Can’t we get teeth during pregnancy?Will fetal malformations cause?

With the concentration of estrogen in the concentration of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will inevitably have toothache "this robbery".

I heard that pregnancy extraction will cause abortion,

I heard that hemp medicine can cause baby deformity

… …

There are divergent opinions on the pregnancy extraction during pregnancy. Many mothers are worried about adverse effects. Therefore, tooth decay and wisdom teeth have endured.As everyone knows, this is more likely to cause infection and dangerous.

So, can teeth pain during pregnancy?

no problem.

In the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester, pain or inflammation occurred in the teeth. Generally, conservative treatment is generally conservative to relieve pain.

When the treatment is not effective, then it is necessary to deal with the next step.Doctors generally choose to extract teeth when they are from April to June, which are safer than early and third trimester.

The anesthesia used in oral surgery is local medication, and the amount is very small. This does not directly cause fetal malformations or organ damage. However, after consulting the doctor, you have to consult the doctor’s instructions for treatment.

What should pregnant women eat toothache?

Pregnant mothers are best to do oral examinations before pregnancy, and they should be cured before pregnancy before pregnancy.

After pregnant women have toothache, do not use painkillers without authorization. Second, take more foods with rich vitamins and protein in their diet, such as milk, eggs, lean meat and so on.If you have stomatitis, you should take the initiative to take sufficient vitamin B2.

Eat less foods with high sugar as much as possible, which not only affects blood sugar and weight, but also can affect oral health.

Most importantly, insist on brushing your teeth seriously and correctly!

Step 1: Brush the outside of the incisor

Step 2: Brush the inside of the incisor

Step 3: Brush your teeth bite surface

Step 4: Brush the inner side of the teeth

Some people, only brush the outside, do not brush inside, in fact, the teeth should be brushed inside and outside.

In general, oral diseases can also be treated during pregnancy. Once you have tooth pain, pregnant mothers will never tolerate it!This will not only affect the health of the mother, but also endanger the safety of the baby.

The important thing is to actively take a doctor, follow the doctor’s order!

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