Can’t help but fart after pregnancy?Want to alleviate this "embarrassing thing", understanding the reason is the key

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Women’s pregnancy is a very amazing thing. When I saw the two red bars above the pregnancy test, I believe that all the prospective dads and expectant mothers will be happy, and I can’t wait to share this joy with people around the world.However, the expectant mother will face the hard "long long journey". In this long ten -month, I have to endure the torture of the little guy who has never met but is very naughty.You can only endure silently. All of this is to witness the moment when you "break the cocoon into a butterfly" and the birth of a new life.

During the entire pregnancy, pregnant women may have some adverse reactions, and there may even be many "embarrassing things". For example, they can’t help but fart in public places. This is a thing that makes many expectant mothers ashamed and difficult to open up.Most of us occasionally can’t help but fart, but we will not make such indecent actions in the big court.Most of the fart we often say are the problems of digestive systems, such as flatulence or something that does not digest, which can cause fart.However, the phenomenon of farting at any time and being unable to control it at any time is actually different from ordinary people’s fart.

So, what caused pregnant women to fart frequently?

After women have successfully conceived, the body’s hormone secretion will be affected. As the hormone changes, progesterone will gradually increase, it will secrete a certain amount of lutein, which is what we usually call progesterone.If there is no support of progesterone, the embryos in the early pregnancy cannot be well stayed in the uterus of the pregnant woman. If the progesterone content is sufficient, the fetus can be healthy and have a certain fetal effect.Due to the increase in lutein in pregnant women, it will cause a certain stimulating effect on its gastrointestinal and intestines, which will affect the digestive function of the gastrointestinal and intestines.It will form a series of reactions, and the generated gas will be excreted from the body of the pregnant woman, which will appear to fart.Therefore, farting is also a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. We should give more understanding, and expectant mothers need not be too embarrassing.

As the baby continues to grow and develop, the uterus is constantly increasing, especially after the second trimester, in order to make more growth space for the fetus, the uterus will slowly move out of the pelvic cavity and gradually move to the abdomen.It will cause squeezing the organs in the upper part of the uterus, especially the gastrointestinal system.Due to the continuous oppression of the uterus, gastrointestinal function will gradually weaken, which will affect the normal peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines. If gastrointestinal function is disordered, it will inevitably cause indigestion.There are more and more special smells.In fact, pregnant women’s flatulence is not a big problem, mainly because the gastrointestinal function is weakened, which will affect the appetite of pregnant women, which will affect the normal nutritional intake of pregnant women, and then affect the development of the fetus. Pregnant women should pay attention to the following.

After women are pregnant, they will naturally appetite, and they are obviously much more than usual, and they are easy to be hungry.After all, pregnant women are "used by one person to eat two people", and some pregnant women will be greedy, and they will inevitably cause overeating.Eat too much, and they are all high -nutrition and high -protein foods. As a result, the result of the gastrointestinal function of pregnant women can be buried. It cannot be digested in time.Excessive growth and abdominal distension problems will cause farting times.Therefore, although pregnant women need to increase their body nutrition, they still need to avoid overeating. The diet should still be light and balanced.Awkward.

If there are more and more times during pregnancy and cannot be released for a long time, then you must consider whether it is a stomach problem. It is best to go to the hospital for some related examinations to confirm the physical condition, such as gastritis or enteritis.Pregnant women and fetuses bring serious hidden health hazards.If there are abnormalities in other organs of the body, it may also cause the pregnant woman’s body to produce more gases, and there will be more and more farting. This is also a way for the body to send a help signal. Pregnant women must pay attention to it.When you go to the hospital for medical treatment, you must ensure the health of your own and the fetus.

Of course, pregnant women want to relieve the small embarrassment of farting, nor is it impossible.You can usually eat less meals, which can not only help the stomach digestive normally, but also supplement the energy required by the body. At the same time, try to eat less foods that are not good for digestion and easily cause flatulence, such as beans, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, and pasta.Starch, etc., these are foods that are prone to flatulence to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. In addition, pregnant women usually drink more warm water to avoid cold water, bubble water, irritating drinks, etc., because these are easy to stimulate the stomach and stomach, resulting in flatulence; Pregnant women can also do some abdominal massage, gently massage the stomach, increase gastrointestinal motility to promote the stomach to discharge gas and relieve flatulence.

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