Can’t you say three months before pregnancy?Do you know why?

“The most memorable thing during pregnancy”

Some people say, "I can’t say it in the first three months of pregnancy, it is not good for the health of the baby."

Some people say, "I can’t say it in the first three months of pregnancy. I said that the baby will be very stingy."

Some people say, "Three months of pregnancy, if you say it is easy to cause abortion."


Can’t tell others in the first three months of pregnancy.

When I learned that I was preparing for pregnancy, my colleague reminded me with kindness:

"If you are pregnant, don’t tell others for three months."

"Why can’t I say?" I was puzzled.

"As for why, I don’t know."

She continued,

"We have a relative. When we were pregnant, we told relatives and friends, but it didn’t take long for miscarriage."

"Ah? Is there anything else?" I was even more puzzled.

"It’s true. You’d better not tell others when you come, just in case!"

"Okay, thank you for reminding! I must not say it when I arrived."

I don’t know if I believe in my colleagues or other reasons. In short, I don’t think I would say a little insurance.

Now let’s talk about why we can’t say:

The first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of embryonic development, and 80%of abortion during pregnancy occurs at this time.

Three months before pregnancy, due to the influence of external forces or emotions, may cause abortion.

If you say that you are pregnant prematurely, it will make people feel embarrassed in case of accident.

This is probably the reason why it can’t be said!

1. Family family: including husband, parents and in -laws

Family people can give some effort to care, and understand some of your little emotions.

Family people will try to keep pregnant mothers in peace and keep their tires and spend the dangerous period smoothly and smoothly.

2. Doctors in the checkup:

For the check -up on time, tell the doctor as soon as possible in special circumstances.

3. Special friends:

Friends who are particularly iron are usually shopping together, eating, drinking, and fun together.

If she doesn’t tell her, she will definitely discover the abnormality of you during this time.

If she has no pregnancy experience, she can take care of you together;

If she already has pregnancy experience, she can communicate more with her where she doesn’t understand.

4. Boss of the top head:

Colleagues can not say, but the boss of the top is to say.

In case you need a business trip or do some physical work,

The boss will also take into account your situation to let you spend the early stages of pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers are unwilling to tell the leaders after pregnancy, worrying about affecting their careers.

But compared with the health of the baby, I think there must be a choice.

When everything is developing normally, it is the time to share good news with you.

After four months of pregnancy, the embryo has been basically stable.

If there are no major accidents, there are few fetal stops and miscarriage, and there is no need to conceal it at this time.

At this time, pregnant mothers can tell the people around them to share the good news with everyone.

1. Try to avoid various adverse factors:

Such as the tobacco and alcohol environment, harmful chemicals, newly renovated houses, environment where air does not circulate.

2. Appropriate exercise, pay attention to nutritional diet, and improve your immunity.

3. Do not take medicine privately. If you are uncomfortable, you must listen to the doctor’s advice.

4. In order to prevent fetal malformations, timely supplement folic acid, eat some foods rich in folic acid every day.

5. Eat a little fish and nuts to help the fetal brain development.

6. Ensure sufficient sleep, you can break 1-2 hours a day.

7. Keep a good mood and avoid anxiety and anxiety.

8. Follow the doctor’s instructions to make a check -up on time.

The first three months of pregnancy,

Pregnant mothers can share this good news with relatives and friends,

Welcome the baby with expectations!

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