Can pregnant women infect the new crown?During the epidemic, how can children’s small medicine box be safe?

Pregnant women’s new crown pills small pills

1. Chinese medicine

All Chinese medicines with the effects of sparse wind and heat, detoxifying and humidity, and clearing the lungs have a good effect on the symptoms caused by the current Omikon infection.For example, Jinhua Qingye Granules, Chai Yin oral liquid, Xiaochaihu granules and so on.

Compared with Chinese medicine, the medicinal strength and pertinence of traditional Chinese medicine soup are stronger and more effective, and it has a good effect on the current Omikon infection.

2. African prescription drug

It is mainly to clear heat and detoxifying drugs, and has analgesic function, which can also relieve symptoms such as sore throat, headache, and muscle soreness.If the fever exceeds 38.5 ° C, the pain of the body part If it affects the mental state, it is recommended to use the acetaminol.

Acetaminophen, also known as heating and polypology, is a drug used to relieve pain and fever. It has a good effect of relieving heat and analgesic, and is relatively safe during pregnancy.Use medicines must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions. Do not use it in excess, and do not use it for a long time.

Precautions for the use of two drugs:

①It ibuprofen degeneration is recommended during pregnancy. If necessary, you can choose a relatively safer tootinophenol.If you need to use ibuprofen in some cases, you can choose an effective low -dose and short course of treatment under the guidance of a doctor under the guidance of a doctor.

② Women during pregnancy and lactation, if they are not sure whether the fever is caused by the new crown virus, and the cause is unknown, it is best to consult the doctor to clear the cause, weigh the advantages and disadvantages before taking the medicine.

3. Prescription drugs: cough, phlegm drugs

If the cough affects rest and diet, you can consult your doctor and use some phlegm drugs, such as acetylcysteine, and use the medicine to follow the doctor’s advice.

4. Medication of chronic diseases

It is necessary to pay attention to the situation of their own basic diseases and obstetrics, such as hypertension during pregnancy, diabetes during gestational.You can use the doctor to prepare the medicine as appropriate according to your own situation.

Children’s new crown pills small pills

Comprehensive: Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Beijing Time

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