Can you drink rice wine?Can liquor and beer drink together?

Under normal circumstances, rice wine is sour.Usually rice wine is stored in a container and stored in a cool place. It is recommended that the brewed rice wine should be eaten within 3-4 days.

If rice wine becomes sour, after being absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract of the human body, some acidic and toxic substances contained in it are likely to have a strong stimulating effect on the mucosa and muscle layer of the gastrointestinal tract, and it will also stimulate the capillary of the gastrointestinal tract.Blood vessels cause the gastrointestinal nerve sensor to suppress, which weakens gastrointestinal movement, food digestion becomes slow, and the metabolic function is reduced.Vomiting and other discomfort, so rice wine is sour.

Patients with mild symptoms can take anti -virgin -alkali tablets for relief, and drink plenty of water to replenish water in time; patients with severe symptoms need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment immediately.

It is generally not good to drink beer after liquor.If the patient drinks beer after drinking liquor, it may increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, and may increase the risk of digestive system diseases.

The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Increase the burden on the liver and kidneys: the alcohol content of liquor is relatively high, and beer contains a large amount of carbon dioxide. If you drink beer after drinking liquor, it may cause alcohol to enter the blood circulation of the human body faster, because alcohol is in the liver and the liver and the liver andThe kidney metabolism, so it may increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

2. Increase the risk of suffering from digestive system diseases: Both liquor and beer contain a lot of alcohol. After entering the digestive system, it may cause damage to the mucosaWait for the risk of digestive system diseases.

It should be noted that in general, it is not recommended to drink liquor at night.Drinking liquor at night is not good for your body, which will cause your body to depend on alcohol, that is, alcohol addiction.Drinking some liquor at night will have a certain burden on the digestive tract, which can easily cause reflux gastritis, erosion gastritis, and even bile reflux. In severe cases, gastric duodenal ulcers will also occur.Damage, such as alcoholic cirrhosis and irreversible damage to liver cells.

If you drink liquor every night, it is easy to have a serious impact on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels, and cause certain functional damage to the endothelial cells of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.In daily life, appropriate exercise can be performed, maintaining good living habits, and avoiding overwork.

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