Can you raise a cat when you are pregnant?With these five principles, I’m not afraid

Pregnancy and pets are not conflicting. During pregnancy, "three chapters of the law" with love pets can avoid many troubles.Try not allow pets to go out during pregnancy and reduce contact with other pets to prevent pets from infection of Toxoplasma.In addition, during the breeding process, expectant mothers should try to avoid being too close to pets, especially do not contact pets’ feces, and entrust their families to properly handle their pet feces, and do not let feces pollute other daily necessities.Studies have shown that the damaged skin may also be infected with toxoplasma. Therefore, when spending time with pets, expectant mothers should try to avoid being caught by pets due to excessive teasing pets.

1. Specific mothers and pets together in the 5 principles of 5 major principles

1. Although pregnant women can raise pets, they should pay attention to a few times:

① Before a woman is pregnant, give your pets in your home for blood testing and preventing needles. Pregnant women should also have a marriage check before pregnant women.

② Try not to touch the stool.

③ Clean sterilization for home.

④ Don’t be too affinity with pets, such as; kissing, sleeping, etc.

⑤ Pay attention to cleaning, be sure to wash your hands after touching the pet.

⑥ Take a bath, clean, and try to make it as much as possible.

⑦ When I was three months pregnant, I had to go to the hospital for Cocochi examination and check bacterial infection such as bow -free insects.

2. Pet pregnant women must not read: How to control toxoplasma infections?

① Pay attention to diet hygiene, meat should be fully cooked to avoid raw meat polluted cooked food.

② Cats should be kept at home and feed cooked or finished cat food to prevent them from predating outside.Because cat’s infection is infected with infected mice or birds, or food polluting cat dung.

③ Pay attention to daily hygiene, remove the cat’s feces every day, and wash your hands carefully after exposing animals.

④ Unless the serum examination of pregnant women has been infected with bow -shaped worms, pregnant women should avoid contact with cats and their feces during pregnancy.

⑤ Ghizoma infection has a variety of simple and effective drugs, such as sulfa and ethylene, and spiithromycin. The treatment must be performed according to the doctor’s order. Pregnant women infected in time can reduce the chance of fetal infection.

3. Pets that are unknown

Pets that have been raised at home for a long time, as long as the principles of cleaning and hygiene and regular inspections, the possibility of illness will be greatly reduced, and because many people who are common and animal and animals are usually wild animals. Therefore, as long as you master the source of pets, it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined that it is determined to be the source of the pet.After isolation and reproduction, there are usually no big problems.

4. Develop good hygiene habits

The infection of human and animal common diseases requires a medium, including wound infection, contact infection, insect bites, meriner infections, placenta infections, and respiratory tract infections.Dr. Cai Xiangrong said that pets must develop good personal hygiene habits, such as after contacting pets and cleaning up excrement for pets, they should completely wash their hands, so that they can effectively reduce the chance of being infected; in addition, they must also beClean the home environment regularly to reduce the generation of pet hair and mold.

5. Regular inspection, but I do n’t have any discomfort in animals on animals. Therefore, it is recommended that, in addition to taking pets for examinations and injection vaccines, do not have too close contact with pets in addition to timely with pets for examination and injection vaccine.

2. Thirteen questions about pregnant women and toxoplasma worms

[1. Why is expectant mother infected with toxoplasma?]

Gow -shaped hormone disease, also known as Toxoplasma, is a common disease caused by human and animals caused by the rigid toxoplasma.This disease is global, which means that Toxoplasma is not regional and may be infected and developed anywhere.Most of the adults with normal immunity are invisible infection and carry it for life but do not develop.For immune defects or low immunity, they will violate multiple organs and lead to serious consequences.During pregnancy, expectant mothers’ immunity is relatively low, so it is more likely to be infected with toxoplasma.If the expectant mother is infected with a toxoplasma disease, it is likely to affect the fetus, causing the fetal congenital infection.

[2. What are the consequences of fetal infection infection?]

Infection infection of Toxoplasma can cause fetal malformations, such as small head deformities.It can affect the baby’s nervous system and choroidal retinal system, causing choroidal retinalitis, and cause small eye deformity and eyelessness.More severe infection can cause hydrocephalus and intracranial calcification.

[3. Positive mothers’ arch -borne antibody positive, must it be infected with a bow -shaped worm?]

Yes.Under normal circumstances, doctors determine whether the expectant mothers are infected with toxoplasma by detecting the test of the toxoplasma antibody.It is recommended that prospective mothers detect a bow -shaped worm antibody in the early stages of pregnancy, second and second trimester.In the test results, expectant mothers often see the two data of "IGG" and "IgM". They are negative or positive marks the different situations of the mothers infected with the toxoplasma virus.(+ Represents "positive", -on "negative")

IGM-, IgG-: There is no history of infection, no antibodies in the body, and no immunization.There is no danger, but it is a susceptible population. Pay attention to prevent infection.

