Can women "giant yin" be able to give birth?Doctor reminds: Three situations should pay attention to

Since ancient times, married and having children have been a lifelong event of human beings.

In order to endure the endless reproduction of human beings, for the continuous inheritance of their own families, it is more important than fertility.

In ancient times, giving birth to a child was considered the purpose of women’s marriage.

However, with the development of science and technology and the progress of society, people’s thoughts have gradually become open. Nowadays, most of them are due to the natural behavior that men and women love each other.

For having children, they also respect the wishes of both husbands and wives.

However, according to the relevant data survey, the proportion of families who are not born after pregnancy are still the lowest, and the families after marriage are generally one or two children.

This also means that most Chinese families still choose to get pregnant.

When it comes to pregnancy, I have to mention the private parts of both men and women.

If the sex organs of both husbands and wives are normal, it is relatively easy to get pregnant.

But if a square organs are damaged, pregnancy is difficult to add.

For example, the theme discussed today -giant Yin disease, many rumors that it will affect women’s pregnancy. Is this sentence really reliable?

The doctor replied: If these three situations occur, you must pay attention.

Before answering the doubts of this issue, we must learn about the science of medical science on giant yin.

Literally, giant yin is a huge pussy.

That’s right, the most obvious manifestation of giant yin disease is that the labia and clitoris are too large. The labia here mainly refers to the large labia.

Of course, there are labia minora hypertrophy.

When the distance on the left and right sides of the labia minora exceeds 4cm, it is diagnosed with labia minora hypertrophy.

How big is the big labia, even if it exceeds the normal range?There is no specific data of labia.

But women with giant yin can judge beyond the normal range through the naked eye.

Another important feature is that the clitoris exceeds the normal range.

Similarly, there is no data on the normal value of the clitoris, and it can only be judged by the naked eye.

The clitoris is mainly caused by the increase in estrogen’s secretion, or it is caused by long -term oral estrogen -containing drugs.

In addition, wearing tight pants or panties can also stimulate the clitoris, which eventually leads to the larger clitoris.

However, the manifestation of giant yin disease is not just that, or if it is judged only from the aspects of labia and the clitoris, it is not rigorous.

From a medical perspective, giant yin is not a symptom, but a clinical manifestation.

It is a manifestation of adrenal genital syndrome, or adrenal abnormalities.

And this disease has a disease in men and women, but the number of female patients is 4 times that of male patients.

Just expressed in the front that there was no relevant data of the clitoris and labia.

This may not allow people to test whether they have this symptom, thereby having a doubtful attitude towards medicine.

In this regard, a scientific explanation can be made here.

The clitoris is too large to be compared with the private parts of men, and the labia hypertrophy can also be almost the same as that of the male scrotum.

How big is the penis and scrotum of men? I believe everyone knows more or less, so generally women will not have such strange diseases.

According to relevant data, a patient with such diseases will only occur every 10000 to 15,000 people.

What needs to be specifically explained is that this over -hypertrophic giant yin will actually appear gradually after birth, that is, the disease that is accompanied by the mother’s fetus.

This is also mentioned above, why is it rigorous in terms of the size of the clitoris and labia.

Specifically, this is a disease caused by chromosomal abnormalities.

Lack of a certain enzyme when steroid hormone synthesis, and the lack of this specific enzyme will hinder the production of part or all cortisol.

Once cortisol is blocked, the brain cannot receive negative feedback information about cortisol, which will cause cortisol to constantly emit information about hormone.

In the end, the clitoris and labia are too large.

If men have this disease, the private parts will be greater than their peers, and in addition, pubic hair will occur.

In appearance, it will be more developed and rough than ordinary children’s muscles.

In addition to being manifested in labia and clitoris, female patients will also develop in the direction of gender deformities.

This is the scrotum and penis that resembles men due to hypertrophy.

Because this disease is brought to congenital, the treatment period will be relatively long.

Specifically, the first step is to prevent the production of adrenaline, and the pine hydrogenation of drug hydrogenation is used.

The dosage at the beginning of the treatment is relatively large, and the dose can not be reduced until the later period of steroids reaches a balance.

Secondly, for the hypertrophy of the female clitoris, resection surgery can be adopted.

If resection surgery is too late, women’s genitals basically show the state of men, which will make women who think they are men suffer greater psychological stimulation.

Therefore, the best operation time is within 2 to 4 years after birth.

In addition, it should be noted that because this disease is congenital, because the gene is caused by the lack of a certain enzyme in the gene, once the drug is taken, it cannot be stopped for life.

Even when the patient’s body suddenly occurs, the adrenal cortical decreased phenomenon is three times the dose.

Although it can be seen from the treatment method, this disease is very time -consuming, but in terms of treatment difficulty, it is actually not large.

