Can you drink 2 years of green tea?The super -comprehensive green tea storage method comes

If there is a nine fighting "fresh", in the year, the fresh green tea in the year is monopolized.

Generally speaking, people who can drink green tea mostly choose spring green tea.Green tea is not like other tea. Its processing process is closest to nature.

From a macro perspective, the processing technology of green tea is only the three steps of killing green, twisting, and drying. This kind of tea retains the characteristics of "tenderness" and "freshness" of green tea fresh leaves, and steamed green tea, and even moreIt is the best of them.

The scope of green tea is very wide. Looking back, when you go to a friend’s house, do you usually hand in a glass of green tea?The unit meets or summarizes the conference at the end of the year.In the cups of the old comrades, is it generally made of thick green tea?Nympho

Green tea is almost suitable for all scenes that can be encountered daily.

In the origin of Tianfu Longya, China has made tea for many years in Yibin, China, and has not encountered the situation where it has been slowly sold into Chen tea. If you carefully look at the label of the green tea in your hands, you can see that the shelf life of green tea is generally written.It is 18 months, a year and a half.In fact, as long as green tea is stored well, it is completely fine at all for 18 months.

The concept of the so -called Chen tea is generally used in green tea, because green tea is the shortest in all tea. Once deteriorated, the quality, soup color, and taste will be worse, and they are no longer suitable for drinking.

For two years, the green tea that has not been opened, and if it is stored at low temperature, it can still be drunk, but whether the taste is changed. It is necessary to see the processing technology of green tea. Green tea with high dryness will not change the taste too much, but it will become impatient.

If it is stored in room temperature, it is recommended not to drink anymore, because if the green tea processing process is not thorough and the room temperature is stored, although the seal is well sealed, it may breed anaerobic bacteria after the time is too long.Essence

Choosing to drink green tea is necessary to appreciate the essence of green tea.Green tea carries the freshness of the spring, which is completely different from the taste of other types of tea leaves. This feeling of moisturizing freshness and sweetness is difficult to experience other tea.

The green tea industry has a saying that "the spring tea is as expensive as gold" is the characteristics of green tea: the earlier the green tea, the higher the value.

Value is a manifestation of the quality of tea. Although the price does not fully represent the quality, the more late the tea is cheaper.

Qianqian tea: refers to the tea picked before the Qingming Festival.At this moment, the buds are often the best time for the year.The tea -generated catexine generated by the roots of the tea tree, after a autumn and winter savings, is mainly responsible for the tea polyphenol, which is responsible for the astringent taste of tea, is also relatively small due to the lack of temperature and sunshine, and the taste is the most delicious.

Therefore, drinking green tea, try not to drink tea for too long. If you have the conditions, it is recommended to choose the earlier tea, the more you can appreciate the true meaning of green tea.

Of course, there are many friends who have already hoarded enough tea for a whole year. How long can I store these tea?How can it be preserved correctly?Do you have to put on the refrigerator and other problems.

How long is the shelf life of green tea?Will the tea I bought this year expire next year?

If you pay attention to the information on the back of the packaging of green tea, you can clearly see the labels about the shelf life. Most of them are written shelf life: 18 months; some are 365 days, one year.In other words, if the tea bought this season this season, under the correct storage conditions, the longest until October next October, it can be consumed within the shelf life range; of course, if improper preservation, it is naturally different.

However, in actual experience, when new tea is listed every year, everyone will call the tea of last year’s season. Even if the tea itself is not deteriorated during the shelf life, it is not far from the aroma and taste.Few people went to drink last year’s tea when the new tea was listed.

Therefore, although the real preservation time of green tea is 18 months, from the perspective of actual drinking value, it is the best within 12 months.

How should I save the green tea I bought?

Not only green tea, the preservation of six major tea needs to remember two principles: sealed and avoid light

The first is sealing. Sealing can play three role, which is to prevent oxygen from entering the oxidation of tea and preventing the smell of the outside world from becoming the taste of the tea.Of course, the most ideal state is to pump the tea or fill the nitrogen, but these two storage methods are used less in green tea.

Why don’t you need to save the vacuum or nitrogen to save tea?

Although these two methods are ideal and effect is definitely the best way to storage, there will be many problems in actual operation.The vacuum will draw out the air in the tea bag to reduce the interior space of the tea. It is often used in granular Tieguanyin and Taiwan oolong green tea. The green tea has different shapes, with stripes, curls, flat, snail shapes, etc.Various forms, and green tea is generally tender, and the vacuum is easy to squeeze tea, which makes green tea break and affects the integrity of tea.

Let’s talk about avoiding light.Tea is a type of light -sensitive substance. It has been exposed to light for a long time. The pigment and lipids of tea can easily occur under the light of light, which affects the color and aroma of tea.Therefore, it is also sealed. Tea should be sealed in the ceramic tank, iron tank, and aluminum foil bag of light, instead of sealed in glass cans and transparent bags.

Do I have to store the refrigerator for green tea?

The two basic principles of tea preservation are mentioned above, which is sealing and avoiding light.For green tea, which is mainly fresh, it is very important to be at low temperature.

Green tea is one of the six major types of tea.Because green tea retains more polyphenols, vitamin C, chlorophyll and other ingredients, these materials are extremely easy to oxidize in high temperature air, thereby losing the tender color and fresh taste.It is strongly recommended to store it in the refrigerator for a long time.

As for the temperature of the preservation, we take the family office as an example. According to different tea drinking scenarios, we are divided into three cases.

The first situation is to drink green tea that you have to drink every day, because the frequency of drinking tea is relatively high, and a can or a box can be drunk in about 45 days in a short period of time.Put it directly at home or office.

The second situation is that the frequency of drinking tea is not high. After the pack of tea is disassembled, it is not sure if it will often drink it. It is recommended to put it in the refrigerator refrigerator.This method is common in the hospitality of home hospitality or office hospitality, or there are more tea leaves bought at one time. There is no assembly after disassembling.Be sure to put it in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it is likely that the color of the tea will lose the green and turn yellow, and the aroma and taste will fade, affecting the quality.

The third situation is that there are more amounts of one -time purchases, and it cannot be consumed in time within half a year. It is recommended to put a small number of tea leaves, leave enough daily drinking part, and put the rest in the refrigerator frozen room.The temperature of the freezer is set according to the temperature commonly used in the refrigerator in your family. Generally, it is below 0 degrees, and it is common from -18 ° C to -4 ° C.

at last

Green tea is different from other tea. Pay attention to low temperature when saving.

Generally speaking, low temperature can prevent the oxidation speed of tea well, lock the color and aroma of the tea.Green tea processing plants and dealers have special cold storage to store tea, and for ordinary families, a refrigerator is enough.Under the premise of ensuring the sealing and avoiding light, according to your actual situation, the frequency is high, and the frequency is high, and you should drink as much as possible within one month; put the refrigerator refrigerator room in the frequency; the amount of tea is large, placed in the refrigerator frozen room.

According to my experience, tea leaves are placed in the freezer for more than a year. The color and freshness will basically not change much, but the fragrance and taste will become faint.Drink within the year, don’t miss the best time to enjoy it.

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