IGM+, IGG+: Recent infections, high danger, and other testing methods should be adopted for further diagnosis.

IGM+, IGG-: In the period of acute infection, the danger is high, and other testing methods should be adopted as soon as possible.

IGM-, IgG+: Once infected, antibodies in the body, have certain immunity, and have no recent infection.Low dangerous, expectant mothers should not be too nervous.

From the data analysis in the list, it can be seen that whether it is IgG -positive or IGM -positive, as long as the bow -shaped antibody positive means that the maternal infection has been infected, but there is a difference between acute infection and recent infection.Regardless of which infection of mothers belongs to, obstetricians suggest that it is best to conduct further examination. If you need to be treated as soon as possible, treatment can be treated as soon as possible.

[4. Mother’s bow -shaped antibody is positive, will you still be infected when you touch your pets?]

of course.If the pets contacted by expectant mothers are carried with toxoplasma, then the quasi -mothers will become larger and more serious in the process of entering the body in the process of continuous contact with pets, and the infection will become more and more serious.Therefore, even if the bow -shaped antibody -positive mothers should try to avoid contact with the source of infection to prevent further infection.

[5. My pet is immune regularly, will contact with such pets be infected with bow -shaped worms?]

If pets in the home are regularly immune and have not been infected with toxoplasma.Then the expectant mother and such pets are safe in principle.But be careful, try to reduce your own pets to go out. Do not let your pets come into contact with other pets to prevent their pets from infected with hormone, and then the expectant mothers are infected.In addition, no matter whether a person or a pet infection is an incubation period, it is checked during the incubation period, and the results can also be negative, which can easily cause missed inspection.If expectant mothers and pets in the incubation period, they may be infected.

[6. If you do not kiss and over -intimacy with your pets, nor do you contact pet feces, but will breeding be infected with bow -shaped worms?]

It may also be.Although expectant mothers do not directly contact their pets, pets will contact other items in the home.For example, dogs will go to bed, cats will lie on the sofa and so on.When expectant mothers come into contact with these items at home again, they may cause indirect infection.

[7. Can a bow -shaped worm infected between people?]

Not in principle.However, for patients in the acute infection period, his feces, urine, saliva, and sputum contain the pathogen of Toxoplasma.If the expectant mothers accidentally come into contact with the above excrement or secretions of those who are infected with a bow -shaped worm, it may not be ruled out that there is a possibility of infection.But fortunately, these pathogens in feces, urine, saliva, and sputum cannot survive in the external environment. Therefore, as long as these excrement and secretions of the patients are properly treated, they will no longer be after a period of time.It is contagious.

[8. In which ways can be infected with toxoplasma?]

There are usually two types of infection of Toxoplasma. One is congenital infection, that is, infected in the palace. Due to the vertical transmission of the mother infection during pregnancy, the fetus is infected.The other is the acquired infection. In addition to the infection with the contact with the pets carrying the original worms with a bow -shaped worm, their feces, and the infection of items contaminated by their feces, they may also be consumed by eating meat or barbecue.Class leads to infection.

[9. Which pets will spread toxoplasma?]

The bow -shaped worm is the host of the cat, with pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, rabbits, dogs, etc. as the middle host.Only these animals spread toxoplasma.And those expectant mothers who feed the birds and turtles do not have to worry too much.

[10. How long does it take to send the pet away before pregnancy?]

In accordance with the concept of reproductive health, unborn mothers who are preparing to be pregnant need to conduct pre -pregnancy examinations before half a year before pregnancy, marking the formal entering the preparation of pregnancy.Obstetricians suggested that when you start to enter the pregnancy preparation stage, it is best to foster your home.

[11. How long does it take to get pregnant after sending the pet is safe?]

Whether pregnancy is safe is not necessarily connected with the length of time sending pets.Obstetricians pointed out that after sending away the pet, the unbridled mothers are best to conduct a bow -shaped antibody examination. If the examination is determined that there is no toxoplasma infection, you can get pregnant at any time.If there is a toxoplasma infection, treatment should be performed as soon as possible to get pregnant after healing.

[12. After sending away the pet, do I need to clean the living room?]

need.Pets are infectious.Many pets have the habit of buried feces. When it exposes the feces with its claws, it will be contaminated with other items in the room with their paws.When expectant mothers are exposed to these contaminated items, they may be infected with Toxoplasma.Therefore, after sending away pets, it is necessary to clean the items that pets have been exposed, especially items contaminated by pet feces.Because the original gong -shaped worms survive in the dry air, as long as the ventilation of the living room can be performed for a period of time, the purpose of eliminating the pathogenesis of the Toxoplasma is used to reduce the possibility of infection.In addition, ultraviolet rays can also kill bow -shaped worms. Therefore, in the sunny weather, you may wish to invite the sun to the door to help you drive the bow -shaped worm.

