Can you drink milk tea after pregnancy?Nutritionist: meet 5 conditions, pregnant mothers can rest assured to drink

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"The first cup of milk tea in autumn" rushed into the hot search, which also shows that in the cold weather, a cup of hot milk tea will make people feel happy.

Young people meet a cup of milk tea to chat. The price is not expensive, and it has developed the habit of many young people who like to drink milk tea.

Especially girls, milk tea may be an indispensable drink in life.

The taste of milk tea is unchanged, but the girl slowly gets married and becomes pregnant. Can the pregnant mother drink milk tea after pregnancy?

Maybe many doctors or nutritionists will say very arbitrarily, "It is best not to drink milk tea after pregnancy, the sugar of milk tea is very high, milk tea is also trans fatty acid, milk tea is also caffeine.unfavorable."

● High milk tea sugar

The high sugar is too high to cause the blood sugar of pregnant mothers to be unable to control and it is easy to turn into high blood sugar. If the mother is high blood sugar, the baby baby will easily become a huge child.

● Drinking milk tea often causes mothers to be very excited

Because milk tea contains the nerves of the mother, it is not easy to sleep when I was pregnant, and the quality of milk tea has decreased directly, affecting the health of mothers and fetal treasures.

● High fat content of milk tea

After drinking milk tea, the mother will affect the intake of other foods, cause malnutrition, or cause the mother’s fat to be too high in fat.

These are also right, but as a nutritionist, I want to say that everyone contains a lot of fat, a lot of sugar and caffeine milk tea, which should refer to the kind of milk tea many years ago.

There are many types of milk tea, and some milk tea can also be made very healthy, so if pregnant mothers do not drink milk tea, they feel like a cup of milk tea.

I feel that drinking milk tea without conditions is not enough. It has a bonus effect on the health of mothers and fetuses. After all, mothers are the best prenatal education.

Condition 1: Milk tea prepared by pure milk

The most content of milk tea is water. When we drink milk tea, we drink drinks. What is the water?Many milk tea is practical about pure water to rush, add milk and black tea.

But if you use pure milk tea, the nutritional value will be higher. After all, there are high -quality protein and high -content calcium in pure milk.

As a pregnant woman, we recommend drinking about 500 ml of milk every day. If you love milk tea, drink milk tea prepared with pure milk.

Pure milk -made milk tea does not need to be added with milk, which directly reduces the content of caffeine and fat.

Condition two: less sugar or even no sugar

Milk tea in many places can achieve less sugar, because everyone feels different from the tolerance of sugar. Some people will feel better to eat light, and some people need to drink sweet to feel delicious, so many milk tea shopsDifferent milk tea has a distinction between less sugar, medium sugar, and polysaccharides.

If the pregnant mother wants to drink milk tea, drink as little sugar as much as possible. After all, we have to eat some fruits or pastries in daily life. These are sugary foods.

It is recommended that the amount of sugar intake of pregnant mothers per day controls within 50 grams, so we drink as less sugar tea as much as possible to control the daily sugar ingested.

Condition 3: Choose the ingredients to choose pure naturally

There are many milk tea categories, such as placing oats in milk tea, or pure natural ingredients such as red beans, chestnuts, instead of choosing some ingredients made of various starchy pigments such as pearl Boba.

Condition 4: Occasionally drink instead of drinking every day

The milk tea is 300 ~ 600 ml, which occupies the space of the mother’s stomach, which will make the mother have a strong sense of satiety.However, because the water content is more, the nutritional concentration is not high. If the mother can not eat other meals when drinking milk tea every day, it will affect the mother’s nutrition absorption.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink milk tea. Drink one or two cups a week without much problem, but do not drink it every day, otherwise it will affect the intake of other nutrients and cause nutritional unevenness.

Especially after pregnancy, the demand for high -quality protein, calcium and iron is greatly increased. If the mother eats less food, it is prone to iron deficiency calcium deficiency, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby.

Condition 5: The family has no history of diabetes, and there is no history of hyperglycemia in the past

If there are several people in the family who have diabetes, it means that the mother is more likely to have a higher blood sugar, or the mother has experienced hyperglycemia during pregnancy.

Now the second child should be more careful to reduce the intake of sugar.Although we can make less sugar, there are still sugar in less sugar.

Moms with high risk of diabetes should not drink as much as possible.

A cup of milk tea in autumn and winter makes many people feel full of happiness, but for pregnant mothers, milk tea is not unable to drink, provided that 5 conditions are met.

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