Can’t you raise dogs during pregnancy?

We always see such news in the circle of friends, because you can’t raise dogs when you are pregnant, we must give our dogs.If you do n’t ask for a return, just ask a good person to be good for dogs.Can I really have a dog?Does raising dogs affect pregnant women?Let’s talk about this today.

First of all, let’s take a look at the reasons why we ca n’t raise dogs. The main thing is to be afraid of toxoplasma infections, and dogs are afraid of carrying Toxoplasma. In addition, some dogs are lively and encountered pregnant women; they are afraid that dogs are not hygienic, and they are afraid of dogs.Pregnant women and dogs are easy to get sick together.

Then let’s take a look at the bowworm first. First of all, what we have to know is that the dog is not the ultimate host of the bowworm, but the cat is actually a cat.The pathway of the toxoplastycus is mainly to consume food contaminated by the body fluid or feces of the cat family, and the infection of the toxoplasma is eventually intake through food.In other words, people and dogs are as innocent on the issue of infection of Toxoplasma.

In addition, it is too lively for dogs.First of all, if your dog is really lively and likes you, and its body shape is relatively large, then it must be controlled and it must be prevented from being poured by the dog.If your dog has a docile temperament and petite physique, then don’t care too much about it.What kind of dogs in their own dogs, as the owner, still know.

Regarding dog -keeping hygiene.If you really decide to raise dogs during pregnancy, then the dog’s hygiene must pay more attention to it than before.Clean the dog’s nest regularly and take a bath for the dogs.Do not contact the dog too close, such as the actions of kissing the dog must be avoided.In addition, cleaning the dog’s nest and bathing the dogs should be handed over to the family, so it is OK.

In addition to paying attention to the above, we should also make a full set of vaccines and examinations for the dogs, including 3 stitched vaccines, 1 -stitched rabies vaccine, bowworming, bowworm vaccine, regular body and in vitro deworming.In addition, dog foods or cooked foods are also necessary to give dogs in daily life.Can’t give dogs raw.Pregnant women should also wash their hands frequently and refuse to eat cold food.This can avoid parasitic infections.

In fact, for many families, dogs are not only a pet, but also a member of this family.In addition to some trouble during pregnancy, there will be some benefits, that is, when there are pets around the pregnant woman, the allergy rate of the child after birth will be reduced by 30%.So dogs and pregnancy are really not conflicting!You can raise dogs at all. If your family really opposes your dog, take them to the hospital to listen to the doctor’s advice!

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