Can the pregnant mother do B time, can I refuse to apply "sticky transparent glue"?Listen to what the doctor says

The cousin who is a bit small is "pregnant". Since I am pregnant, I will cooperate with various inspections.But every time I came back from the hospital’s medical examination, my cousin was always in a hurry to take a bath, saying that I wiped out something like a snot.In fact, when I was doing the B time, my cousin also asked if she could not apply it a few times, but the doctor refused directly every time, making the cousin feel uncomfortable every time she checked.

When I do a B -ultrasound examination, I often see that doctors quickly apply a layer of cool, sticky things on their stomachs. Even in winter, these doctors will not "show mercy".yes.Most pregnant mothers only care about the situation of babies in the belly. There may be few Ma Ma asks what this thing is. In fact, this kind of thing is not mysterious. As early as when we went to junior high school, they knew it.

This transparent colloid is actually the "coupling agent" in our junior high school chemical textbook. It is a kind of polymer hydrogen gel. The pH presents neutral.The material itself is tasteless.In addition, this substance is not toxic and does not irritate the skin, so the pregnant mother can be assured when using it.Now the world is using this colloid to check the Ma Ma, so the safety is definitely "drip"!

1. Reduce friction and facilitate doctors’ work

Because this kind of gelatin is not volatile and lubricated, it will not immediately swing away after applying it to the Ma Ma belly. In this way, when the doctor uses a probe to move back and forth on the prospective mother’s belly, the friction is almost gone.The operation is smoother, and the feeling of numbness will be more comfortable.

2. The accuracy of isolation of air increases results

If the ultrasonic is directly exposed to the belly, because the existence of air may blur the image or the result is inaccurate.After applying this layer of glue, you can "squeeze" the middle air in the middle, so that the probe and the belly "seamless" docking, not only the images are particularly clear, but the result will be more accurate.Passing through the level, because there are currently many categories on the market in the market, it is very important to be able to check the good quality when purchasing.

Many Ma Ma are unwilling to apply this transparent glue. In addition to worrying that they will be unfavorable to the baby, they are a bit "troublesome" because they wipe them.After using a lot of paper, the belly was still sticky, very uncomfortable.In fact, if you want to deal with it quickly, there are "tricks".Compared to soft paper, it is easier to quickly remove with good water absorption and slightly harder paper.Therefore, some hospitals will provide "some hard" paper for pregnant mothers in the birth check, not the quality of paper, but use this paper to wipe it more quickly.

In fact, during accurate ultrasonic detection, these seemingly useless viscous colloids play a key role in the results of the entire inspection.So when you go to check again, Ma Ma should not discuss with doctors, "Can you apply less" and "Can you not apply it?"In fact, the more you apply it, the more accurate the results, prove that the doctor is responsible enough.


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