord God Xuan Tian God helped to take it to practice, so that the cat can be born as a child of the eldest daughter.

Baby often tongue tongue before his lifetime, and Miss Liu often saw the same expression on the face of his younger son.

There was a day, and Mr. saw that Baby appeared in his dream. He was carrying a bag on his back, packed a few cans and said, "I will go home for a few days." Miss Liu said in an interview, saying thatThe eldest daughter is 18 years old, and it will take a few years to get married and have children. "Maybe Baby doesn’t want to wait for so long, so I am 43 years old.

The younger son likes to play "catching fish games".

Ms. Liu and her husband asked the gods in the palace. I wanted to know if the tire was back. I did not expect to get 3 holy grabs, and the couple decided to give birth to their children.Ms. Liu shared that she bought a fish -catching game to play with her son a few days ago.Grab, yesterday, the son of cod fragrance also grabbed the whole bag, "Baby is old, so change the form as my child, come to accompany me for a long time!"

Both the younger son and baby are curious about the cod incense.

The story Facebook, many netizens left a message after reading, "It’s really like ah! I ammo", "I have red eyes after reading it. This is a great fate."Come back to accompany you, good thoughtful child! Move "," I will get together again ❤ Cherish the good fate "," It’s great to be a family again "," I don’t know why goosebumps … and thenI really want to cry "," The meat on the mouth is the same ~ ".

BABY continues to accompany Miss Liu in different forms.

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