Can the pregnant mother care for skin care?The 8 major issues are solved one by one!

No woman does not love beauty, even if I am pregnant, I don’t want to be a yellow -faced woman!But normal skin care and hydration can’t cover up the dull complexion. Can you use the color foundation to make a background?Anyway, the cosmetics stopped on the surface of the skin for a while, should it be okay?

The cosmetics on the market are dazzling, but there are very few that can indicate "pregnant women dedicated". Do you feel that if you are pregnant, do you have to be at home to give birth at home?

I don’t!

How to solve these problems with pregnancy spots, allergies, mosquitoes …

Can pregnancy make up?

It is not recommended to use foundation, air cushion cream, etc. during pregnancy.The ingredients contained in cosmetics do not fully ensure that it is harmless to the body. Even if the cosmetics dedicated to pregnant women are written, the number of makeup should be reduced as much as possible.The ingredients contained in cosmetics cannot be completely guaranteed to be harmless to the body.

In general, pregnant women recommend minimize heavy makeup as much as possible, and you should pay attention to ingredients when choosing cosmetics.If you have to make up, you may choose to choose a pregnant woman. The ingredients will be relatively less fragrance, preservatives, etc.However, even if it is specially marked with pregnant women, it is not recommended to use expectant mothers for a long time.

I try not to make up as much as possible, can I always protect my skin?

During pregnancy, due to the strong metabolism in the body, the secretion and metabolism of various organs of the skin will also be accelerated. Some expectant mothers will have problems such as too much oil, large pores, "acne", and stains.Most of the postpartum fades by themselves.What needs to be done at this time is to protect the skin, suitable for choosing skin care products with hydrating and moisturizing.

As for facial cleaning, cleaning products need to choose some gentle and non -irritating ones.Moms without special skin problems, the products used by the family can continue to use it, there is no need to pursue the words "for pregnant women".In other words, it is not necessary to use skin care products for pregnant women after pregnancy. As long as it is determined that the ingredients used in the skin care products are safe, it does not contain fragrance, hormones, alcohol, heavy metal substances, fluorescent agents and other ingredients.

However, if expectant mothers cannot effectively judge whether skin care products are safe, it is relatively safer to choose pregnant women.The whitening essence products are easier to add some unknown ingredients than ordinary hydrating and moisturizing products, so it is recommended to use less or not.The moisturizing mask can be used. It is recommended to use the moisturizing lotion or cream to increase the moisturizing effect. The mask can be two to three times a week.

Dry to pregnant mothers to increase the use of moisturizing products.Dry -skinned mothers have little oil secreted by themselves, and they need to be balanced by external moisturizers.Increase the moisturizing food appropriately in the diet, such as Tremella lily water.

If the skin on the body is too dry, symptoms of itching in the abdomen may occur. After the cold at night, you can use some moisturizing lotion or olive oil, grape seed oil, etc.Wear loose and breathable cotton clothes to avoid sweltering and increase skin discomfort.

Ordinary skin care can have the effect of skin care in two to three times a week.Many people pursue pure natural products when they are skin care, do they know if they are pure naturally.General skin care products cannot be pure natural.Choosing some medical skin care products will be more reliable.You can go to the hospital’s cosmetic or dermatology department to seek some suggestions for medical skin care products that are suitable for you.It is inconvenient to recommend specific brands.

8 problems solve one by one

Terrible pregnancy spots:

Pregnancy spots, also known as melasma, butterfly spots, are related to hormone secretion in the body, and most of them will gradually fade back after delivery or after breastfeeding.At present, you need to maintain a good mood to ensure sufficient sleep.There are also many expectant mothers who may have fat -shaped keratinized plaques during pregnancy. This kind of plaques generally do not subscribe by themselves, and they need to go to the hospital for laser treatment after production.


It is difficult to determine the changes in postpartum freckles.The formation of freckles is correlated with hormone levels, and it is also critical to do postpartum hydration and moisturizing and sunscreen.

Anti -mosquito:

At present, some mosquito -proof products sold on the market are mostly material -as -avoiding substances. Occasionally, there will be no problems with it, but it is not recommended for long -term use.Pregnant mothers are best to choose long -dress long trousers, mosquito nets and other methods.In the countryside, mosquitoes can be burned when outdoor activities.


It may be a hot cricket caused by hotness.But it does not rule out the condition of eczema during pregnancy.First of all, you need to wear some cotton loose and breathable clothes to keep your skin dry and cool.If hot sweat will increase this situation, you should avoid going out when the weather is hot.Avoid spicy and fried foods in diet, and appropriately increase drinking water.After the hot day goes out, you can drink a small amount of mung bean soup to cool down and avoid summer.When the rash occurs, you can use some refreshing powder or stove glyphosate to wash it.In severe cases, please go to the hospital for treatment.

Itchy skin has red blood:

The face may be itchy that the skin metabolism is enhanced, and the increase in secretions causes the floral disorders.Or the local skin is relatively lacking, and the skin barrier function is damaged.Itchy skin itching may be dermatitis after pregnancy. Observe some zinc oxide ointment in the local external external exterior. You cannot go to the hospital for treatment.Try not to scratch when itching, and it will easily cause infection after breaking.


If you have acne in your mouth, be sure to pay attention to your reasonable diet and sleep.Too much greasy foods can cause gastrointestinal burden, which may be the cause of acne around the mouth.It is recommended to increase the intake of coarse grains to ensure the smooth stool.


Allergies need to be eliminated.Viral herpes is generally related to the decline in immunity and occurs at the junction of lip mucosa and skin.Please go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis.Diet should be light, avoid staying up late, and ensure adequate sleep.Proper vitamin C.This kind of problem will not have a great impact on the baby. It is recommended to go to the hospital for observation on a regular basis.

Stretch marks:

Now the weather is hot. Many mothers feel very itchy after giving birth. It is a manifestation of all the time. This is the manifestation of the recovery period after the skin injury. After the skin is damaged, itching symptoms will occur.It is recommended to nursing local moisturizing milk or plant essential oil.

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