Can there be "intercourse" during pregnancy?Doctor: Only one time period can be available, but it must be appropriate

In October, it is a very long process. In fact, not only mothers, but also dads.

This is a reality. There is no need to be embarrassed to admit that this is also the main reason why many men are derailed during my wife’s pregnancy.

Whether a husband and wife live in pregnancy during pregnancy are a matter of concern for many people.

In fact, the life of couples during pregnancy is not ordered to stop the command. This shows that there can be proper husband and wife life during pregnancy, but only need to grasp the time and frequency.

Huang Xiaohui, deputy chief physician of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital: After pregnancy, there can be a husband and wife life, but to avoid the life of a moderate husband and wife in the middle of the first three months and the next three months.Also pay attention to some special circumstances.

During pregnancy, the life of couples is not ordered to be stopped, but there are three cases, and pregnant mothers need to pay special attention to the life of husband and wife.

1. Excessive experience of threatened abortion

The state of each pregnant woman is different, and the situation is different, and the response method is naturally different.

Under normal circumstances, special treatment is not required in early pregnancy, but if a phenomenal abortion occurs, special drug treatment is needed.

If you have experienced tire protection, you must pay attention to maintain a certain distance with your husband during pregnancy.

2. The prefix of the placenta

What is the placenta front?Under normal circumstances, the placenta is in the Z palace, but under special circumstances, the placenta is covered with the cervix or a distance from the cervical mouth, and the distance is less than 2.5cm. In this case, be careful. Be sure to keep the distance from your husband.

3. Experience of multiple miscarriage

In addition, if pregnant women have many natural abortion experiences, they must also be careful that they must not have a husband and wife life during pregnancy.

Ten months of pregnancy is a very torment experience. During this period, women’s psychology and body are in a very special stage. Many things need to pay more attention and be vigilant.

1. Pay attention to maintaining good emotions during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a large amount of hormones in the body can easily lead to emotional fluctuations. In addition, because of huge changes in the body, it is difficult for pregnant women to adapt to huge changes before and after, and emotions often tend to be irritable and irritable.

We have to try to control our emotions and consider the impact on the fetus for the time being. From the perspective of our own influence, we must also work hard.

2. Pay attention to nutrition supply during pregnancy

In the middle and late pregnancy, fetal development has entered a fast stage and requires a lot of nutritional elements, especially the demand for DHA is very large. Moms provide their own nutrition unconditional to the fetus, which can easily lead to nutritional deficiencies and even affect personal memory.

In order to alleviate this situation, we should pay attention to personal diet structure during pregnancy to ensure nutritional supply.

3. Pay attention to moderate exercise during pregnancy

Without special cases, such as threatened abortion and placenta prefix occurs, pay attention to the appropriate amount of exercise during pregnancy.

There are many benefits to adhering to the appropriate amount of exercise during pregnancy. It can improve personal immunity, reduce the chance of illness, accelerate the production process, reduce the pain of childbirth, and help recover from postpartum body.

Only during the exercise, we should pay attention to the choice of sports. If there are professional teachers guidance, you can choose yoga during pregnancy. If there is no professional teacher, walking is the best exercise.

Pay attention to time and intensity during the walking process. You should not be too lazy or too fast. When you feel the personal breathing cramped, it is the best state.

4. Pay attention to stay away from tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy

For the fetus, tobacco and alcohol are absolutely fatal damage. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy. This is a basic prerequisite for being a mother.Not only are you far away from the tobacco and alcohol, but the people around you should also pay attention to the health of pregnant women and fetuses, so as not to smoke, and keep pregnant women away from second -hand smoke.

Pregnancy is a particularly difficult process. There are many details that need to be paid attention to, and there are many dangers involved, but we should also have the confidence to defeat ourselves. I believe that the baby will be healthy and healthy.

We should be a strong mother and make full preparations to welcome the baby’s arrival.

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