Can Sugar Friends eat sweet potatoes?Is blood glucose favorable or harmful?One article tells you the answer!

Sweet potatoes are a very common potato food. They belong to a kind of coarse grains. Various vitamins, protein, carotene, amino acids, dietary fiber and other types of trace elements are very rich.These nutrients can play a good health care role, so most people in life like to eat sweet potatoes.

However, because the taste of sweet potatoes is sweeter, there are many diabetic patients who dare not eat sweet potatoes, and they are afraid to affect blood sugar value.Some people believe that eating sweet potatoes with diabetic patients can improve digestion and metabolic functions.So, is sweet potato favorable or harmful to patients with diabetes?

Sweet potatoes are beneficial or harmful to patients with diabetes?

1. Instant blood glucose should control the amount of sweet potatoes

If the blood sugar value of diabetic patients is unstable and some vascular complications or kidney complications also occur, the number of delicious sweet potatoes should be controlled.

Because the sugar content contained in sweet potatoes is relatively high, once the amount of consumption is too much, it will affect the blood sugar value, which is not good for health.

2. Stable blood sugar can eat sweet potatoes properly

If the blood glucose value is relatively stable, you can eat some sweet potatoes properly, which will not only affect the blood sugar value, but also help the stability of blood sugar value. It has better maintenance for blood lipids, blood pressure value, and the health of the intestine.effect.

Because sweet potatoes contain a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, E, and vitamin B, they also contain particularly many amino acids. These nutrients can be well absorbed by the human body and can provide certain nutritional support for patients with diabetes.

In addition, there are many dietary fiber and unsaturated fatty acids in sweet potatoes. These ingredients can promote the rapid discharge of some lipids in the intestine and blood vessels, and achieve the role of preventing complications of some diabetic vascular.It can also improve the metabolic function of patients with diabetes, and has the effect of assisting stabilizing blood sugar.

It can be seen that if the blood sugar value of diabetic patients is relatively stable, eating some sweet potatoes properly is good for health.So, is diabetic patients often eat sweet potatoes?

1. There are more sugar content

For diabetic patients, although unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber contained in sweet potatoes can play a role in improving digestion metabolism and improving immunity, and the content of potassium contained is particularly many, which can promote some harmful substances in the bodyExit the body quickly.

However, the sugar contained in sweet potatoes is not very low, and the sugar content reaches 15%to 20%.If diabetic patients eat a large amount of sweet potatoes every day, or have long -term sweet potato phenomenon, the blood glucose index will have a certain impact.

2. Pay attention to cooking methods

If diabetic patients are baked or made into some desserts to eat, it will cause the sugar content in sweet potatoes to increase rapidly, which will cause the phenomenon of rising blood sugar after eating.And if diabetic patients eat some steamed sweet potatoes, the impact on the blood sugar value will not be very large, but the intake must be controlled.

All in all, for patients with diabetes, some sweet potatoes can be added appropriately in diet.The rich nutrients in sweet potatoes can improve the metabolic function of patients with diabetes, and can also protect intestinal health, which has a certain effect on preventing some vascular complications.

However, if diabetic patients often eat sweet potatoes, and do not control the amount of sweet potatoes, and the errors of eating methods will also cause blood sugar value to be affected.

Therefore, for patients with diabetes, we must take the correct method to eat sweet potatoes.And when eating sweet potatoes, you must reduce other staple foods, otherwise the total heat in the body will exceed the standard, which will affect the stability of the blood sugar value, which is not good for health.

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