Can’t eat these foods during pregnancy?

Unhealthy foods can affect the normal development of the fetus, and even cause the fetus’s congenital malformation and intellectual obstacles, etc., should be properly taboo during pregnancy; but if blindly believes in folk customs, if you do not eatBalanced, which affects the health of mother and child.Are the taboos below? Is it true or false?What are the foods that should be appropriately controlled during pregnancy?How to eat?Let’s analyze it together to let pregnant moms distinguish between true and false, easily enjoy food, and mother and child are nutritious and healthy.

1. Do not eat chicken during pregnancy.

Truth: The so -called tire refers to the affected or even caused by the fetal development of the fetus. This may be poor from the quality of sperm or eggs. Pregnant moms have excessive obesity or weight loss. Pregnant mommy has certain diseases, or lack of certain nutrients.Linking chicken with tires is really funny; chicken fat content is lower than that of animal meat, and protein is a complete protein, which is easy to digest and absorb. Depere chicken is a good source of high -quality protein for pregnant mothers.Chicken stew mushrooms, celery shredded chicken shredded, tea tree mushroom chestnut chicken soup is light cooking, and it is recommended to eat during pregnancy.

Chicken is a kind of food that is usually not common in life. No matter what stage of pregnancy, which season of the year and four seasons, it can be eaten.A moderate amount (about 1 or two a day).

Reminder: Many people think that the milky chicken soup is very nutritious, and in fact, the deliciousness of chicken soup is mainly because a small part of the protein decomposes produces the amino acid with umami, while the milky white of chicken soup comes from fat, so the chicken soup and the chicken soup and the chicken soup and the chicken soup and the chicken soup and the chicken soup and the chicken soup and the chicken soup andCompared with chicken, chicken is still more nutritious. Therefore, it is recommended to eat meat while drinking soup. If you feel that the meat is light and tasteless, it is recommended to remove shredded with cucumber shredded and carrot shreds.

2. Pregnant women cannot eat duck meat.

Truth: Ducks often shake their heads. If ducks are eaten during pregnancy, children born will also love to shake their heads; according to this logic, eating shrimp during pregnancy, children will definitely jump alive; eat pork during pregnancy.Lazy; obvious, the above logic is unreasonable.In addition, from the perspective of nutrients, the duck must be cooked and cooked, and the protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc. in duck meat must be digested into small molecules, and then synthesize the material required by the human body. ThereforePass to the child.In poultry meat, the protein content of duck meat is only lower than chicken, and its protein is also completely protein. It has a high digestion and absorption utilization rate. It is also a good source of high -quality protein during pregnancy.Old duck fans winter melon soup, taro kelp stewed duck, and bamboo roast duck are all good dishes.

3. Do not eat rabbit meat during pregnancy.

Truth: Rabbit lips are related to genetic and environment. During pregnancy, viruses, contact with X -ray, hormone or antitumor drugs or lack of certain nutrients may cause rabbit lips.The lips of rabbits are divided into petals. Eating rabbit meat during pregnancy, children will have rabbit lips, and they are also pushed logic. With such logic, eating chicken can eat chicken mouths containing beak, but this part is impossible.Compared with other animal meat, rabbit meat has a low fat content, only about 2%(the skinny pork spine content is 6%); the protein content is higher than pork, similar to beefTherefore, the use of some rabbit meat instead of pork during pregnancy is conducive to reasonable growth during pregnancy.Rabbit meat, stewed rabbit meat, rabbit meat radish pot, etc. are all good ways to eat.

4. Do not eat mutton during pregnancy.

Truth: There are two rumors about mutton. One is to eat mutton during pregnancy. In the future, children’s voices will be like sheep; the other is that eating mutton during pregnancy Children are prone to sheep epilepsy;It is mainly caused by trauma, brain tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, intracranial infections, etc., although mutton and lamb epilepsy contain a "sheep", but it is not directly related. If pregnant women eat mutton, children are prone to sheep epilepsyCrazy, the pregnant woman or ordinary people eat lamb more easily.However, there are no close research reports between ordinary people who eat mutton and sheep epilepsy.

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, lamb as a warm food has the effect of promoting blood circulation. Many people are worried that eating lamb in early or late pregnancy can easily cause miscarriage or premature birth.From the perspective of nutrition, lamb protein is rich in content, and at most to eat more to increase the burden on liver and kidney or indigestion; as a food rather than a drug, lamb will not directly cause miscarriage; if you really eat mutton, you will be after a long time later.Abortion can only show that the quality of the embryo itself is problematic, and eating lamb first, abortion after abortion, this may naturally be the only reason for people to connect them.

The autumn and winter seasons are a good season for eating mutton. Many people like to eat mutton shabu -shabu; pregnant women can also eat, but in order to avoid bacteria and parasitic infections, lamb must be spanking.Lamb, in addition, is still a large principle. It is recommended to be 1: 2.

5. Do not eat dog meat during pregnancy.

Truth: Dog meat during pregnancy will love to bite people in the future, and also love to bite the nipples when eating milk. According to this logic, eating chicken during pregnancy. In the future, children will definitely love pecking people (chicken intake of food mainly depends on pecking).People; list again, and even those who make the rumor should laugh.Morally, dogs, as friends of human beings, are not recommended to eat.From a nutritional perspective, dog meat, like other animal meat, is a good source of high -quality protein, but it should be completely cooked during cooking to avoid infection with parasites.

