Can the children who have taken "contraceptives" and still pregnant?The doctor helplessly tell the truth

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Contraceptive pills, also known as "post -after -post", refers to the drug that do not want to get pregnant after sexual behavior of men and women.

In fact, contraceptives are inestimable to women’s physical damage, and there are side effects.Therefore, women who take contraceptives need to be cautious.So, can you still have a child who can take "contraceptive pills"?The doctor helplessly tell the truth.

First, if both men and women want this baby, you can choose to go to a regular hospital for deformed examination.Generally, "Tang’s Comprehensive" inspection can be performed in about three or four months.That is to say, chromosomal abnormalities cause obvious defects or low intelligence in the fetal body.This test is necessary. If you really want a baby and have a healthy baby, this test can also avoid many tragedies.

2. About 5 months of pregnancy, you can go to the hospital for color Doppler ultrasound examination.It can not only check whether the fetus has obvious malformations, but also observe the overall situation of the fetus. It is like a movie that allows you to observe the baby’s every move in the stomach, even a smile.If you want to give birth to a healthy fetus, it is also necessary for the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, which is also a responsibility to the baby.

Third, if you confirm that you take contraceptives and you are pregnant with your baby. After examination, if you find the fetus abnormalities, you must be determined to go to a regular hospital for abortion surgery.Do not go to some small clinics to perform abortion surgery. Every year, because of the hygiene and technology of the small clinic, how many women are infertile for life and even lose their lives.Women who have miscarriage also need to do "confinement" to raise their bodies.How many families were shattered because they had a "deformity" fetus. For the "deformity" fetus, the suffering when they came to this world could not be similar.Therefore, "long pain is worse than short pain", "when it is broken".

Long -term contraceptives are very harmful to women’s bodies.Therefore, men, if you really love your girlfriend or wife, please do not let them take contraceptives, otherwise one day you really want your baby, it is very likely that your wife will not be able to give birth to the baby because of the long -term use of contraceptives.Love her will be responsible for her, responsible for her body. If you don’t want to conceive your baby, you can choose other contraceptive measures.If you are pregnant with your baby after taking contraceptives, you must go to a regular hospital for a "deformed" examination. If you ca n’t really discharge, you must break it.

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