[13. If you do n’t plan to send your pets, what are the most important issues that expectant mothers and pets need to pay attention to?] If you want to leave a pet, the expectant mother must first determine whether the pet is infected with a bow -shaped worm.If you check that your pet has been infected with a bow -shaped worm, then for the health of you and your baby, it is best to send your pet away.If pets are not infected with Toxoplasma, expectant mothers can stay at home and raise them, but they should pay special attention to try not to allow pets to go out during pregnancy and reduce contact with other pets to prevent pets from infection of Toxoplasma.In addition, during the breeding process, expectant mothers should try to avoid being too close to pets, especially do not contact pets’ feces, and entrust their families to properly handle their pet feces, and do not let feces pollute other daily necessities.Studies have shown that the damaged skin may also be infected with toxoplasma. Therefore, when spending time with pets, expectant mothers should try to avoid being caught by pets due to excessive teasing pets.

3. What to do before expectant mothers to check before pregnancy?


Pre -pregnancy examinations mainly include inspections of reproductive systems, immune systems, and genetic history.Women with pets in the family should pay special attention to TORCH examination before pregnancy.

T -Toxoplasma, O -congenital syphilis, etc., R -rubella, C -giant cell virus, H -simple herpes virus, and TORCH syndrome refers to this infection.The TORCH examination series is about IgG and IGM testing of toxoplasma virus, giant cytoplasm virus, rubella virus, and herpes virus type II type. These viruses may cause fetal malformations. If infection is found, if infection, you need to treat before pregnancy., To scientific eugenics.At the same time, you can also do a comprehensive inspection for the cat or dogs raised by your home by the way.

【Examination Method】 Varicic blood drawing;

[Checking time] Three months before pregnancy;

[Examination object] All childcare women

1. Floral virus: Infection with rubella virus, many people will be asymptomatic, but once infected, especially for three months of pregnancy, it will cause abortion and even fetal malformations.In the latent period, some patients have symptoms such as throat pain, fever, cough, headache, and joint muscle pain.

2. Giant cytoplasm virus: It is a special DNA blister diagnosis. After infection, it may cause fetal mental dementia. The detection rate among women in childbearing age is quite high.

3. Gow -shaped infection: If the toxoplasma is infected, the TORCH test report will be displayed: it means that the infection is displayed, and it does not matter now. If it is displayed in infection, you cannot get pregnant.Gow -shaped worms are mainly existing in animals, and some raw meat also exists.4. Polymidth virus infection: increase the fetal infection and neonatal herpes virus infection rate.At the same time, the virus is closely related to the genital tumor.Whether you have pets or not, for the sake of caution, you will be pregnant after TORCH examination and other inspections are qualified, and you should pay attention, do not kiss, contact pet feces and secretions with your pet before and after pregnancy.

How to manage pets?

1. Endgat vaccine to pets each year, remove insects to pets regularly, and often keep bathing pets hygienic; (Pet vaccine procedures have a definition in view of the injection of the vaccine, so veterinarians or every hospital will have different injection habits, but they are all all, but they are bothStrictly implemented within the scope of the formation of the immune map.)


Puppy can start vaccine at 45 ~ 49 days old.Four-day-June-old puppy has been injected three consecutive six consecutive Six units for 2 to 3 weeks each time.Dogs over June are continuously injected with secondary six units, each time the interval is 2 to 3 weeks.Generally, the Rabies vaccine is injected once in the last time the hexagon is injected.The first year of immunization was completed, and it was injected once a year.The immune map is valid for 360-365 days.


In the age of March, the second triple -triple -three -conclusion is continuously injected for 2 to 3 weeks each time.Generally, the rabies vaccine is injected once in the last triple injection.The first year of immunization was completed, and it was injected once a year.

2. Do not let pets prey outside, so as not to eat infected mice or birds, or eat contaminated foods;

3. Do not feed raw food for pets. Give them the bowls of food to be cleaned every day, and do not put them with other items.

4. Don’t contact your pet too intimately, be careful not to be caught and bitten by pets. You must remember to wash your hands after touching your pets;

5. Pets should be cleaned at least once a day. In order to avoid infection of Toxoplasma, expectant mothers should avoid directly contacting the poop of the pets. They can clean others at home, or clean them with gloves. Afterwards, wash their hands carefully.

Gow -shaped insect disease is a parasitic infection with symptoms like a cold (fever, joint pain).Under normal circumstances, pregnant moms who have no toxoplasma do not have a lasting impact.Unfortunately, if the disease is passed to the baby in the abdomen, the toxoplasma disease can cause the baby to have vision or hearing problems.In order to be able to control the source of infection, it is recommended that the mother should be careful about contacting the small pets as much as possible during pregnancy and avoid eating barbecue.The lady who is preparing to ask the child can check the cat in a cat for one year in advance, check herself for herself half a year in advance, and pay attention to check whether the infection at any time in the early pregnancy.To avoid eating unscurable pork, mutton, etc., try to eat less barbecue, sashimi, and cook raw foods and cut -out knives at home;

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