Chicken, duck meat, rabbits, mutton, beef, dog meat, they are collectively called livestock and poultry meat, and Chinese residents’ dietary guide (often eat appropriate amount of fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat).Lean meat refers to pork, mutton, beef and other animal meat.This dietary guide is also applicable to pregnant moms. Therefore, whether it is chicken, duck or rabbit meat, lamb, beef, dog meat, pregnant moms can eat it.According to the dietary pagoda suggestion, eat 50 ~ 75 grams of livestock and poultry meat every day, that is, all the meat mentioned above can eat about one or two or two.

6. Do not eat field snails during pregnancy.

Truth: Pregnant women eat field snails, and children are prone to large nostrils.The field snails are fresh and tender, easy to digest and absorb, and pregnant women can eat it, but if you eat unprepared field snails, it is easy to infect Chinese tests of testament, suffer from liver absorption disease, which will cause cholanges and cholelite, bilestone, etc.Therefore, when you buy Huitian snails, you must put it in the water for a few days, change the water frequently, and cook it thoroughly.Of course, it is recommended to eat as little as possible.

7. Do not eat crabs during pregnancy.

Truth: Allergies refer to a rejection of the body to foreign protein. Some people may be allergic to the protein in crabs. When they eat crabs, they will become popular and itching. It is recommended that mums with allergies do not eat crabs;If the constitution is not allergic, and there are no problems when eating crabs before pregnancy, you can also eat it during pregnancy.However, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, crabs are cold and should not eat more; and from the perspective of nutrition, the crab cholesterol content is rich and it is not suitable for eating more.

8. Do not eat sea cucumber during pregnancy, otherwise it will easily lead to abortion.

Truth: The main nutritional ingredients of sea cucumbers are protein, and this protein is mainly collagen. The absorption and utilization rate is lower than the protein in meat and egg milk. In addition, sea cucumber polysaccharides with biological active effects.Foods with very high value.However, sea cucumbers can be eaten during pregnancy, but the current environmental pollution is becoming increasingly serious. Sea cucumbers may be polluted heavy metals. Therefore, it is recommended to have an appropriate amount.

9. Mango cannot be eaten during pregnancy.

the truth:

The β-carotene content in mango is rich, and it is a good source for people who lack vitamin A.However, eating a lot of mango, β-carotene cannot be fully absorbed into small intestinal mucosal cells into vitamin A, causing yellow pigment to deposit in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, causing the skin to turn yellow.And yellow, and this situation is reversible. Do not eat foods rich in β-carotene within 2 to 6 weeks, which will disappear by itself. Therefore, it can be seen that even if the skin is yellow, it will not affect the fetus.So mango can be eaten.

In addition, pregnant women who are not allergic to mango can also eat; as for Chinese medicine, mothers eat mango will cause damp heat, and on the basis of a certain amount, as long as they do not eat a lot1 ~ 2 big mango, which is within the normal volume range.

10. Pregnant women avoid ginger.

Truth: There are many long petals of the husband, which is inferred that eating ginger in pregnant women will cause six fingers of the baby. It is simply nonsense.In addition, there is a sentence in toxicology, which is toxicity, that is, only when a certain material reaches a certain amount can the body be toxic. Ginger itself is condiments, and the amount of eaten is very small. ThereforeJust don’t worry too much.

11. It is forbidden to eat longan during pregnancy.

Truth: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this nourishing product is not suitable for pregnant moms, but there is a very classic saying in toxicology: "Dose determines toxicity", that is, whether it is harmful to the body and how much you want to eat, so occasionThere is no problem eating a small amount.But for nourishing products, what we need to be clear is not to eat, but whether it is necessary to eat.As long as pregnant moms have a balanced diet, cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, egg milk, fish and shrimp, etc. under the guidance of doctors, supplements that are easier to lack nutrients such as folic acid and generally do not cause nutrition problems.Diet, diverse foods, and balanced nutrition are the most important. It is not recommended to increase nourishing products.

12. Avoid eating glutinous rice sweet wine during pregnancy.

Truth: Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines suggest that pregnant women should not drink alcohol. This is because alcohol can enter the fetus through the placenta barrier, which affects the health of the fetus. Although the content of rice wine is lower than white wine and red wine, it is still not from the perspective of cautiousness.It is recommended to drink pregnant women.

13. Sour spicy girl.

Truth: During pregnancy, due to the effects of pregnancy reactions and physiological characteristics, often loss of appetite, good love, sweetness, is possible, this does not indicate that they will have a son or, pregnant women do not have to care. In addition, even if they are preferred, it is not recommended to eat too much spicy or sweet, because spicy can easily cause stimulating gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc., so it should also be limited.To improve appetite, it is recommended to eat sour fruits, yogurt, etc.Eating too much sweets increases the risk of gestational diabetes.

Regarding the dietary taboos during pregnancy, remember that there is nothing to eat. The key is to eat everything, eat everything in moderation, so as to be balanced in diet.Eat, just eat it according to the dietary pagoda recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society.

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