As long as early discovery and early treatment, heal will be cured.

And when it comes to this article, most people think that giant yin disease will affect fertility. Is this sentence incorrect?

It really makes sense, but it is not complete.

First of all, there is a certain reason.

The external manifestations of giant yin are much greater than ordinary people, and even look like male reproductive organs.

Such obvious abnormalities, if they can be discovered in time by parents, they will heal faster.

However, if parents feel that they are only different in size and do not attract attention, then it is difficult to treat at a certain stage, and at this time it will affect fertility.

It is what the doctor said, if the following three situations occur, it must be paid attention to.

The first is that the vagina is too narrow.

Under normal circumstances, women with giant yin are often accompanied by the problem of too narrow vagina.

This is like dumplings. The larger the skin, the thinner the skin. It is thinner. If it is used to female vagina, the larger the women’s organs, the narrower the vagina will be oppressed.

After all, the vagina is an area where men and women are intersecting. In addition, it is also an important channel for natural delivery and blood delivery.

If the vagina is too narrow, it will first affect the experience of sex.

But the most important thing is that it is not conducive to future delivery, and it has a certain degree of damage to children and mothers.

Of course, if the vagina is narrowed due to development, this situation does not have to worry too much. As long as you are healthy, it will not affect future sexual intercourse or fertility.

The second is vaginal bleeding.

Generally speaking, two cases of vaginal bleeding must be paid attention to. One situation is that female vaginal bleeding with giant yin symptoms itself.

Women and women of giant yin are large, which leads to thinner skin membranes than normal people. Therefore, in the process of sexual life, vaginal bleeding may be caused by severe exercise.

The bleeding place is likely to be tear or rupture of the vagina.

If you choose not to do it, it is likely to cause other gynecological inflammation and affect the time of natural fertility. Therefore, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

The second situation is women without giant yin. If there is vaginal hemorrhage after the end of sexual life, it must also be paid attention to.

Because this situation is likely to be vaginal tears or cervical cancer occurs.

The third type is that more severe gynecological diseases have occurred.

For example, cervical erosion, the cause of cervical erosion is that the cells around the cervix are already in a state of death, and the blood is blocked here.

Therefore, any sexual behavior cannot be combined with egg cells and sperm. Even if there are a few semen remaining in the body, the surrogacy rate is very low.

Another example is ovarian cyst.

When this condition occurs, women will obviously feel the pain of the pelvic area, or the abdomen is full, and it will also affect sexual life.

Over time, the ovarian function will decline, and the eggs that the mother cannot discharge normally will naturally affect pregnancy.

In addition to the three cases mentioned above, women with giant yin are likely to cause pregnancy complications.

That is, although it can be successfully conceived, the fetus has physical abnormalities during the pregnancy, such as the fetal development is not sound, and the placental position is abnormal.

If this abnormal phenomenon is found, it is necessary to return to normal under the guidance of a doctor.

Secondly, the reason why it is not necessarily right.

It is not necessary to be treated as early as the patient, and naturally spend some time to return to the appearance of normal female reproductive organs, of course, it will not affect fertility.

And giant yin disease only looks like male reproductive organs, and the fertility function of women itself will not affect it.

In addition, women’s conception is inside the vagina, not the vaginal shape, so theoretically, giant yin itself will not affect pregnancy.

There are also some women with giant yin, although they are not treated, but their degree is mild.

In addition to seeing some weird, it will not affect normal pregnancy, and this time can be prepared naturally.

In addition, we also need to talk about the precautions of women with giant yin symptoms in daily life.

The vagina with giant yin disease is easily damaged, so the protection of the vagina must be strengthened.

The first is to strengthen the cleaning of the vagina. Usually, it takes a day to clean it, and it takes two a day to clean it.

Do not use any irritating products, unless it is under the permission of a doctor, generally speaking, wash it with water.

Secondly, in the process of sexual life, partners must be treated gentle.

Both position or strength and movement must be slowed down.

If you do not want to get pregnant at this stage, you must wear the man when wearing a condom, because the woman wears will increase the degree of wear on the vagina.

Of course, if any physical discomfort appears in normal sexual behavior, stop in time.

In terms of big data, there are very few women with giant yin, and the external manifestations of giant yin disease are different from ordinary people. Women can easily judge through self -examination.

Whether giant Yin disease affects fertility should also be treated separately. If the symptoms are mild or have been treated, there is no need to worry; if the symptoms are more severe, we must take it seriously.

Women with giant yin also have some precautions in the process of conception. They must pay attention to the protection of the genitals. In addition, the partner must give the maximum cooperation.

In short, giant yin is seemingly terrible, but as long as you pay more attention, it will basically not affect normal work and life.

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