Can’t move or hold children during pregnancy?Are these statements superstition or taboos?

Xiao Shuang has been pregnant for more than 4 months. Last weekend, my girlfriend brought her baby to her home to see her. At first glance, the little princess of my girlfriend’s house was pure and she was rolled up. I couldn’t help but want to hug.Let her hug, saying that pregnant mothers can’t hold children during pregnancy, otherwise they are not good for children, pregnant mothers, and fetuses. After listening, she really scared Xiao Shuang.There are many rumors such as folk. Although there is no scientific basis, some statements also make sense.

1. Can’t leave long hair

Many elderly people will say that long hair can not be left during pregnancy, and they will grab nutrients with the fetus, so it is best to cut it short.Although the original intention of this sentence is incorrect, long hair during pregnancy is really not good for pregnant mothers, because it is inconvenient to wash your hair during pregnancy, it is not easy to dry after washing long hair, and may catch a cold.And due to changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy, the hair of the pregnant mother will be relatively dry and may also lose hair. These situations will make the pregnant mother feel worse, and short hair will be easier to take care of.

2. Can’t participate in the wedding funeral

There is a saying that during pregnancy, the wedding funeral will hit the fetus and bring ominous, so it is best not to participate.Regardless of whether this sentence makes sense, participating in the wedding funeral is indeed not good for pregnant mothers, because there may be many emergencies at the scene. There are many people and noisy environment, which may affect the pregnant mother.And participating in weddings or funerals can easily cause emotional fluctuations, and emotions during pregnancy are originally unstable. If you encounter great tragedy and joy, it will inevitably affect the fetus.

3. Can’t hold a child

If you have an elderly person at home, you should know that you ca n’t hold children during pregnancy, but many pregnant mothers do n’t take it for granted. I feel that every day when the second child is holding Dabao with Erbao, I do n’t see what happened.In fact, not letting children be used during pregnancy is not that it will scare children and fetuses as rumors, but children are more naughty and moving. When pregnant women hold children, they may be kicked to the stomach and hurt themselves and their fetuses.So try to avoid holding children as much as possible during pregnancy.

4. Can’t move

Regarding this statement that cannot be moved during pregnancy, the folk explanation is that the fetus in the abdomen is blessed by gods. Once moved, there may be bad luck.Although this statement is not very scientific, moving during pregnancy is indeed not very good for pregnant mothers and fetuses, because when moving, pregnant mothers are likely to help move things and move things, but they cannot work again during pregnancy.If you do n’t pay attention, you are likely to occur and affect the development of the fetus.

Although these folk claims have no scientific basis, it is also reasonable to stand from the perspective of science. Therefore, in order to avoid the health of the fetus and pregnant mothers, try to avoid these things.

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