Can pregnant women supplement?Chinese medicine says

I heard that brown sugar can warm the palace, can pregnant women drink more brown sugar ginger tea?How to eat chicken duck and mutton?Can you supplement your pregnancy?

Error habits 1. I heard that brown sugar can warm the palace, you can drink more brown sugar ginger tea in winter.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar has the effects of warming cold, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and warming the liver.During the pregnancy, the drugs of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis must be carefully used in use (it is best to follow the doctor’s advice, do not take it by yourself, so as not to accidentally bleed.) Occasionally, you may not be careful to drink or eat a little bit of brown sugar.Or drink a lot.

In addition, ginger is Xinwen’s food.Ginger has the effect of strengthening the spleen and relieving vomiting, and has a good nourishment effect on the vomiting during pregnancy during stomach cold. As for the warmth of ginger and dry ginger, the body is more hot and hot.Ginger and old ginger are on fire, and it is easy to dry and constipation.

Error habits 2. Eat ginger duck

Pregnant women do not need to eat duck meat, but ginger female ducks usually add warm Chinese medicinal materials, including a large number of ginger and wine. Most pregnant women are hot.Foods with alcohol to avoid affecting the development of the fetus (even if the cooking time is long, there may be alcohol residue).

The traditional Chinese medicinal materials used in soups are mainly Angelica and Chuanxiong, but Angelica may cause uterine contraction. In addition, Angelica and Chuanxiong have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, especially the effect of Chuanxiong’s promotions.(But it may also vary from person to person).

Error habits 3. Eat sesame oil chicken to supplement

The nature of sesame oil is sweet and dry, easy to smooth intestinal diarrhea. In ancient Chinese medicine, most of them only think that people who are prone to diarrhea are fasting; but modern research also finds that sesame oil contains more unsatisfied fatty acids, which can help the uterus contraction. Therefore, it is recommended not to be during pregnancy.Eat too much.As for sesame oil chicken or shochu chicken, it is not recommended to eat pregnant women. In addition, if it contains more warm Chinese medicine or too much ginger content, pregnant women with hot constitutions are not recommended to eat too much.

In addition, the attributes of the octagonal and peppercorns that are often added with cooking are hot, and those with hot constitutions are not suitable for eating. Most of the pregnant women are relatively hot. After eating, they may be constipated and dry.But occasionally eating a little, it usually does not have much effect.

Error habits 4. Eat mutton to make up

If pregnant women want to make up for winter, they must pay more attention than ordinary people. They must first know their physique.It is recommended not to eat tonic soup; if the kidney deficiency is prone to backache, qi deficiency is easy to burn up and diarrhea, and can be supplemented in moderation. For example, kidney deficiency can enter the soup.Lamb itself is also hot, and it is easy to add fire to the fire. It may be dry, sleepy, and irritable.

Reminder during pregnancy

The water intake of pregnant mothers must be sufficient, and enough water can help smooth bowel movements; the diet should be light. Try not to eat barbecue, fried greasy foods, and eat less irritating foods and hot fruits, such as litchi, durian, longan, etc., Diet should focus on food with peaceful tastes.Stay as much as possible to sleep, do not stay up late (staying up late to cause virtual fire), pay attention to keep warm, be careful not to cool down.

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