Can toothache during pregnancy be cured?I hope you know early

Source: 【Hunan Daily】

Hunan Daily All Media Reporter Zhou Yangle Correspondent Xiao Wang Xiao Si Ya

Toothache is always a problem that plagues pregnant women.Most pregnant women are susceptible to toothache during pregnancy. They must endure the suffering of pregnancy and tolerance of teeth. They are discouraged because of some so -called "taboos" of pregnancy.According to clinical data, more than 80%of pregnant women will have oral diseases, while the consultation rate is only about 6.81%.What is the relationship between pregnancy and toothache?What is the correct way to open the toothache?Listen to what the experts from the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital say.

1. Why do pregnant women have a high frequent disease?

Answer: The changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy can easily lead to gingivitis and wisdom tooth crown inflammation; changes in dietary habits, increased frequency of eating, and often not cleaning in place can easily lead to dental caries and pulpitis.

2. How to deal with toothache during pregnancy?

Answer: First of all, it is necessary to know what causes pain. Mild inflammation can be solved with mouthwash brushing.Once severe pain and symptoms affecting eating and sleeping, you need to go to a professional oral institution for further diagnosis and treatment.If oral pain is not thoroughly treated, it will affect the health and fetal safety of pregnant women.Clinically, many pregnant women endure the torture of oral diseases during pregnancy. The quality of life has been severely reduced, and the proportion of premature babies and low -body births has increased.

3. How to avoid teeth pain during pregnancy?

Answer: Oral health, prevention first.Before preparing for pregnancy, a detailed oral examination should be performed. The pulled teeth should be pulled as soon as possible. The washing teeth was washed as soon as possible.Do not wait until you are pregnant and put yourself on the point where you have a dilemma.During pregnancy, you should control the amount and frequency of sweets, rinse your mouth after vomiting; brush your teeth in three meals.Finally, I wish all the treasures to go through pregnancy and give birth to a healthy and cute baby.

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