Can’t make up for pregnancy?Can’t keep dogs?One article crushed common rumors during pregnancy

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother should face various physical discomfort and psychological pressure on the one hand, and on the other hand, it must beware of rumors from all directions.The "taboos" in various elderly population scare you to sit restless every day, for fear of which one will be violated and hurting yourself and the fetus.Today, I will break these rumors for you!

Many pregnant mothers want to know that their babies are men or women after pregnancy, and have heard of many ways to distinguish between men and women.But unfortunately, these are basically unbelievable.

For example, "the belly is with a boy with a boy, the belly is round and pregnant". In fact, the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly is largely determined by the size and position of the fetus.In addition, the body shape of the pregnant mother will also affect the shape of the belly.The method of judging the gender of the fetus by the shape of the belly is blind.

There are more taboos and rumors about diet.

For example, we often hear "crabs and other seafood damage the fetus and cause abortion."There is no basis for this statement, and seafood itself does not damage the fetus.It is just that when you eat it, you should pay attention that seafood may have parasites, so it is necessary to ensure that the seafood you eat is clean and hygienic, and it is completely cooked.

There are also "pregnant women eat 5 kinds of fruits a day", and do not need to eat so many fruits every day during pregnancy, especially some fruits with high sugar content. If you eat too much, you may cause blood sugar to rise and get gestational diabetes.

There are also those "not" in life.

Such as mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, hair dryers, printers, etc. have radiation. Pregnant mothers cannot contact them. They must wear radiation protection uniforms.At present, there is no scientific basis that electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc. will affect fetal health, so pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much about their radiation damage, and radiation protection uniforms are not necessary to wear.

However, in view of the long time playing with mobile phones, it is not good to have a good vision, it is easy to make pregnant mothers stay up late, etc., it is still recommended that the pregnant mother should minimize the time to play with the mobile phone and take more walks.

It is not absolutely not absolute.

During pregnancy, we must do a good job of hydrating, moisturizing and sun protection. As long as the product composition is safe and quality, it is generally okay.However, it should be noted that some skin care products with acne removal, anti -wrinkle, and whitening function should be used during pregnancy.If you want to implement these functions, you generally add chemicals that are harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.When pregnant mothers buy skin care products, remember to recognize "special for pregnant women".

Do not raise pets during pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to have a miscarriage?

Actually, if the pregnant mother does a good pre -pregnancy examination, pay attention to their own hygiene in life, do not frequently contact pets, wash their hands in time after contact, try to avoid feeding pets, do not touch pet feces.Immune pets can continue to be fed during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers should not be confused by rumors easily. For things that they don’t know, they will consult the doctor more.

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