Can you raise dogs in pregnancy?

Many people are more opposed to raising dogs during pregnancy. They are worried that there will be parasites and infectious diseases on dogs.

If you can raise a dog during pregnancy, everyone will see each other.Let’s take a look at what the stars say.

What an elderly mother Yi Nengjing said:

"After I raised Qin Xiao MIU, some people often said that they were not suitable for hugging during pregnancy. I thank my girlfriends for their concerns, so I also seriously looked at the way of taking care of the dog during pregnancy.

After Miu came to the house, she took a prevention needle on time. She didn’t go out for half a year at first. She was afraid that it was not enough to have enough resistance. Her feed changed several times. Now she eats anti -allergic dog food with red eyes and take a bath every week.After I was pregnant, she checked the feces, the body, did not touch other dogs, nor was she close to the grass. The doctor said that people were taking care of them.People are not easy to get infected."

This was said by Yi Nengjing Weibo.

And Li Xiaolu:

The goddess Zhu Yin is also an elderly mother, but she did not abandon the dog during pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby.

In fact, many Bao Bao Bao Moms are worried that raising dogs will cause harm to children, and so is the older generation of people’s thoughts.But dogs are also our family. When choosing to want dogs or children, I believe that many families have hesitated, and later they will give up dog breeding.In fact, there is a docile pet accompanied at home, and growing with the child will make children know more about love and sharing and responsibility.

As for many parents who are worried about dogs carrying germs, just like Yi Nengjing said that, deworming the dog, vaccination, regular physical examination and not allowing it to contact other dogs, going out to tie rope, etc.Well, it has almost no effect on our children.

And if the child is in contact with pets when he was a kid, the child’s immunity will also be enhanced!Colds are all less likely to get more than other children.

In fact, if you want to grow up with a loyal child with a lonely child, the picture is still very beautiful.

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